Why Dune’s Sci-Fi Future Doesn’t Have Computers Or Robots


has been able to successfully send us to a wholly new world of stories and characters with the most interesting world-building. The movie is based on Frank Herbert’s seminal masterpiece that deals with the story of the House Atreides. This is among the league of some of the best adaptations we have been able to witness over the years in the sci-fi genre. Denis Villeneuve, the director of the projection made sure that the universe he created was something marvelous and information technology remained in our heads post-viewing. One of the major parts of world-edifice has to be associated with the things that were present around the world. These contribute majorly in giving us an idea most what we are witnessing and how information technology plays a significance in the fourth dimension that nosotros accept been transported to. Merely there are various things from the picture show that have left the states wondering near the events of the moving-picture show. This movie

makes united states wonder where are the robots and the computers in the futuristic planets of


The movie did a fair chore in adapting the narrative of Frank Herbert’due southDuneand this is one of the reasons that the movie is a off-white success amongst the viewers. There are a lot of things that we got to witness in this world in terms of the futuristic technology information technology features. These things are a staple of the sci-fi books of the time that apply these technological items in order to give the readers something to be fascinated about. But the movie didn’t have any robots or supercomputers that were used in information technology because it is set in the future.

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Futuristic Planets of Dune

The story is set in the twelvemonth 10191 and information technology is even mentioned in the very opening moments of the flick. This year is way alee in the future of the world and co-ordinate to the books, this is set subsequently the institution of the Spacing Order. The spacing guild is prepare almost 10,000 years into the future and this makes the narrative of the master story taking place 22,000 A.D. This story takes place quite a lot ahead in time and information technology seems absolute weird that there are no robots or supercomputers or artificial intelligence a part of everyday life in these worlds.

What Happened To The “Thinking Machines”?

There is a storyline that is responsible for this lack of the traditional sci-fo technologies that we take ever considered to be a role of the futuristic narratives. This actually played a major role in the history of Herbert’s fictional universe. Virtually thousands of years prior to the birth of Paul Atreides, humanity had developed “thinking machines”.These are basically computers and robots that are capable of having human intelligence. This technology did evolve over fourth dimension only it didn’t end up creating the utopian guild we always imagine it might accept.

Futuristic Planets of Dune

Frank Herbert had mentioned in the
Dunetimeline how artificial intelligence and other thinking machines got wiped out due to a certain fix of events. These events were the devastating wars called the Butlerian Jihad. The wars were between two groups of people. Ane that depended on the thinking machines for various aspects of their lives and the other believed doing then was really harmful to the man race. The latter group won and nosotros got to see this develop into what ended up manifesting into the Bene Gesserits and the Mentats. In that location is a detail statement in Paul Atreides’Duneera that plays a significant function in this establishment – “1000 shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human heed.”

The prequel novels that primarily focused on these narratives were written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson and they made changes to this history of the Butlerian Jihad. This was changed into a war betwixt humanity and an overtly evil AI called Omnius. Because the movie is based on the volume ane can imagine that it follows the aforementioned narrative as the volume practise.

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And then, exercise you lot remember that the futuristic planets of Dune should have had more than robots and computers? Let us know in the comments.

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Why Dune’s Sci-Fi Future Doesn’t Have Computers Or Robots

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