Difference Between Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon

Picking the right kind of whiskey is no hateful feat. Whiskeys come in different variants depending on the regional differences that brand each whiskey unique. It can be Canadian, Australian, Japanese, Ireland, American whiskey and so on that are unique to their regions then there are variables within these to choose from. But what makes such like-like products unlike? In this article, we await at American whiskeys. Tennessee whiskeys and bourbons are very similar notwithstanding very different though they hail from neighboring states in the aforementioned region.

So, what makes these two unlike? Permit’s find out.

Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee whiskey refers to a type of direct whisky produced in the US specifically in the state of Tennessee. Direct whiskey, co-ordinate to U.s.a. laws, refers to a whiskey that has been distilled from a fermented grain mash that does non exceed 80% alcohol past volume (ABV) and aged for a minimum of 2 years in new charred oak barrels at a concentration non greater than 62.v% at the offset of the aging process. The Tennessee whiskey, all the same, must undergo a filtering process known every bit the Lincoln County Process which refers to filtering the spirit through layers of charcoal before the aging process. Tennessee whiskey is said to have been invented by Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green who taught it to Jack Daniels, a founder of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey.

Characteristics of Tennessee Whiskey

  • Fabricated in the US in Tennessee state
  • Must be made from a grain mixture that is 51% corn
  • Must be distilled to no more than than 160(US) proof, a measure of alcohol content that is equivalent to fourscore% alcohol by volume (ABV).


Bourbon is also an American whiskey. It’s made from corn. It derives its name from a European royal house of French origin though the exact inspiration is uncertain. The name began to be used in the 1850s. Although bourbon tin be fabricated anywhere in the USA, it’s mainly associated with the southern part and particularly the state of Kentucky. Bourbon fabricated in America must be 51%corn and stored in a new container of charred oak. The invention of bourbon is often attributed to Philip Craig, a Baptist government minister.

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Characteristics of Bourbon

  • Must be made in the United states of america and Territories
  • Must be made from a grain mixture that is 51% corn
  • Anile in new charred oak containers
  • Must be distilled to no more than 160 (US) proof which is equivalent to 80% alcohol by book (ABV).
  • Put into the charred oak container for aging at no more than 125 proof, which is 62.five% booze by volume.
  • Bottled at eighty proof or more, which is 40% or more than booze past book.

Similarities between Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon

  • Both must exist prepared from a grain mixture that is fifty% corn
  • Both must be distilled to no more than 80% booze by volume
  • Both must undergo crumbling in new charred oak barrels at a concentration not exceeding 62.v% ABV
  • Both are bottled at 40% ABV or more.

Differences between Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon

Geographical Region

Tennessee whiskey is fabricated in Tennessee land of the United states of america while Bourbon is made from anywhere in the Us but peculiarly in the state of Kentucky


Tennessee whiskey was get-go invented by Nathan Nearest Green who taught it to Jack Daniels and bourbon was invented past Elijah Craig in 1789.

Lincoln County Process

Tennessee whiskey undergoes filtration through maple charcoal in the Lincoln County Procedure during its training while this process is absent in Bourbon preparation.


Tennessee whiskey must undergo the aging process for a minimum of two years before being released into the market while the crumbling process for bourbon can be as little equally iii months except for direct bourbon which has a minimum of 2 years of aging.

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Tennessee whiskey is sweeter and smoother in texture as a result of the Lincoln County filtration procedure. Its taste is more refined than that of bourbon. Bourbon however holds the caramel sense of taste from corn and the vanilla, oaky sense of taste from the charred oaks.


In Tennessee whiskey preparation, coloring and flavoring are allowed while in bourbon it’s prohibited except for blended direct bourbons.


Tennessee whiskey is drunk as liquor and also used on a less scale for cooking. Bourbon is drunkard as liquor, is more widely known for cooking and confectionaries. It is too used traditionally for medicinal purposes.

Tennessee Whiskey vs. Bourbon: Comparing Tabular array

Tennessee Whiskey vs. Bourbon: Summary

In a nutshell, Tennessee whiskey is different from bourbon. It is smoother and sweeter and we’ve seen the scientific explanation. That does not mean the bourbon you accept been taking is bad, far from it. It simply means that on your next visit to the liquor shop, yous tin can try out smooth Tennessee Whiskeys and who knows; you might discover it to be your new catch of favorite whiskeys.


Is Tennessee whiskey the same as bourbon?

No, Tennessee whiskey is not the same as bourbon. Tennessee Whiskey training involves a Lincoln County filtration procedure which is absent in Bourbon preparation, amongst other differences.

 Can Tennessee whiskey be called bourbon

Yes, Tennessee whiskey can be called bourbon as it meets all the requirements of bourbon.

All Tennessee whiskey can be called bourbon, simply not all bourbon can be chosen Tennessee whiskey.

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Is Tennessee whiskey smoother than bourbon?

Yep, Tennessee whiskey is smoother than bourbon. This is as a result of the Lincoln County filtration Procedure that is absent-minded in bourbon.

Is Jack Daniels a whiskey or bourbon?

Jack Daniel’s is a whiskey equally it’s one of the brands of Tennessee whiskey

 Is Crown Purple bourbon?

No, the crown royal is made in Canada with a different mixture of corn (64%), malted barley (4.5%), and rye (31.5%). Bourbons are made in America and must accept 51% corn as a base.

What whiskey tin can you only get in Tennessee?

You can only get Tennessee Whiskey in Tennessee.

What is the difference in sense of taste between whiskey and bourbon?

Whiskey varies in taste, depending on the type it is. It could be Japanese, Irish gaelic, American, Tennessee Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, mention. Bourbon has strong combinations of vanilla, oak, and caramel.

Is whiskey only made in Tennessee?

No, whiskey is fabricated in other parts of the earth as well.

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