Windows 11 shows ads in File Explorer — Microsoft tests promoting its own products [Update]

Windows xi shows ads in File Explorer — Microsoft tests promoting its own products [Update]

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Update on March xvi: Microsoft reached out to

The Verge
, stating: “This was an experimental imprint that was not intended to be published externally and was turned off,” senior program manager for Windows Brandon LeBlanc said. The advertising on File Explorer has been taken down, only it means Windows may be finding more ways to display promotions for its own products. The original story is every bit follows:

Microsoft is testing showing adverts in Windows 11’s File Explorer, promoting other Microsoft products in the latest Windows eleven Insider build. Co-ordinate to the users who spotted it, this
be a welcome feature.

As spotted past Windows user Florian (via Bleeping Computer), the adverts show up as a notification just beneath the address bar. I of the adverts was used to promote Microsoft Editor, so customers could start seeing “avant-garde writing suggestions.” While there is a bones version for free, there is also a Microsoft 365 paid subscription for the service.

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Microsoft has added advert-type notifications to the File Explorer earlier, with the visitor showing similar promotions for its OneDrive as user Tero Alhonen points out.

Since this test was merely spotted in a Windows 11 Insider build, Microsoft may ditch the idea due to the protests from users not wanting to see ads in File Explorer. As stated in the written report, Microsoft may have scrapped the idea once the backlash kicked off, as Bleeping Computer couldn’t find any adverts when looking for them.

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While it may be a small test, it’s clear that many Windows 11 users aren’t keen on seeing another set up of ads in an unlikely place.

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