Is there any strategy MMO with source code available on the Internet, because games such as Lords Mobile, Mafia City, and countless others are entirely identical in mechanisms?

#i Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is some other large proper noun in the Plough-based Tactical-RTS and Action-RPG genres. The game is set up in an apocalyptic era in Fallout Universe and focuses on the story of a squad in the fictitious Brotherhood of Steel. The game allows y’all to be a member of the Squad, continue some amazing missions to annihilate your enemies in tactical and strategy-based battles using the original Fallout Tactics and strategies. Fallout tactics: Brotherhood of Steel offers multiple characters (Humans, Ghouls, Deathclaws, Dogs, Quartermaster, Mechanics, Yeomen, and Medics etc.) to cull between, a lot of NPCs to interact with, amazing campaigns and missions to consummate and ultimately enjoy every minute spent on this brilliant game. With amazingly catchy game plot, great story-line and visuals along with a brilliantly immersive game-play, Fallout Tactics: Alliance of Steel is one of the best Tactical RTS game to play and enjoy.



#2 Braveland

Braveland is a wonderful Turn-based Strategy video game with amazing Indie aesthetics. This brilliant Old School takes you to an astonishing Hexagonal filigree-based setting and allows you to Explore, Arts and crafts, appoint yourself into addictive and quite epic Turn-based Combats and exist part of the legions of finest warriors of the time. Consummate the ultimate goal of the game, that is to defeat the invading enemies and eventually relieve your world and people and become a skilled Commander of your army. The game allows y’all explore a massive game map, travel to whatsoever location easily, come across your enemies randomly, collect a number of rare and quite valuable artifacts, use a number of fantastic combat skills and tricks, utilize upgrade to enhance your character’s talents and enjoy immersing yourself into an epic gameplay experience always. With a fantastic game-play, bang-up story and brilliant visuals, Braveland is a fun game to play and savour.

#three Jade Empire

Jade Empire is an amazingly engaging Activeness-RPG video game similar to Gothic. The game is set in the Ancient China offering a unique location and story. The game allows you to exist a Martial Arts Educatee under a skilled martial Arts master. I day the School gets attacked by a mysterious forcefulness that leaves the student shocked. The game offers a multiple ending story and every catastrophe depends on the actions the actor performs. Jade Empire allows you to choose male or female graphic symbol, lets you use whatsoever of the given fighting styles and appoint yourselves into epic combats against the attacking force that devastated your schoolhouse and killed your main. Similar whatsoever other Action-RPG, Jade Empire lets you level yourself up as yous progress in the game and consummate a number of objectives including various Quests, Adventures along with NPC and Social Interaction etc. With an Asian Thematic, amazing Exploration and Boodle options, epic Combats against the enemies, Multiple Endings, brilliant visuals and an immersive game-play, Jade Empire is a brilliant game to play and enjoy.



#iv Illyriad


Illyriad is a Free-to-Play MMO and Strategy video game that offers a Persistent game world and browser-based gameplay mechanics. Developed and Published past Illyriad Games, LTD, Illyriad has no specific goals, and information technology allows the players to enjoy an entirely space gameplay. With a fantasy-based environment, Illyriad takes the players to a boondocks and tasks them to build it from scratch. Construct and upgrades various types of buildings, build inquiry facilities to develop and unlock new technologies. Another brilliant attribute of the game is that it allows the players to expand their reign by acquisition the neighboring and far situated territories, ship settlers to colonize the conquered worlds and eventually expand your influence over the empire. Illyriad offers four playable races, (Elves, Humans, Dwarfs and Orcs) and information technology allows the players to select anyone of them, explore the game world and gather the resources such equally Atomic number 26, Wood, Clay, Rock, and Food. Build Iron Mines, Claypits, Lumberjack, Quarry and Farmyards to produce the resource. Once there are plenty resources, the players can either utilize them to build structures or directly sell them to earn Gold, the game currency. Players can utilise the Gold currency to pay the Troops, Diplomats, and Caravans, etc. Illyriad offers wide server tournaments in which the players can take function and win loads of exciting prizes. With always changing and evolving game earth, grand alliances, competitive tournaments, procedurally generated game world, beautiful visuals and a remarkably addictive gameplay, Illyriad is an amazing MMO, Strategy video game to play and relish.

#5 Ascent of Nations: Rising of Legends


Rise of Nations: Rising of Legends is a truly amazing and quite engaging Fantasy based MMO and Real Time Strategy video game developed by Large Huge Games. The game allows you to play a number of campaigns and missions, conquer your enemies and loot their resources. The main objectives of the game include Urban center building, accommodations of your people and troops, construction of defensive structures etc. You must brand best strategies to defeat your enemies and to make your defenses impenetrable. Yous tin suit different sets of individuals and for that you’ll need to build different buildings similar Military barracks, Markets, Palaces, Maguses (Research labs) and industries etc. Ascent of Nations: Ascension of Legends lets you be in power and write the fate of all the people living in your settlement. For resources you must wage wars confronting your enemies and use best of your skills and strategies to conquer them. Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is a great RTS game to play and bask. Do effort it out.

