What am I supposed to do if someone manages to hack my old account, use it, and post my photo on the


If yous believe your Facebook account has been hacked or compromised, here are the steps to take to get it dorsum.

Stride 1:

Visit Facebook’due south hacked account resource page.

Select the “My Account Is Compromised”
button to begin the process.

You will and then be instructed to type in your
Email Address
Phone Number
to search for your account and and so hit
Be certain to type in your email or phone number in gild to easily identify your business relationship. Inbound your name will not be effective as multiple people in the Facebook customs could have your aforementioned name.

Facebook will then search for matching accounts. If the information you lot entered does non produce your business relationship in the results, try entering something unlike from what you lot originally entered. For instance, if you entered a telephone number and it did non work, try entering your email address instead. An electronic mail accost volition be the well-nigh effective way to locate your account.

Stride 2:

Facebook will ask you to
Enter A Current or Old Password.

If your business relationship has been hacked, the password was probably changed then you will not know the current countersign, only you can enter the “old” countersign, which is the 1 you used earlier your business relationship was hacked.

Step 3:

Because y’all have technically entered an old password, Facebook volition so tell you, “Sorry! You entered an old countersign.”

At this point, you lot can select the “Reset My Password”
button in order to motility forward.

Step 4:

Facebook will ask yous how you would like to reset your password, typically done by sending a link to the email associated with the account.

As with the password, the primary email accost was probable changed when it was hacked. You do not want to send that link to the hacker’due south account, so instead select the “No Longer Accept Access To These?”
option in the bottom left-hand corner.

recovering hacked facebook account 2

Footstep five:

Facebook will so ask, “How Tin can We Reach You?”,
at which betoken you can enter and confirm a
New Email or Telephone.

recovering hacked facebook account 3

Enter the electronic mail address that you lot would similar as the main email on the account and yous should quickly receive a link to change the countersign.

Follow the instructions provided in that email to reset your password and regain command of your hacked Facebook account.

On rare occasions, additional verification, such equally a drivers license, may exist required. If this is the instance, yous tin can simply snap a photo or scan a re-create of your drivers license and upload it as prompted.



Instagram accounts are among the elevation hacked accounts for social media. If you believe your Instagram has been hacked, here are a few things y’all can do.

Option 1:

If yous still accept access to your account and the email accost associated with the account, you can go through the steps to reset the password through an emailed link.

Get to the Login screen, enter your
and select the “Forgot”
option in the


The “Reset Password”
page will appear, requesting the e-mail or username linked to your account. Enter that electronic mail address, type in the reCAPTCHA words, and select the “Reset Password”
push at the bottom. Instagram will send you an email with the appropriate steps to have to reset your countersign.

Choice 2:

If yous believe your username was inverse when hacked and are not able to log in or locate your Instagram account, y’all may exist able to get somewhere using the app.

Open your Instagram app on your mobile device. On the Login screen, select the “Get Help Logging In”
option straight below the login fields.

The “Trouble Logging In?”
screen volition appear. Enter your original username and then make sure to select the “Demand More than Help”
selection that appears below the “Send Login Link”
box. This will redirect you to the “Asking Support”
page from where you can submit a support request. If you fail to enter your original username, the app volition redirect y’all to an “Account Assistance”
page from where you will need to take extra steps to make progress.

If your account has been compromised, you must beginning enter the
Email Yous Signed Up With
then enter a
Contact E-mail (If Different). It could exist benign to enter a different contact email in order to ensure that the request support goes directly to y’all without chance of going to your hacker.

Instagram provides iii options post-obit the email fields:
Visitor or Make Account, Personal Account With Photos Of Me,
Personal Account Without Photos Of Me.
Selecting the about appropriate option volition help Instagram to more efficiently verify your account.

Select the “My Account Was Hacked”
choice. In the “Whatsoever Additional Details”
box, you lot tin enter in a brusque description of what you believe has happened. Be sure to include pertinent data, so that Instagram tin can better resolve the problem.

