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Hither’s the deal:

Arma 3 is one of the all-time military sandbox simulation games on the market.

Mods are an essential role of Arma iii, but not many servers out there back up them.

If yous want to accept full control of your Arma 3 experience, running your ain server is the way to go.

Merely Arma 3 is a demanding game – as a consequence, hosting information technology yourself is unrealistic.

Paying an Arma 3 hosting provider to do the heavy lifting for you lot is the all-time choice.

In this article, we’re taking a await at the best Arma 3 hosting companies on the market place, both for vanilla play and modded servers.

Let’southward swoop in!

What is Arma 3 Server Hosting?

arma 3 game cover

Arma iii is i of the summit games on Steam by concurrent actor count, despite being released years ago. It’s an open world, military sandbox shooter that gives you the reigns and allows you to play as yous’d like.

Arma 3 aims to simulate real military combat, and it does then quite well. Using bullet trajectory simulation, tools like compasses, range finders, and scopes, all of the military machine devices and vehicles you tin recall of, and a massive map, Arma 3 is even used for military grooming simulations.

Unfortunately, the complexity of the game makes information technology incredibly demanding on gaming systems. Running Arma 3 is hard enough, and trying to exercise so while hosting an Arma three server on the same PC is pretty much impossible. This is specially the instance if you’re hosting a large slot count server.

Enter Arma three server hosting!

You lot can pay Arma 3 hosting providers to host the server for you lot. They take care of everything, from deployment to mod support.

Hosting providers are running 24/7, so you lot don’t have to leave your computer on either.

Instead of worrying about the technical crap, y’all tin can focus on what’s essential: fierce information technology upwardly on the battlefield!

Renting an Arma three Server vs. Hosting Your Ain

arma 3 game banner

host your own Arma 3 server on your PC, although I’d highly recommend you RENT A SERVER instead.

Here’s why:

Arma iii isn’t optimized well in the beginning identify. Even summit-tier gaming PCs have trouble breaking threescore FPS at max settings, not to mention the extra need required by mods.

Notoriously CPU intensive, Arma iii sucks the power out of your rig. The huge map, projectile simulation, and high slot servers swallow your CPU power faster than the fatty lady down the route can pound a Big Mac.

Hosting a server at the same time? Forget about it.

On superlative of having to run the game (which is hard enough), your PC at present has to host the unabridged server at the same time. That means keeping track of everything, everyone, and more.

If you thought Arma 3 was laggy earlier, try hosting a server and playing at the aforementioned time. At present, yous
anybody else on the server will lag too, since they depend on your reckoner’s already mediocre functioning.

Hosting a defended server on your PC for a game like Terraria is different. Terraria isn’t very intensive on its ain (it’s 2D), and having a few friends on your server isn’t intensive either.

But the more assets and players on the server, the more resource-intensive information technology becomes. Arma 3 is one of the most demanding games on Steam, and hosting a server is pretty intensive too.

What’s the bottom line hither?

Renting an Arma three server from a hosting company is your best bet.

Best Arma 3 Hosting Companies

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GTX Gaming
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citadel servers Citadel Servers
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Host Havoc
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Best Arma 3 Exile Server Hosting


  • Nifty performance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Gratis game switching
  • Custom control panels
  • Worldwide support


  • Knowledgebase could be better
  • Support could be faster

GTX Gaming has a custom command console for Arma 3 Exile, designed to brand hosting the game as straightforward as possible.

They also have instant setup, pregnant yous tin buy a server specifically made for Arma 3 Exile, rather than having to set the mod yourself.

The Exile server can also exist swapped for another Arma 3 game mode, or another game altogether with their game switching feature.

GTX Gaming’s Arma 3 Exile servers start at 0.99 Euros per slot for a x slot server, the minimum player count offered. Their cost per slots gets cheaper every bit y’all scale up, which is helpful for hosts that want a big server.

The largest server offered by GTX Gaming for Arma 3 Exile is 120 slots, coming in at roughly 0.47 Euros per slot.

Considering GTX Gaming’s instant deployment, countless features, and fair pricing, they’re nifty for anyone who wants to host a modded Arma three server, especially with a high slot count.

Best Modded Arma 3 Server Hosting


  • Dude they’re dirt cheap
  • Long established company
  • Fastest servers
  • Dandy support


  • A bit less performance than competition





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Citadel Servers is i of my favorite hosting companies across the lath for modded Arma 3 server hosting.

Arma iii Life, KOTH, etc. are all popular game modes, and Citadel Servers takes the cake when it comes to modded Arma iii hosting.

Their servers first at a minimum of 10 slots for $0.87/slot ($8.70/month) and go up to 127 slots. Every bit you increase slot count, the price per slot decreases, which is great for if you desire to host a large server. A 127 slot server is $0.47/slot, far cheaper than the base price.