#6 Rising of Nations


Accept y’all ever wondered what information technology would be like to manage a whole kingdom, a city or a territory and wage wars against the enemies to either conquer them or to loot their resources, survive and flourish an amazing and prosperous civilization? Well if you desire to experience an astonishing King or a General like feeling, Rise of the Nations is the game built only for you. Ascension of Nations is a Single and multiplayer MMO-RTS Video game that provides with a great blend of fantasy elements. The game allows you lot to exist office of a hugely mapped and beautifully created game world, Construct Buildings (Billet, Forts, Defense, Markets etc.), Make Allies, Wage Wars against your enemies, Assemble upward Resources etc. The game also lets you lot arrange more eighteen different races, train more troops from eight unique classes and use all-time strategies against your enemies. Ascension of Nations basically focuses on the balance between Economic system, Crime and Defense and encourages y’all to fully strategize your every motion in the game. Rise of nations offers a marvelously engaging and quite immersive game-play, a number of fantastic Single and Multiplayer Campaigns, keen visual details and loads of brilliant things to observe. Exercise endeavor it out if you lot haven’t however and bask the ultimate fun.

#7 Rise Of Nations: Gilded Edition


The Rise of Nation game series includes some really great games like Rise of Nation: Thrones and Patriots and Rise of Nations: Gilt Edition. This epic real time strategy game is adult by Large Huge Games. This game is based on the historical events of time and travels back to nearly 6000 years of ancients. Main features include heavy Warfare, city building, governance, troops, battles, thrones, trade and merchandise etc. This super amazing RTS game never lets you experience like you lot are wasting your time while playing this game. Graphics and game-play are quite similar Age of Empires. Storyline and user interface are a bit different. Rise of Nations expansion pack offers new nations, campaigns for unmarried players, more troop units and some actually great new wonders and government types to choose. This amazingly wondrous and engaging game can exist played but on PC.

#8 Mount and Blade

Mountain and Bract is a Single-player Activeness-RPG video game by Paradox Interactive. The game offers Innovative Gainsay Mechanics, a huge Modding Customs and a very Complex Character and Skill Organisation along with loads of fantastic Quests, Maps and a comparable Graphics. With a very minimal game plot, Mountain and Bract offers most hundred pct freedom in manipulating the gameplay and player character specific story. Mount and Blade offers a skillful amount of dialog in the game and allows the player to make choices that exit a existent marker. Because of its unique and innovative Combat mechanics, Mount and Blade offers versatility in combat oriented gameplay and allows the players to enjoy it to the core. The game takes identify in a medieval world named as Claradia and it offers a Sandbox style gameplay without whatsoever special story. Mount and Blade allows the players to bring together 1 of the 5 battle factions, fight off the enemies equally a skilled mercenary or be an outlaw, or fight as both, or be but neutral. The game offers character customization options too and allows the players to customize the actor character by selecting gender, facial features, ethnicity, etc. Furthermore, Mount and Bract lets the players move in the game globe by Signal-and-Click mechanism, engage in ballsy PvP battles and win by eliminating the enemies. Every impale in the game rewards the players with “Renown” that helps the players reach higher levels of Expertise and accomplish to the higher levels of the leadership by acquiring the Vassalage. Players can as well have experience points by completing various quests and completing different objectives. With unique characters, not bad combat mechanics, addictive gameplay and remarkable graphic, Mount and Bract is a great Activeness-RPG video game to play and enjoy.

#9 Age of Empires


Historic period of Empires is a marvelous MMO-RTS video game adult past Ensemble Studios and distributed by Microsoft studios back in 1997. The Original game came with 7 sequels and iii spin-offs. From its first release till date, the game titles are all historical real time strategies and the game-play offers unmarried and multiplayer histrion gaming modes along with a number of fantastic Campaigns, missions and stuff. Historic period of Empires is set in a historical eras like Stone Age, The Rise of Roman Empire, Europe and Asia in Middle Ages, Spanish Conquest of Mexico, Asian Dynasties, Ascent of Asia etc. The latest inclusion to this amazing real fourth dimension strategy game series is “Age of Empires Online” which is the 7th sequel to the game. This sequel of the game besides revolves effectually historical events. Historic period of Empires ruled the globe and sold well-nigh 20 Million copies and handed back a really sizable profit to Ensemble Studios. The game allows you to control the whole Empires, train massive armies, build your defenses, wage epic wars against your enemies and defeat them to evidence your supremacy. With a very thrill filled game-play that offers a number of amazing campaigns, beautifully created 3D visuals and loads of fantatsic things to discover, Age of Empires in 1 of the best MMO-RTS games and typically a trend setter for this specific genre.

#x Empire: Four Kingdoms


Empire: Iv Kingdoms is a Building and Direction MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online – Real-fourth dimension Strategy) Simulation past Goodgame Studios. The game allows the players to become a mighty Emperor of the Four Kingdoms, build a small-scale castle and plough information technology into a gigantic Fortress. Savour reigning hell over the enemies in epic PvP Combats, build and expand the Empire, collect Resources and manage them well. The players are tasked to produce and collect and merchandise resource, build your Fortress, recruit and railroad train a massive army based on multiple troop units, and conquer the unseen world to expand the empire. Empire: Four Kingdoms lets the players form alliances with friends, assault the threats to kingdom and defeat them as a massive commonage force the history has e’er seen. This brilliant game allows the players to railroad train over l different types of troop units, build and upgrade over threescore various types of buildings, and strategically set on the enemies, and defend the fortress. With all of its celebrity and the medieval depictions, Empire: Four Kingdoms takes the players back to an era in history where surviving the barbarous enemies was itself a very hard task. Players volition definitely savor being in control of the biggest and mightiest settlements of the time. With a very addictive and engaging gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics and all the brilliant mechanics, Empire: Iv Kingdoms is i of the most fantastic creations of Goodgame Studios. Exercise try it out, Empire: Four Kingdoms is bachelor to play on both Android and iOS platforms.