You lot should hear back from Instagram shortly after with a verification code and instructions. Instagram will instruct you lot to answer to the email with an fastened photo of yourself and with a hand-written note including the lawmaking, your full proper name, and the account username. Instagram matches up that flick with a picture from your account in club to verify that you are truly the account holder. If you exercise not accept pictures of yourself on your business relationship, verifying your business relationship will be more hard and potentially not possible.


If you’ve noticed suspicious or unusual activity on your Twitter account or are unable to log in, take the following steps to regain command of your tweets.

Step 1:

Asking a
Password Reset

twitter recovery

Twitter will inquire you to enter the email, telephone number, or username associated with the account. Twitter recommends inbound both the username and e-mail accost. It will then provide you with the selection to
E-mail A Link To (Your Email Address).

If you nevertheless have access to the email given, select
to receive an e-mail with the link and instructions for resetting the countersign.

twitter recovery

If you no longer have access to that email, or if you practice not recognize the email address produced, select the “I Don’t Accept Admission To Any Of These”
option establish under the Continue button.

Pace 2:

You will be redirected to the “Login Bug”
page from where you can
Asking Assistance Signing In To Your Business relationship.

Blazon in your Twitter username and select

Twitter will ask you to enter
Your E-mail. Make sure to enter an email address that you currently have admission to every bit this will be the means through which Twitter contacts you.

In the second field, “Description Of Problem”,
accept the time to describe the issue that you are having and so that Twitter is able to more finer accost the problem.

Y’all will then be directed to enter a Google reCAPTCHA in club to verify that you are man.

twitter recovery

Under the “Login Problems”
folio, you tin as well select the “Try Inbound A Phone Number Instead”
option constitute at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Under this option, you must first select your
and and so enter
Your Phone Number
where Twitter will send yous an SMS text message with a confirmation lawmaking needed to continue (Standard SMS text message fees volition apply).

Follow the instructions provided via electronic mail or afterwards entering the code received via text message to recover your Twitter account.


Your Pinterest business relationship was likely hacked if you begin to run across boards or pins that you didn’t add, received an email about a change you didn’t make, or your account has been placed on Safe Mode

Pinterest volition always ship an email when you lot change your email accost, username, or password, or if a login was fabricated from a computer or place they do not recognize. If you received an email about a change or login you did not brand, your account was likely hacked. In that e-mail, Pinterest volition provide you with the option to “Lock Your Account”
if the actions taken were not performed by you. Afterward, you will need to
Reset Your Password

Your account will exist placed on Safe Style if Pinterest notices suspicious activity. Condom Manner locks your business relationship protecting your pins and preventing whatsoever further unauthorized changes or deportment via your business relationship. In order to unlock your account from Safe Mode, the password must be reset.

If yous’ve noticed unusual action on your Pinterest account, but information technology has not however been placed on Safety Way, you should still
Change Your Password

Resetting Your Pinterest Password:

Pinterest will inquire you to enter
Your Email, Name, or Username
in club to
Detect Your Pinterest Account.
At this point, you will demand to enter the original data associated with the business relationship. If Pinterest cannot detect your account with the information you choose to enter, attempt to enter something different. For example, if you enter an e-mail address beginning, try entering your name adjacent.


If you enter an
Email Address, Pinterest will ask to send an e-mail to the email address provided in order to reset the password.

  • If y’all currently have access to that e-mail, select the ruddy “Send A Countersign Reset E-mail”
    option and so follow the instructions given in that email.
  • If you cannot access the electronic mail address originally associated with your account, select the “Can’t Access Your Email?”
    icon found direct in a higher place the email entry field. This will redirect y’all to the “Login Problem”
    page from where you tin choose the appropriate reason for your problem. Unfortunately, if you do not take access to that email address, yous volition probable not be able to recover your business relationship. Pinterest recommends starting a new account instead.


If you enter your
Name or Username,
Pinterest will list possible account matches directly under the name entry field. Select the “This Is Me”
option for the correct account. Pinterest will request to
Send A Countersign Reset Email
to the account email listed underneath the business relationship name or username. Select “Send”
if you have access to that email. Equally mentioned above, you tin can select the “Can’t Access Your Email?”
icon available at the top from where you will potentially be able to further troubleshoot.

