Difference Between Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication

Almost every organization today used marketing communications in some course or another considering it’s a fundamental element of constructive marketing. We are living in a digital era now and it has changed the marketing advice game dramatically. Interactive and digital marketing communications accept inverse the style brands campaigning work. Merely these are not the only tools to reach audiences. This rise of digital marketing is what formed the foundation of integrated marketing communications (IMC).

What is Public Relations (PR)?

There are so many definitions of public relations that it is hard to say which one is more relevant than the other. Public relations (PR) is a strategic communication process employed by individuals, companies, and organizations to build mutually beneficial relationships with the public. PR helps management to continue informed on and responsive to public opinion by establishing mutual lines of advice between the organization and its public. It is the fine art of implementing planned programs of action to serve both organisation’s and public’due south interest. Much of the piece of work of PR is backside the scenes: advising, researching, counseling, strategizing, and planning. PR is a profession rooted in ethics, strategic planning and evaluation.

What is Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)?

Integrated Marketing Advice (IMC) is an organizational arroyo to unify marketing communication elements in order to create a seamless experience for consumers to interact with the make. IMC is actually a strategic advancement at how communication tools can be utilized by organizations to coordinate their marketing efforts across multiple communication channels.  IMC is a results-driven practice of coordinating unlike communication disciplines, such equally public relations, advertising, audience analytics, media relations, and social media, in guild to reach maximum communication bear upon. Planning is the key because it enables you to deliver a consistent and constructive message across all media. This ensures the correct message reaches the right audition at the correct fourth dimension.

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Divergence betwixt Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication

Definition of Public Relations vs. Integrated Marketing Advice

– Public Relations (PR) is the art and social science of understanding society and human behavior. PR is a strategic communication procedure that helps to establish mutual lines of communication between the organization and its public. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), on the other paw, is an integration of unlike communication disciplines, such equally public relations, advertisement, audience analytics, media relations, and social media.


 – PR involves filling in the shoes for multiple roles to build, maintain and manage the reputation of your clients. The role of PR is to shape an organization’due south image in front of the public. Much of the work of PR is behind the scenes: advising, researching, counseling, strategizing, and planning. IMC, on the other manus, looks at how advice tools can exist utilized by organizations to coordinate their marketing efforts across multiple communication channels.


– PR is the face of an arrangement with the objective of building trust and maintaining integrity. It is a strategic effort to found goodwill and common understanding between an organization and its public. IMC, on the other hand, ensures the right message reaches the right audience at the correct time. The main objectives of IMC include creating brand sensation, determining target market, defining marketing campaign objectives, selecting marketing advice methods, and generating sales.


– Much of the work of PR is behind the scenes. Common PR tools used to ameliorate brand performance include newsletters, advertorials, press releases, brochures and catalogs, concern events, social media, publicity media, etc. IMC tools refer to integrating diverse marketing and advice tools such equally advertisement, online marketing, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion, mobile promotions, sponsorships, and then on.

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Public Relations vs. Integrated Marketing Communication: Comparison Nautical chart

Summary of Public Relations vs Integrated Marketing Communication

PR is the face of an organization that helps the organisation connect with its audience and generate goodwill. Creative thinking is important in public relations considering PR letters have to have an bear on on their target audience’s opinions and attitudes. PR is meant to solve communication problems merely they must be strategic rather than just random thoughts and tactics. IMC is a strategic organization approach to coordinating unlike communication disciplines across different media in guild to achieve desired target audience activity.

What is the difference betwixt marketing communications and public relations?

Marketing communications mainly deal with promotional attribute of an organization, including directly marketing and advertising to seek direct sales in return, whereas PR is about reputation or brand management.

What is the primal difference betwixt IMC and public relations?

PR connects a business organisation with its customers whereas IMC is the results-driven practice of coordinating different communication disciplines across dissimilar media.

What is integrated marketing communication in public relations?

IMC is an approach to creating a unified make experience for consumers beyond different communication channels. IMC can be used to develop more cost-effective campaigns in order to achieve maximum communication impact.

What are the three differences between PR and marketing?

Marketing is near promoting a specific production or service in order to drive sales whereas PR is about building positive reputation of an organisation in front of its audience. Marketing focuses on meeting customers’ needs whereas PR works to satisfy a wide range of audition, including customers, employees, share holders, investors, media, and then on. A successful marketing entrada seeks profitability and growth whereas PR works to establish solid relationship between an organization and its public.

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Is PR a form of marketing?

PR is a promotional method that comes under the umbrella term of marketing considering it creates a positive human relationship betwixt the company and its pubic.

What is an example of public relations?

Press releases are among the about used PR tools to generate a lot of positive attention. What best way to spread the word than notify the media!

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