#11 Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North


Kingdoms of Camelot: Boxing for the Northward is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) video game by Gaea Mobile Ltd. The game tasks the players to build a massive Empire, forge 1000 alliances and defeat all the enemies of the kingdom, and expand information technology to the never before seen distances. Kingdoms of Camelot: Boxing for the North lets the players be a mighty Ruler, build your own castle and somewhen turn it into an impenetrable Fortress. In the guise of Male monarch Arthur, it is the responsibility of player to eliminate the unlawful reign of Durst Mac Erp and eliminate all of his hostile forces, defend their throne and be one of the mightiest rulers of the fourth dimension. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North lets the players recruit and train a massive regular army consisting of brave Knights, Heavy Cavalry, Elite troops and fight for glory and to salvage the earth of your forefathers. To make the Strategies that will go out a marker, Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the N allows the players to recruit all the legendary Circular Table Heroes of the time, Command over the pop Lancelot Sir, Percival, Sir Gawain and all the others, make strategies that will strengthen the Empire and let the enemies know virtually the might. With a bright medieval affect, a chance to live the life of a mighty ruler, the legendary wars and a massive Kingdom, Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the Due north allows the players to savour a remarkable experience of MMO and RTS elements.

#12 Kingdoms of Camelot


Kingdoms of Camelot is an MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online – Real-time Strategy) video game by the acme notch programmer and publisher Kabam. Released back in 2009, Kingdoms of Camelot allows the players to enjoy Edifice and Warfare elements all together. The game tasks the players to Collect various types of resources and build a number of different structures, both defensive and offensive, bases, research facilities, etc. and enjoy a beautifully engaging gameplay. All the deportment that the players perform in the game are time based. For example if a player build a structure, it tin complete the structure in either seconds or in days, based on the type and rarity of the resources. Kingdoms of Camelot also lets the players build alliances with friendly settlements and have on the enemies equally a combined force to damage them more. Information technology offers an online Conversation feature for both worldwide players interaction and for the alliance-based conversations. Kingdoms of Camelot lets the players get into epic Tournaments and various other types of competitions and savor a truly remarkable gameplay. With very addictive gameplay, beautifully created visuals and all the blasting action, Kingdoms of Camelot is a brilliant MMORTS video game to play.

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#13 Stronghold

Stronghold is a Existent-time Strategy video game with Single and Multiplayer modes. Firefly Studios develop the game and published by Accept 2 Interactive. Stronghold focuses on expansion and conquest through war machine units and offers a infinite for economic development and strategy. The game takes place in Medieval Uk and gear up in the historical time 1066 AD. In the game, you tin can assume the role of the Lord and your principal aim is to create a strong Empire, recruit armies to defend information technology and expand your Empire. Assemble resources, conquer other castles, make them the slaves, boodle their resources, and complete the objectives. The game comprises dissimilar modes with economical and combat missions. The primary mode is War machine Campaign, focuses on a massive map of England. Stronghold includes core features such every bit Famous Historical Castles, Dive into Boxing, Detailed Environment, Entire Map on Single Screen, and more. Stronghold is the all-time RTS game to play and enjoy.

#14 Game of Thrones Ascent


Game of Thrones Rising is a Role-playing, Strategy and MMO video game adult and published by Disruptor Beam. It takes place in the fictional world and allows you to create and customize your character with lots of stuff to get into the game globe. The game has a series of challenging quests yous have complete to earn points. Explore the game world, uncover secrets and bear witness your skills. Assume the role of the leader of the small-scale house, recruit armies to defend your business firm and fight confronting other players and enemies. In the single-player campaign, you must build your house, complete quests, assemble resource and raise your army. Immerse yourself in PvP (Player versus Player) conflict, team-up with other players, and savour the squad-based gameplay. Discover new areas, dominate them, lead your troops and have office in tournaments. Earn astonishing rewards to show you strength and keep you lot people happy. The game includes cadre features such equally Explore the Story, Stunning Visuals, addictive Gameplay, Exciting Modes, wonderful Mechanics, etc. Game of Thrones Ascent is the all-time game to play and savor.

#15 BattleForge


BattleForge is an Action, Real-fourth dimension Strategy, and Massively Multiplayer Online Video game developed past EA Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts. The game based on Card and RTS elements and allows y’all take on the function of the protagonist and swoop into the game world. Collaborate with other players, brand your own guild and consummate a series of quests. Explore the environment, fight confronting monsters, and slay them using the sword and other weapons. The game is played from an isometric view. Create your own empire, gather resources, and recruit ground forces to defend information technology. There are different cards and each card offers its unique abilities and powers. Get experience points past completing missions and use your points to upgrade your card and raise character abilities. It has both PvP and PvE modes and lets you play against other players and show your power. With the best mechanics, addictive gameplay, brilliant visuals, and superb sounds, BattleForge is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

#16 Baldur’due south Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Baldur’s Gate Two: Shadows of Amn is a Part-playing, Fantasy-based, Exploration, Isometric, Single and Multiplayer video game past BioWare. It is the sequel to Baldur’s Gate and available to play on Windows. The game takes place in the fantasy country named Amm on the Faerun’due south subcontinental. It puts the thespian into the role the protagonist named Gorion’s Ward and revolves around the encounters with Irenicus. To go into the game world, the player must select his character where he has to atomic number 82 a team over vi characters. The game focuses on character-creation system and lets the player select his appearance, class, abilities, and alignment. He tin play the game from an isometric perspective. It has a variety of challenging quests and side-quests that the player must complete at whatever cost to earn experience points. He can play solo in Single-player campaign or play with over six friends in multiplayer way. Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn offers enhanced mechanics, brilliant gameplay, superb visuals, and heady story. Try information technology out.