If you are unable to admission your email, you tin can
Contact Pinterest
for farther aid. Select the appropriate option under the “What Exercise You Need Aid With?”
choice, followed by the well-nigh accurate response under
Tell Us More.
Pinterest will provide yous with suggestions on steps to take, just yous are too able to send Pinterest a bulletin by selecting the reddish “I Still Need Help”
button at the bottom of the page.

You should hear from Pinterest chop-chop with further aid and options in recovering your hacked Pinterest account.

If your account is linked to Facebook, you will need to log in with Facebook to brand whatsoever account changes.


Your Google business relationship was likely compromised or hacked if y’all

  • Received an email or notification well-nigh unusual logins or changes to the account
  • Stopped receiving emails
  • Detect a red bar at the height of your account that says, “We’ve detected suspicious activity in your account.”
  • Find unrecognized payment options on your Wallet account or unapproved payment transactions
  • Receive complaints of spam mail sent from your electronic mail accost
  • Detect any activeness that y’all did non perform yourself including sent letters, changed or unusual account settings

Option 1:

If your Google account has been hacked, merely you are still able to sign in to your account, then you must modify your countersign immediately. You can sign in to your Google business relationship using your original login information and password, and and then change your password.

Under the
Password & Sign-In Method,
click on
to brainstorm the procedure.
You will get-go be asked to enter your original password in society to verify that information technology is you. You will and so be directed to enter and confirm your new password. If yous cannot remember your electric current password, select the “Forgot Password?”
icon and Google will ask questions to assistance verify that the business relationship is yours before assuasive you lot to change the password.

Google recommends performing a
Security Checkup
to review your account activity and data and update security settings in order to improve and strengthen protection of your business relationship. A Security Checkup will help to ensure that the hacker is not able to access your account again in the future.

google recovery

If you lot are still seeing suspicious action on your business relationship after changing your password and completing the Security Checkup, you might consider checking for a possible virus on your computer. The hacker could be accessing your computer remotely through a virus. Installing anti-virus software volition typically resolve problems with a virus.

Option 2:

If your Google account has been hacked, but you can no longer sign in, y’all will need to follow the steps nether
Account Support


verify that the account is yours.


Google volition instruct you lot to
Enter The Email Accost Or Telephone Number You Use To Sign In To Google.
You can too select the “Detect My Account”
icon plant nether the entry field in order to enter a recovery email of telephone number associated with your business relationship.

You lot will and then be asked to
Enter The Last Password You Retrieve
Endeavor A Unlike Question.
If you choose to effort a different question, you can choose to have Google send an email with a verification lawmaking to a recovery email accost, or by selecting “Endeavour A Different Question”
again, you can enter a unlike e-mail address that you lot are able to check now for a verification code. You will then receive an email with detailed instructions on how to proceed.

google recovery

If you lot are unable to sign in to your business relationship, you tin can select the “Learn More than/Request Google’south Assistance” where you are able to
Select The Issue
that nearly closely matches your situation and receive guidance for accessing your account.

Option 3:

If you are seeing the red bar across the top of your screen that says, “We’ve Detected Suspicious Activity In Your Account,”
yous should click the link in the bar in order to review your devices and account action. Taking action chop-chop after Google notifies you of unauthorized activity will allow you lot regain control of your account before a hacker has the opportunity to change account settings.

With whatsoever hacked business relationship, the most important step is to act quickly. Taking action immediately increases the chances of recovering your account without a frustrating, fatigued-out process. It is also important to remember that, unfortunately, account recovery is not guaranteed. Follow the Security Tips listed at the beginning of this guide to best prevent a hacked account.

We promise this article was helpful and that you lot were able to use the steps mentioned above to recover your hacked social media account. We hope that you volition take note of our tips to prevent your accounts from beingness hacked in the futurity. If you are still attempting to recover your account after exhausting all of the information in this article, we recommend contacting the social media network through either a friend or family unit member’s account, as nosotros are only a web design and marketing agency and do not offering services to help recover your account.

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What am I supposed to do if someone manages to hack my old account, use it, and post my photo on the

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