Difference Between SharePoint and OneDrive

SharePoint and OneDrive are cloud-based storage solutions adult my Microsoft to shop, share and synchronize files across unlike devices. But which one’due south better? Let’due south have a expect.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is office of Microsoft 365 ecosystem that has been around before its initial release as SharePoint in 2001. It is Microsoft’s original workspace that lets you create and share content, knowledge, and applications beyond organizations. It is a cloud storage solution that connects users to the Office suite empowering collaboration and productivity in organizations. It is basically a content management system that gives its users the ability to deeply share documents, not just with their peers, simply with collaborators outside the system. Information technology uses workflow applications, “list” databases, and modernistic libraries, and other security features to get in easier for business teams to work and collaborate together.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution for your personal files. It is an online document and file storage platform typically used by individuals and concern teams to store and admission files in a centralized location. OneDrive for Business allows you to store and access files that are private to you. OneDrive is similar your ain personal space that stores all your private files that you’re not nevertheless ready to share with others or that demand some work earlier yous tin can share them. Information technology is a simplified document library that you are the owner of and take full access to. OneDrive comes in two variations: OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is your non-piece of work personal storage infinite which you can utilize to store your personal files, documents, photos, videos so on. OneDrive for Business is the secure cloud storage solution for Office 365 which stores all your work files.

Difference between SharePoint and OneDrive

Platform for SharePoint vs OneDrive

– SharePoint is a collaborative cloud storage solution and certificate sharing platform that allows you to share documents and manage projects, besides as to create online forms, dashboards, automated workflow, and much more. SharePoint is the Microsoft’due south original collaborative workspace. OneDrive, on the other hand, is the Microsoft’south deject storage and synchronization service that stores all your files securely in ane place, while also assuasive you to share them with others, and yous tin can also access them from anywhere you want.

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 – Buying of OneDrive is centralized, which means it allows yous to store all your private files that you’re not yet set up to share with others or that need some work before you can share them. Only the owner has the admission rights to view, edit, or share the content. SharePoint documents and content are managed on-site and a site possessor has full control privileges to the given SharePoint site. Only the owner of a site tin can permit you rights to a site by calculation you to a SharePoint group.


 – OneDrive is an excellent content collaboration solution within the Office 365 ecosystem that gives its users admission to cloud storage, allowing them to share and interact with anyone both inside and outside the arrangement.  It also supports mobile collaboration for collaborating on-the-get. SharePoint is the Microsoft’south original collaborative workspace where you can store and share content, collaborate, manage projects and tasks, and substitution ideas. Advice and collaboration has been one of the potent points of the SharePoint arrangement.

Pricing for SharePoint Vs. OneDrive

 – SharePoint has a fairly unproblematic pricing structure, starting with $five per month per user for the Online Plan one and $10 for full enterprise ready capabilities (Online Programme two). SharePoint Online is also included with the Part 365 E3 suite which costs $20 per calendar month per user. OneDrive starts with the basic 5 GB plan for individual users which is free of cost. OneDrive for Business is divided into 2 plans: Programme 1 which costs $five per month per user and Plan 2 that costs $ten per month per user.

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SharePoint vs. OneDrive: Comparison Chart

Summary of SharePoint and OneDrive

Both SharePoint and OneDrive are powerful deject-based storage and collaboration solutions that you can perfectly utilize in combination. SharePoint is the Microsoft’due south original workspace and collaborative platform used by organizations for a variety of purposes, from storing files and managing documents to creating online forms, dashboard, and much more. SharePoint has capabilities above and beyond those offered by Microsoft OneDrive, which, on the other mitt, is your personal online storage space where you tin can shop all your private files securely. SharePoint, nonetheless, undoubtedly excels when it comes to communicating and collaborating within and outside the organization.

Does SharePoint include OneDrive?

Microsoft 365 Function suite includes both SharePoint collaborative features and the OneDrive cloud storage space.

When should I use SharePoint vs Teams vs OneDrive?

SharePoint is a collaborative workspace and a certificate management system. Microsoft Teams is a hub for team-based advice and collaboration, and much more. OneDrive is your private cloud storage infinite that stores all your files securely in one place.

What are the benefits of sharing using SharePoint over OneDrive?

Communication and collaboration has been ane of the strong points of the SharePoint organization. It is an ideal platform for both squad-based and company-broad collaboration. OneDrive is actually a unmarried certificate library.

Can you sync OneDrive and SharePoint?

SharePoint integrates well with a lot of other tools within and outside of the Microsoft ecosystem, such equally Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Groups, and Microsoft Office Suite, to proper noun a few. Yes, yous tin can sync SharePoint files with the OneDrive app.

Is confluence better than SharePoint?

Both Confluence and SharePoint are collaborative workspace solutions that help organize your piece of work in i place. Still, SharePoint offers advanced customization options and tons of add-ons, while Confluence is probably the most intuitive. Confluence has less features and capabilities than SharePoint.

How is SharePoint better than a shared bulldoze?

Most shared network drives are riddled with outdated legacy folder structures, which accounts for a decrease in work productivity and efficiency. And shared drives struggle to scale, as your business grows. They also have very limited security features.

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Is OneNote the aforementioned as OneDrive?

OneNote is the Microsoft’s digital note-taking and document storage app. OneDrive is excellent certificate storage and sharing platform that keeps all your important stuffs in one place.

How does SharePoint teams and OneDrive work together?

When working as a team, you tin create a shared library correct from OneDrive which will allow your team members admission to the files so you lot can all work and collaborate together. These libraries can be accessed within Teams and SharePoint.

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