#17 Total State of war: Rome two

Total War: Rome 2 is an amazing Existent-Time Strategy and MMO video game by The Creative Assembly, set in an alternative Historical setting of Rome. The game focuses basically on Real-time Combats, Battles and Faction-based acquisition themes. With choices to select your character from a number of races, skill trees and experiences, Total War: Rome 2 allows you lot to be part of an enormously huge kingdom ranging from Castilian coasts to far-situated kingdoms of the east, become into a specific faction, atomic number 82 your people, take part in ballsy wars, and show off your all-time commercial, statistical, military and democratic strategies and skills. Running whole kingdoms, making rules for the living, building cultures, controlling economies and constructing buildings, businesses etc. are the unique aspects of this wonderful game. Try it out and you’ll definitely experience similar being function of the nifty Roman Empire.

#xviii The Kings’ Crusade

The Kings’ Crusade mixes the elements of Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Role-playing by NeocoreGames. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes. It takes place in the medieval world and puts the player into the role of the Leader and tasked him to conquer the Centre East and connect it with his Kingdom. The player has to create his armies and equips them with classic weapons and lead his ground forces in battle, accept the strategic decision and take downwards his enemies to win the battle. It has two different modes such as Campaign and Multiplayer. The Campaign mode revolves around business and the multiplayer mode focuses on the battle confronting other players and NPCs. Earlier getting into the game world, the thespian has to select his ally. In that location are unlike Crusaders such equally France, Papacy, Knight Templar, Holy Roman, and more. Multiplayer mode comprises two different modes such equally Domination and Protection and Attack. The game includes four unlike forces to play and savour such every bit Heavy Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Low-cal Infantry. Hundreds of Soldiers, challenging Missions, Command your Force, and more. Endeavor it out.

#19 Majestic Glory

Purple Glory is a Real-time Strategy, Turn-based Tactics, Single and Multiplayer video game by Pyro Studios. The game takes place in the historical year between 1789 and 1815 in Napoleonic eras and includes different empires such as Great Britain, Prussia, France, Russia, and France. To get into the game world, you take to select your nation and the ultimate task is to conquer the N Africa, Europe, and the Middle Due east. Information technology offers the similar gameplay similar Total War serial. There are different grapheme classes such equally Arms, Infantry, Cavalry, Namely and more than, select one of them and outset your journeying. Create your army and atomic number 82 it during boxing, fight against other nations, destroy their entire armed services and units to win. It offers a series of levels that you lot take to complete past defeating enemies and completing the requirements of levels. Information technology offers exciting features and different modes that yous enjoy. With detailed environment, addictive gameplay, heady story, and the brilliant controls, Imperial Celebrity is the best game to play and savor.

#20 Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Tom Clancy’s EndWar mixes the elements of Existent-fourth dimension Tactics, Turn-based, and War. It supports both Single and Multiplayer modes. Information technology offers an immersive gameplay, in which the massive nuclear terrorist attack happens in Kingdom of saudi arabia, slaughtering nigh six million people and take command the oil resources and puts the world into an free energy crisis. There are iii unlike factions such every bit The United States, The Russian Federation Spetsnaz, and the European Federation. Each faction has its advantages and weakness. Select ane of them to dive into the game world where you have to lead your troops and compete against other factions and defeat them by destroying their units and headquarters. The game includes seven different units for a command such as Tanks, Engineers, Helicopters, Arms, Vehicles and more than. Iii types of missions are included in the game that tin can be used for different purposes such equally Air Strikes, Electronic Warfare, and Forcefulness Recon. Tom Clancy’due south EndWar offers exciting features such as WWII, Waypoint System, and Realistic Battlefield set in Europe, Customization, and more. Attempt it out, and it’ll entertain yous.

#21 Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War combines the elements of Plow-based, Tactics, and Existent-fourth dimension Strategy. It has both Single and Multiplayer modes developed by The Creative Assembly. There are three massive Roman houses such as Brutii, Julii, and Scipii, and the game lets you select i of them to dive into the battle world. Each house represents different attributes, objectives, and a few provinces. The game takes identify before Roman Empire 270 BC and the gameplay comprises tactical battles. The ultimate goal is to create your own Empire, recruit armies and equip them with classic weapons and fight against other empires to boodle their resource. Score feel points and uses them to upgrade your armies, buildings, and resources. Build your units, and protect your Empire using your armies. Manage resources, affairs, armies, developing, and population. Expand your Empire farther and further past conquering fifty provinces. In the kickoff, you lot take an empty land and the job is to convert it into a big Empire. With a detailed surround, addictive gameplay and superb mechanics, Rome: Total State of war is the all-time game to play and enjoy.