Yous too go discounts for committing to a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual delivery.

If you’re interested in hosting an Arma 3 Life server, or you just want cheap Arma 3 server hosting, Citadel Servers is the fashion to go!

Cheapest Arma 3 Server Hosting


  • 99.ix% Uptime
  • Servers around the world
  • Best game server hosting support
  • Bully control panel
  • Easy plugin/modern support


  • High minimum server slot count
  • No costless trial





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If you’re looking for Arma 3 server hosting that won’t break the bank, Host Havoc has your dorsum.

Their Arma iii servers are ridiculously inexpensive, coming in at simply $0.l per slot. They have a minimum slot count of forty players and a maximum of 127 players, larger than nearly hosts on our list.

Host Havoc supports all Arma 3 mods and DLCs and has some of the all-time back up I’ve always had the pleasance of using.

For new hosts that want an easy-to-utilize interface, helpful support, and fast servers all for a low cost, Host Havoc is the all-time choice.

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GTX Gaming
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citadel servers Citadel Servers
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Host Havoc
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Arma 3 Server Hosting Guide

Here are some of the things to consider before hosting an Arma 3 server:

Ane-Click Modern Installs

arma 3 mods

Mods are one of the best parts of Arma 3. Without them, we wouldn’t have games like DayZ, PUBG, and many more. The game can be stripped downward to its bare bones and built back up to do what you want.

If you want to host a game of Altis Life, for example, that’due south a mod. Same with Exile.

Choosing a server host that supports mods – more specifically, one-click mod installs – is essential.

You can salvage some money by choosing an Arma 3 host that doesn’t support mods, but you’ll most surely regret it later on on. If you want to switch to a hosting company that supports mods, you’ll need to drift the server (and the role player base), which is a massive pain in the neck.

Conversely, you tin can cull a hosting company similar GTX Gaming. They accept instantly deployable servers for Arma 3 mods, which is pretty awesome. Just better still, they feature game switching, which allows yous to switch from game to game (or mod to modern) without having to migrate the server yourself, or buy another one.

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That convenience comes at an added cost compared to cheaper hosting companies, though, then it depends on your specific needs. If yous know you’re only going to host 1 game mode for the life of your server, paying a premium for that flexibility isn’t worth it.

Distance From You and Your Players

arma 3 locations

All gamers accept ane thing in common: they hate lag. You don’t accept to exist a dice-hard Arma 3 fan to concord with that, just Arma veterans hate lag more than than most.

Full-scale battles can get pretty intense, especially when competitive teams are fighting each other.

The further you are from your server, the slower your connectedness will be. Whether you desire to host your Arma server for fun with friends, practice with a team or you lot want to grow a large community, fantabulous performance is essential.

Aside from choosing an splendid hosting visitor, making certain your server is close in concrete proximity to yous and your friends is one of the best ways to maximize your server’due south performance.


arma 3 heli

If you want to play Arma 3 with playable framerates, you ought to take a pretty powerful gaming PC. Likewise, Arma 3 servers need to have the right hardware for the job.

Game server hosting companies use slot count to determine the price of your server. More slots mean a higher monthly payment and, hopefully, better performance.

Theoretically, the game server company allocates more of its hardware’south operation to accommodate a higher slot count server, merely shady companies might sacrifice your performance to make an extra cadet.

That’s why the importance of choosing a reputable hosting company cannot exist overstated (like the ones above).

Hither are the minimum performance requirements for an Arma three server, according to the official wiki:

  • CPU:
    ii.4GHz dual-core processor
  • RAM:
  • Storage:
    32GB HDD
  • Bone:
    Linux/Windows Server 2008 (or amend)

Here are the recommended Arma iii server requirements (these are the numbers you want to striking):

  • CPU:
    three.5GHz quad-core processor
  • RAM:
  • Storage:
    32GB SSD
  • Os:
    Linux/Windows Server 2008 (or ameliorate)

Those numbers don’t specify the slot counts, all the same, pregnant your functioning may vary depending on how many players are on your server. Modded Arma 3 server hosting will too require more operation than vanilla hosting.

What’due south the bottom line hither?

If yous’re hosting a pocket-sized server, yous tin probably go by with the minimum specs. Simply if y’all’re hosting a large server that needs acme-notch functioning, it’s best to spend more on top-notch hardware.

Defended Hosting vs. VPS Hosting for Arma 3

VPS hosting is not going to cutting information technology for the majority of games, especially Arma iii. VPS servers share resources with several different people, limiting the ability available to your server. VPS hosting services are okay for near websites, only that’s not the case for gaming.

With a dedicated server, on the other paw, you lot’re getting admission to the full ability of the hardware you’re renting, pregnant you won’t accept to worry about someone else sucking up your server’southward resources.

