Computer battery ownership tips


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Chief batteries

The chief bombardment is the battery used to power laptop computers. When looking to buy a new primary battery from a third-party, make sure you’re getting the correct bombardment. Verify the beneath specifications either from the lesser of the bombardment or from the calculator manufacturer.

  • Type
    – Get the correct battery: Nicad, NiMH, or Li-ion.
  • Manufacturer
    – Some portables may use a sure manufacturer of battery. Verify if a third-party manufacturer’s battery was used. Also, make sure the battery is not proprietary and could exist purchased from a third-party.
  • Voltage
    – Verify the Voltage of battery; this corporeality tin vary depending on the battery.
  • mAH
    – Verify the mAH of the battery; this amount can vary depending on the battery.


Before purchasing the battery, encounter if the bombardment comes with whatsoever warranty and how long the warranty may be. The warranty makes things easier if it’s lacking since you may return the battery for a new battery or for a refund.


Prices can vary depending on quantity of batteries, size, and the age of the laptop. Beneath is a listing of the about popular batteries and their cost range in the U.Due south. Dollar.

1 NICAD Battery:
$fourscore.00 to $150.00
i NiMH Battery:
$100.00 to $160.00
1 Li-Ion Bombardment:
$100.00 to $180.00

Where to buy

Your laptop computer manufacturer is the all-time place to get a price quote on a replacement bombardment. After doing this, bank check whatever of the links below to get a toll quote comparing and find the cheapest solution.

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Batteries Plus

Charge the battery properly

In one case you have received the battery, if it includes documentation for how to charge it for the showtime time, make sure to follow those instructions exactly. Otherwise, we recommend you accuse the battery for at least 24 hours before employ.


See the bombardment recycling section for further data about properly recycling your old defective bombardment.

CMOS batteries

CMOS battery

The CMOS battery is used to shop organisation information, such as the fourth dimension and date. It should be replaced when receiving the error “System battery dead,” if the estimator does not keep the right fourth dimension or date, or if you lot experiencing dramatic fourth dimension loss.

Before replacing the CMOS bombardment, you demand to know what battery the computer uses. You can discover this by opening the estimator and locating the battery or through the motherboard or figurer documentation. We suggest visiting a local Radio Shack or other electronics store if you’ve got the battery only can’t identify it or purchase a new battery.

  • How to replace the CMOS battery.


Prices tin vary depending on quantity of batteries, size, and the age of laptop. Beneath is a listing of the virtually popular batteries and their price range in the U.S. Dollar.

CMOS coin battery:
$1.00 to $10.00
CMOS RTC battery:
$two.00 to $20.00

Bridge batteries

The bridge bombardment is a small battery that holds a charge for a sufficient corporeality of time while swapping betwixt principal batteries. If you lot believe that this battery is lacking or bad, we recommend you contact your laptop manufacturer for a replacement part.

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