#22 Serpent in the Staglands

Serpent in the Staglands is a nifty Activeness Adventure RPG video game by Whalenought Studios. The game is set in an open earth to explore and loot unlike items to use in your quests. You volition detect unlike spells, weapons and abilities to brand use of them at different stages of the game. You volition experience the strategic turn based combat system. You accept to brand your party past finding your companions fill up the slots. Your companions volition be the NPCs and they will aid you to explore the game earth past going through different strategic turn based combats. DLC, patches and updates of the game are totally fee of cost. At that place is a large quantity of enemies and challenges for you including monsters to deal with. You accept unmarked maps of the cities, temples, towers and dungeons to explore them. Serpent in the Staglands is a superb game to play and enjoy.

#23 Total War: Warhammer

Full War: Warhammer combines the elements of Real-fourth dimension Tactics, Turn-based Strategy, and Fantasy created past Artistic Associates and published by Sega. There are four unlike races such equally the Dwarfs, the Empire, the Greenskins, and the Vampire Counts. It takes place in the fantasy-based world and revolves around empire edifice, gather resources and boxing confronting other races. Each race has its unique characters, play style, and battle units. Recruit your ground forces and must atomic number 82 in battleground to fight equally one of the eight lords from the Warhammer fantasy globe. You can use a set of weapons, armor, and magic to conquer another faction or dominate the battlefield. As the game progress, information technology goes tougher and other content in the game volition be unlocked. Update your army, and expand your Empire by acquisition other empires, and gathering lots of resources. Defend your nation at the end and avert enemy attack to further progress. Testify off your strength and learn new abilities, and tricks to fight confronting powerful terrains. Unleash the Monsters, Conquer the Globe, Command Legendary Graphic symbol, Pb Races, etc. are the prominent features of the game. Try information technology out.

#24 Shogun: Total War

Shogun: Total State of war is an Activity, Real-fourth dimension Tactics, Turn-based Strategy, Historical, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Creative Sega and published by Sega. The game takes identify in Japan and the major installment in the series of Total War. It focuses on samurai warfare in the period of Sengoku of Japanese history. The thespian can assume the role of the leader and the ultimate chore is to atomic number 82 his troops and conquer Japan through diplomacy, military might, faith and espionage to reach the position of Shogun. It has two different modes such as Plow-based Campaign and the Real-fourth dimension Tactics. In turn-based mode, the player must motility his armies, create infrastructure of his province, conducts affairs, and complete certain tasks to earn money. While in real-time tactics modes, the thespian has to lead his ground forces and conquer other nations. Shogun: Total State of war is the best game and offers enhanced mechanics, gameplay and controls. Effort information technology out and you’ll enjoy it.

#25 Jade Empire: Special Edition

Jade Empire: Special Edition is a vivid game with Role-playing, Activity and Martial-Arts elements. The game takes place in the fantasy land and supports Unmarried-player fashion only. The plot revolves around an orphan who grew up under the care of tough master named Master Li, who runs a martial art school. A strange event occurs in the school and the Primary Li get disappear. The game cast you lot in the office of the protagonist and assigned you a chore to explore the globe, find complex quests and struggle to salvage your Master. In that location are dissimilar fighting styles such as Magic, Transformation, Weapon and Martial Arts. Play as either male person or female person and customize your character using different abilities. Utilise different items, and combos to accept downwards your foes. Earn experience points by completing tasks and progress through the game to unlock further features in it.Jade Empire: Special Edition offers core features such every bit Engaging Story, NPCs, and Mysterious Lands to Explore, New Foes and Monsters, different Fighting Styles, Customization and more than. Try it out, and you lot’ll enjoy information technology.

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#26 Wurm Unlimited


Wurm Unlimited combines Role-playing, Crafting, Building, Open World, and Medieval elements with Massively Multiplayer Online created past Code Club AB and published past Plugin Digital. The game takes identify in the fantasy-based world and includes different character classes. Explore the game earth, build different structures, gather resources, craft lots of tools and immerse himself in economy gameplay experience. The game doesn’t use a leveling system like other MMORPGs. Wurm Unlimited uses a massive multifariousness of skills organization that goes for 0 to 100, which the actor amend and gain by offering actions. It introduces the full-loot system in PvP mode, in which the player will lose his all progress, items, and resources upon expiry. The world consists of towns, mountains, forests, etc. and the player must dispense and struggle to score the all-time points to enhance his skills. The game has both PvP and PvE modes to play and bask. Wurm Unlimited includes core features such as Crafting, Unique Items, Exploration, First-person Perspective, Interaction, and more. With enhanced mechanics, wonderful gameplay, smooth controls, and exciting story, Wurm Unlimited is the best game to play and relish.

#27 The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-world II

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Eye-earth II is a Real-fourth dimension Strategy, City-Building, Combat, Single and Multiplayer video game adult and EA Games. In this game, the mutilated chore of the player develop his own state with various building and units, collect resource, and create the defence force around the area in guild to relieve his state from the enemy creatures. The game allows the player to make his own military strength and train them that will aid the actor in during the battle. The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II offering a massive game map and allows the player to create unlimited building and units. The player must build walls to defend his land. The units classified into the multiple classes such equally Siege, Ranged, Infantry, and Pike man, and each unit has its own specialty and weakness player tin can cull each 1. The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-world II includes prominent features such as more than than vi unlike Nations, different Modes, Upgrades, create Unlimited Building, powerful Attacks and much more. With stunning gameplay, content rich story plot, brilliant mechanics, and fantastic visual details. It is ane of the best RTS game to play and enjoy.