All of the Arma 3 hosting companies to a higher place offer dedicated, pre-configured game servers that are immediately prepare for utilize.

In conclusion, if y’all’re hosting an Arma three server, become with a defended host (unless you lot want to lag your barrel off, which you don’t).

Arma iii Modded Server Hosting

Arma 3 is like a kitchen, and the modders are cooks, who tin turn the game into whatever experience they want. The game tin can be torn down to its shell and congenital back up again to become whatever you desire.

Here are some of the most popular Arma 3 game modes:

Arma 3 Life Server Hosting

arma 3 altis life

Altis Life is a life simulator where you part-play one of two characters: police force officer and civilian.

This popular Arma three modern tin can be played without downloading any mods or anything like that. You lot can filter for them in the Arma 3 server browser, and you’ll come across a list of Altis Life servers announced. In one case y’all join a Life server, you lot’ll automatically download the files.

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Withal, hosting an Altis Life server is a flake different. Some hosts require y’all to buy Arma three server hosting and add together the Altis Life mod later on in their control panel, which is a fleck of a pain in the neck.

Instead, we recommend using a host that has instant deployment for Altis Life servers. That way, you can be up and running in no time.

GTX Gaming is probably the best Altis Life server hosting company. They offering instant deployment and game switching, meaning you can switch your server between Altis Life, regular Arma 3 game modes, and other Arma 3 mods.

Arma 3 Exile Server Hosting

arma 3 exile

Arma three Exile mod is much similar DayZ, based on an Arma mod in the showtime place.

If you’re interested in Arma 3 Exile server hosting, GTX Gaming remains one of the best options. They have a lot of experience with Arma 3 Exile hosting, and instant Exile server deployment.

Arma 3 Antistasi Server Hosting

arma 3 antistasi

Renting an Antistasi server is a chip different than Exile or Life because Antistasi is a mission, rather than a game style. That means you take to hire an Arma 3 server and upload the mission on the server.

Whatever of the Arma 3 hosting companies in a higher place will practise, but Streamline Servers is highly recommended in Arma iii forums and discussion groups on the web. They’ve been effectually for more than ten years, hosting Arma since the original release.

Streamline Servers has dandy Arma hosting support, terrific functioning, and take good reviews as well. Best of all, they take to host locations all effectually the world.

Arma 3 KOTH Server Hosting

arma 3 koth

Arma 3 KOTH (Male monarch of the Hill) is a popular multiplayer objective-based control mission, where three teams fight for control of the hill. Players can employ the unabridged armory of Arma three weapons, vehicles, and gear, although some KOTH servers plow vehicles off.

KOTH is an Arma 3 mission. That ways setting up an Arma 3 KOTH server is similar to setting upwards an Antistasi server.

Most hosting companies don’t offer instant deployment for Arma three KOTH – instead, you have to rent an Arma 3 server and configure the KOTH game manner yourself.

Arma iii Hosting FAQ

Here are some of the nearly unremarkably asked questions I receive about Arma 3 server hosting:

How much does an Arma iii server cost?

Arma 3 servers vary in toll, ranging from around $xx per month to $80 per calendar month and sometimes even more than. Like Team hosting, Arma 3 hosting is a fleck more expensive than other games, because it’s a demanding championship.

Most hosting companies accuse based on the slot count of your server. Since Arma 3 servers typically have huge actor counts (it is a large scale military simulator, after all), they can become pricey.

If you lot want to learn more about how much game servers cost, check out our guide.

How much RAM exercise you lot need for an Arma 3 server?

You’ll need no more than 4GB of RAM for an Arma 3 server, 2GB being the minimum.

For more information, check out the Bohemia Interactive Arma 3 Dedicated Server wiki page.

How many cores for Arma 3 server?

In our tests, we found that Arma is barely multithreaded, meaning single-threaded performance is the largest indicator of server performance.

You don’t need more than a dual-cadre CPU for Arma 3 hosting, although they do recommend a quad-core CPU if possible. Still, CPU clock speed and the instructions per clock (power of the CPU) is more of import than cadre count.

For more than information on CPU operation, check out our full guide on choosing a CPU.

Arma 3 Dedicated Server

As mentioned previously, hosting an Arma 3 dedicated server yourself isn’t the all-time idea unless you have a PC you can leave on 24/vii that isn’t your primary gaming PC.

Either fashion, if you want to host an Arma 3 defended server, here’s a tutorial for y’all:


Arma 3 is an awesome game that’s better played with friends.

If you want to take total control over your Arma three feel, hosting your ain server is the move.

Unless you want to lag your barrel off, renting an Arma 3 server is your all-time bet.

Hopefully this guide about the best Arma 3 hosting helped yous – if you have any questions, please contact me for more than assistance!

Arma3 Server Hosting | GTXGaming High Quality Game Server Hosting