Difference Between Takt Time and Cycle Time

When developing and implementing project plans, project managers often call up nigh strategies and methods for how they tin reduce wasted time and resources to establish a polish workflow based on client demands. If y’all wish to achieve tangible results from your projects, a simple approach tin take the guesswork out of irresolute a procedure; it’s called “Takt Fourth dimension.” This is often confused with all the same some other like term called “Cycle Time.” We intermission downward the differences betwixt the two metrics.

What is Takt Time?

In this competitive earth, companies strive to stand out from their competition, constantly seeking ways to minimize the amount of fourth dimension and resource they utilize to ensure a smooth, timely workflow. Implementing takt time can help businesses of any size gain insights from the fourth dimension they spend on their projects, fulfilling customer demands. But, what exactly is takt time? In describing concern workflow, takt time is the rate at which customers require finished products. It is a strategic approach that synchronizes the charge per unit of production to the rate of sales to customers. It is the maximum corporeality of fourth dimension in which a production or service needs to be completed if the customer demand is to be fulfilled in time.

What is Bicycle Fourth dimension?

Bike time is the actual corporeality of fourth dimension spent on producing a production or providing a service, starting from the product being produced to the finished product getting set up for shipment. The basic premise of wheel fourth dimension is shortening the overall business cycle, starting from identifying client’south need to the receipt of payment for the product shipped or service delivered. Also called throughput time, information technology is the average time a process takes from start to completion. The actual assembly fourth dimension of whatever product is referred to as its cycle time. The wheel time does not necessarily take the client demands into consideration.

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Divergence betwixt Takt Fourth dimension and Wheel Time


 – Takt time is straight linked to the customer orders or demands and tin simply be divers if any client lodge exists. So, takt time is the rate at which customers crave finished products. It is a strategic arroyo that synchronizes the rate of product to the rate of sales to customers. Takt in German can be translated as “keep in time.” Wheel time, on the other mitt, is the actual assembly time of a production. It is the actual time spent on producing a product or providing a service, beginning from start to cease.


 – Takt time is the calculated value that describes the theoretical need rate of a customer. Simply put, it is the rate at which a product must exist produced in club to run into customer’south demand. For example, a customer demands 100 pens to exist produced in an 8-hour shift.

Full time = 8 hours = 480 minutes

Break fourth dimension = 50 minutes

Time available = 480 – 50 = 430 minutes

Takt fourth dimension
= the available production fourth dimension per shift / customer demand per shift = 430/100 = 4.3 minutes = 258 seconds

Cycle time is the boilerplate time existence spent on a production from showtime to finish. So, the all-time way to calculate the cycle fourth dimension is to count the number of days information technology takes to complete a finished product. For case, if a product facility produces 100 units of product per fifty 60 minutes week. The boilerplate throughput rate is 1 unit per 0.5 hours, which is ane unit of measurement per 24 minutes.

Cycle time
= 24 minutes on boilerplate


– Although, both are synonymous, they are very different. Takt time is calculated in club to empathise client demand. Takt time is used to help precisely synchronize footstep of production with the pace of sales. It is frequently used within lean production lines to ensure greater efficiency within the catamenia and reduced wasted time and resources. Bike fourth dimension is an important metric of fourth dimension that tells how oftentimes a role is completed by a particular process. This is an important indicator that represents an organization’s ability to convert assets into profits.

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Takt Fourth dimension vs. Cycle Time: Comparison Chart


In a nutshell, takt time and cycle fourth dimension are surely related, but they are not the same. Takt fourth dimension is basically the fourth dimension between completion of each finished product, if the client need is to be met. This is the rate of customer need and is measured in ‘seconds per minute.’ Takt time is important to understand customer need and request, and ensures greater efficiency within the period and reduced wasted time and resources. Cycle time, on the other paw, is the boilerplate fourth dimension being spent on a product, from start to completion. It tells how often a part is completed by a particular procedure. Specifically, talk fourth dimension is the fourth dimension between each finished product, if the deadline of the customers is to exist met.

How practise you lot summate takt time and cycle time?

Takt time is calculated by dividing the available production time per shift by customer demand per shift. Cycle time is the boilerplate time being spent on a product from start to stop.

Is takt fourth dimension greater than cycle fourth dimension?

Ideally, takt time should match with cycle time. It shouldn’t be greater than cycle time and it shouldn’t be lower as well. If takt time is more than than bicycle fourth dimension, the process could be overstaffed and at that place may be a slight risk of products being overproduced.

What is takt time example?

For example, if a customer demands 240 pens to be produced per 24-hour interval and the factory operates 480 minutes per day, then takt fourth dimension will exist two minutes (120 seconds).

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Is lower takt time amend?

Takt time is basically calculated to friction match the supply and need within a company. So, if the need is less, so takt time may be depression, and vice-versa.

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