#28 Shakes and Fidget


Shakes and Fidget is a Massively Multiple Online Office-playing, Strategy, Adventure-based and F2P video game by Playa Games GmbH. The game allows the player to customize his unique character and get into the massive game globe where the goal of the player proves himself a all-time in the globe. The game focuses on Combat chemical element and allows the player to train his troops and get into the battle, defeat all the enemy creatures and expand his castle. The histrion is likewise able to play equally a team with the other online players. It offers various levels, and each level of the game offers different and challenging gameplay. Shakes and Fidget offers key features such every bit fast-paced gainsay, create buildings, Upgrades, replayability gather gilded, Chat, and much more. With superb game setting fantastic game mechanics, quite engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics details. Shakes and Fidget is one of the all-time game for all the ages.

#29 Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword

Mount and Blade: With Burn and Sword takes place in the Medieval era and the story based on the novel known as With Burn down and Sword past Henry Sienkiewicz. It is an Activity Role-playing, Strategy, Unmarried and Multiplayer Simulation released by Paradox Interactive for Windows. The game offers the similar gameplay to its predecessors and introduces five different factions. You can select i of five factions and swoop into the game world where you have to fight against enemies using your mighty sword and conquer the land of the battlefield. Heighten your abilities past completing quests and apply your points to upgrade your weapons. The game focuses on melee and archery elements and lets you take down your enemies using your skills. There are a ready of characters and each character has unique skills and abilities. Mountain and Blade: With Fire and Sword offers core features such as Cult Novel based Story, new Quest Types, Multiple Endings, Historical Component, New Siege Options, new Modes (Multiplayer, Helm Team Deathmatch), etc. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

#30 0 A.D.


0 A.D. adult and published past Wildfire Games is an Action, Real-time Strategy, Single and Multiplayer Cantankerous Platform and Open Source video game. The game takes place in historical years between 500 B.C and 1B.C. in first part while taking place in 1 A.D to 500 A.D in the second role. It combines the elements of RTS and Economics Simulation and revolves around edifice a base, discover new technologies, combat and recruit an ground forces. There are twelve dissimilar territories are available to play and each with its unique set of objectives, environment, and features. Select your civilization and dive into the game world where you have to create your unique Empire, build a base and recruit an regular army to defend your base. Equip your army with modern weapons and fight against other players or NPCs to loot their resources and expand your empire. As yous advanced, the game becomes more challenging. In Single-player mode, your opponent is controlled by the computer while in multiplayer, you have to fight against real player like yous. With superb mechanics, addictive gameplay, and wonderful visuals, 0 A.D. is the best game to play and savour.

#31 The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest developed by Pandemic Studios and published past Electronic Arts is an Activeness, Unmarried, and Multiplayer video game. The game takes place in the stunning world and enables you to play as both the forces of evil and adept, but the ultimate job of the game remain same, in which you take to fend off the One Band from being smashed and using information technology to restore the power of your Kingdom. In the game, you can presume the role of the soldier of Rivendell, Isengard, Gondor, depending on the campaign you selects. It offers objective-based gameplay, requiring you to slaughter a specific corporeality of foes before fourth dimension runs out. The game starts from the right place where your character dies. There are a variety of levels, and each level has a variety of objectives and tasks that y’all take to complete to progress through the game and unlocks other levels. Each character equips with a multifariousness of classic weapons and spells that can be used to have down the enemies. Explore the world from 3rd-person perspective either on foot or by horseback and fulfill your objectives to boss the playfield. With enhanced mechanics, addictive gameplay, and superb visuals, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest is the best game to play and bask.

#32 Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is a Massively Multiplayer Online and Part-playing video game adult past Mythic Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game takes place in the fantasy-based world and center on the continual worldwide conflict. Information technology is the spin-off of the Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes and introduces Realm vs. Realm gainsay system. There are three different pairing such every bit Nighttime Elves vs. High Elves, Chaos vs. Empire, Greenskins vs. Dwarfs. Information technology has four dissimilar types of RvR combat such as Battlefields, Skirmishes, Scenarios, and Campaign. The game lets you lot select your faction and your character to jump into the world where you have to interact with other players and squad upwards to fight against realms and earn experience points subsequently defeating them. As the game progress, it becomes challenging. Each faction in the game consists of three armies, each with its unique set of objectives and career choices. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning offers prominent features such every bit dissimilar Factions, Trophies, different Weapons, Customization, and more. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning offers challenging gameplay, heady graphics, and superb mechanics. Try it out, and information technology’ll entertain yous.

#33 Stronghold iii Gold

Stronghold 3 Gold is a Single, and Multiplayer Real-fourth dimension Strategy video game with Medieval Settings developed and published past FireFly Studios. It is the third entry in the marvelous series of Stronghold video game and takes place 10 years later on the original game. The story centers on the young boy, as he attempts to take revenge from different the murderer of his dearest begetter such equally Due de Puce, Duc de Truffe, Duc Volpe (the wolf), and more than. After the kidnap of the King, the enemies attacked the city, and they pushed the protagonist back to the jungle to survive. In the forest, the protagonist finds pocket-sized troops all the same sincere to the King and with the help of Sir Longarm and Lord Woolsack, the protagonist starts his gamble to take revenge from enemies and rescue his Kingdom and King. Stronghold iii Gold offers cadre features such equally Build your Castle, Realistic Physics, Defend your Village, Recruit Squad and more. Try it out, and you lot’ll enjoy it.

#34 Chiliad Ages: Rome

Grand Ages: Rome combines the elements of Existent-time Strategy and City-building developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media. The game supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and takes identify in the historical settings. It is the sequel to Imperium Romanum released in 2008. In the showtime, the player needs to select a character, give it a name and customize it to get into the globe. It centers on during the terminate of the Roman Republic in the single-player campaign and lets the player assume the office of the leader. The primary objective of the role player is to create his Roman Empire past edifice unlike structures, houses, and more. Recruit his regular army to protect his inhabitants, and defend his Empire. The actor needs to continue his people happy by offer the services and fight against enemies to loot their resources and conquer their lands. The player can create bakeries, grow crops, build sus scrofa farms, and produce useful goods such as bricks, lumber and more than to progress through the game. With prominent gameplay, fantabulous mechanics, and incredible graphics, Grand Ages: Rome is the all-time game as compared to other RTS games.

#35 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an Action Role-playing, and Unmarried-actor video game adult and published by Warhorse Studios. The game takes place in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia in Roman Empire and revolves around realistic content and historical accurate. Information technology will be a Single-player experience with a diverseness of quests and a detailed globe and emergent gameplay. Period armor and habiliment, real world castles, gainsay techniques with the assistance of historian and architects, etc. features in the game. It offers an exciting story, in which the King has died, and his heirs to salve his throne. The brother of the king get an opportunity to kidnap the new rex and conquer the Isle. The game revolves around the blacksmith’s son, whose family has been slaughtered by a brutal regular army. The protagonist attempts to take the revenge from the cruel ground forces and struggle to restore the throne to rescue the country. It offers open world environment and includes unlike character classes. The role player can select ane of them and customize information technology skills to assume the role of the bard, warrior, thief and other. With prominent features, heady gameplay, and brilliant mechanics, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the all-time game to play and enjoy.

#36 Mount and Blade Two: Bannerlord

Mountain and Blade 2: Bannerlord is an Action Role-playing and Single-role player video game produced and published by TaleWorlds Entertainment. The game takes place in the medieval settings and it is a prequel to the Mountain and Blade: Warband released in 2010. Information technology mixes the elements of exploration, crafting, and building. In that location are different factions available and the player needs to select one of them to get into the game world where he has to choose his avatar and customize it using multiple options. Explore the globe from isometric perspective and struggle to defend his nation from enemies and against factions. The player can recruit his army and train them to battle against rival characters. The game rewards the thespian with points every bit he fulfill the tasks. The player tin manipulate the world from third-person perspective either on foot or by horseback. Lead his army through multiple environment and participate in battle to kill enemies using sword and other tools. With enhanced mechanics, addictive gameplay, and polish controls, Mount and Bract II: Bannerlord is the best game to play and enjoy.

#37 Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion

Rome: Total State of war: Barbaric Invasion mixes the Plough-based Strategy and Real-time Tactics elements and supports both Single and Multiplayer Modes. The game is bachelor to play on iOS and Windows by Creative Assembly and Sega. It is the offset downloadable content pack for the original game Total War and set in the flow of the Western Roman Empire. The pack introduces both original game and the Barbarian Invasion downloadable content pack. The game starts in 363 and ends in 476. There are upwards to three major religious bachelor such as Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Paganism are fighting against each other for dominance. All factions are bachelor to play from the beginning point of the game while in the primary title, just 3 factions are present to play and others accept to unlock by either winning the campaign or destroying them. The game features a variety of levels and each level requires a completion of sure objectives. To get into the globe, the player needs to select his faction, and pb his regular army throughout the game to conquer other factions. With prominent gameplay, superb mechanics, and attractive soundtracks, Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion is the best Expansion Pack to play and relish.

#38 Imperium Romanum


Imperium Romanum is the fantabulous game for those players, who honey playing City-building and Real-time Strategy games. The game brings both Single-player and Multiplayer modes for a better experience and offers a thrilling gameplay, in which you assume the role of the protagonist, who is a governor of a province. The ultimate task is to constitute and maintain a variety of prosperous and thriving settlement. Information technology takes place in the Roman Empire-themed world. In the game, y’all must create towers, bridges, and gates and use your money to fund multiple projects. The game features improved graphics and mechanics than its previous titles and includes several massive Roman monuments like the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus. Yous tin apply isometric perspective while exploring the environment to collect resources and complete a variety of objectives. Unleash your inventiveness to build an impressive empire, unlock additional content by earning plenty money and get the master. Imperium Romanum offers prominent features such every bit Open Environment, Metropolis-edifice Gameplay, Maintain Cities, and more. With engaging gameplay, fantastic graphics, and smoothen controls, Imperium Romanum is the incredible game to play.

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#39 Full State of war: Warhammer Two

Total State of war: Warhammer II mixes the Existent-fourth dimension Tactics and Plough-based Strategy elements and supports both Single-player and Multiplayer video game created past Creative Assembly. The game serves as the part of the Total War serial, and information technology takes place in the Warhammer Fantasy fictional Universe. The universe comprises four continents such every bit the Southlands, Naggaroth, Ulthuan, and Lustria. It offers a thrilling story takes place many millennia agone, where the strange infinite fearing faction called the Old Ones came to visit the Warhammer world. To commencement the game, the player must select his faction, and lead his army on the battlefield to fight confronting enemies from an isometric perspective and earn plenty points to unlock additional content. It offers a vast world populated with brutal monsters and enemies. The gameplay becomes tough, equally the thespian advanced through the levels. Become the best warrior, program the strategies and command the strength to have down the opponent entity and win amazing rewards. With detailed environment, smooth controls, and addictive graphics, Total State of war: Warhammer II is the wonderful game to enjoy.

#40 Stronghold Crusader 2

Stronghold Crusader 2 is an immersive Existent-time Strategy, and Historical-themed video game adult and published past Firefly Studios. The game has both Single-thespian and Multiplayer modes, and it serves equally the sequel to Stronghold: Crusader, released in 2002. Information technology takes identify in the 3D environment and lets the player assumes the role of the leader who is responsible for the protection of his kingdom and its inhabitants. The primary objective of the player in the start to establish a Kingdom by placing various buildings, assemble resources, craft items and create an army to defend your empire. He can expand his kingdom past conquering the land from the weakest enemy in the starting time and tin battle against behemothic enemies every bit the player assemble plenty resource and armed services power. In Multiplayer fashion, 2 players can accept command of a single castle and can share units and resources while battling confronting enemies. Stronghold Crusader 2 includes prominent features such as Build Castle, 8-player Multiplayer, Battle AI Lords, Skirmish Mode, and more than. Attempt it out.

#41 Imperium Galactica

Imperium Galactica is a 4X, Real-time Tactics, Strategy and Single-player video game developed by Digital Reality and published past GT Interactive. The game comes with both Gainsay and Resources Direction elements of RTS and offers a huge inquiry tree and edifice aspects of the traditional plow-based game like Master of Orion series. In the game, the player assumes the office of the protagonist named as Dante Johnson, and he starts the game with command of a pocket-sized capital ship known equally the Guardian-class Destroyer. The ultimate task of the actor is to explore the world, control his army, come across enemies and crash them to earn points. Navigate the state to find and gather resources, expand his territory, and conquer the land of enemies to become the master. Information technology revolves effectually detailed colony management and offers seven unique alien races and ii renegade homo empires. According to the story, the humanity has colonized the milky way, created an empire and now information technology is crumbling. Imperium Galactica includes fundamental features such equally 7 Alien Races, Detailed Colony Management, Forge Allies, Real-fourth dimension (Infinite and Ground Warfare), and more. Try information technology out, and you’ll enjoy information technology.

#42 Imperium Galactica II: Alliances

Imperium Galactica 2: Alliances is a mix of 4X, Real-fourth dimension Tactics and Existent-time Strategy elements developed by Digital Reality and published by GT Interactive. The game supports both Single-thespian and Multiplayer modes and offers the vivid gameplay focuses on Empire-building. Information technology serves as the sequel to Imperium Galactica, released by Digital Reality. It is not completely linear, introduces the several scenarios pitting empires against each other in the chief campaign, where the player can select i of 3 factions such as The Shinari Commonwealth, The Kra’hen Empire and the Solarian Federation. In the game, each race has a set of different objectives in his corresponding campaigns, and the player can win the campaign by completing the specific goals. The game deals with managing colonies, dominating enemy planets, researching new technologies, expanding the empire, and more. During the gameplay, the player takes on the role of the leader, who must found his empire by placing buildings, amalgam units, and recruiting armies. Imperium Galactica Two: Alliances is a vivid game compared to other RTS games.

#43 Mob Dominion


Mob Rule (also known as Constructor: Street Wars) is a RTS (Existent-fourth dimension Strategy), Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Studio three and published past Simon and Schuster. The game acts as the successor to the Constructor video game, released in 1997. The ultimate task is to construct diverse buildings, recruit army and battle against enemy teams in a Mafia-themed environment. It offers the similar gameplay to the SimCity but revolves around RTS genre. In the beginning, you play equally the small mobster who must work hard his style and establish an organization after completing several quests and aggrandize his Empire to become the master. You must accept over dissimilar towns and drive the enemies out from the competitions at the same time. During the gameplay, you can purchase lands, various type of buildings such as drinking dens, kitchens, hospitals, and more. In that location are five exciting scenarios available to explore and battle against enemies. Mob Dominion offers cadre feature such every bit City-building Gameplay, Isometric Exploration, Upgrades, and more. Endeavour it out, and information technology’ll entertain you.

#44 Chicago 1930

Chicago 1930 is a Function-playing and Unmarried-player Strategy video game takes place in the city of America Chicago in the 1930s, an event associated with criminal gangs developed past Spellbound Entertainment. At the first of the game, the role player has a choice to select either a mafia, controlled by Don Carmine or a Special Unit of Police force, controlled by Edward Nash to jump into the game. If the actor chooses to play every bit a Mafia, the game puts the role player in the role of the protagonist named equally Jack Beretto, who is a fellow member of Local Mafia and acts equally the right-hand of Don. The ultimate tasks of the player as the Mafia to kill all of his foes and conquer Chicago to become the powerful leader. If the player selects the Police, he must complete the missions receive by the head of FBI, in which he has to take down the criminals and their head to salvage the urban center from devastation. Chicago 1930 includes prominent features such as Select your Side, Five different Areas, Enemies with vary Reactions and more. Attempt information technology out, and it’ll entertain those who want to become the gangster, police officeholder or the henchman.

#45 Mafia City


Mafia City is a Part-playing, Strategy, Unmarried-player and Multiplayer video game adult and published past YottaGames. The game takes identify in the stunning world populated by other players from effectually the world, and it lets you an opportunity to become a criminal, create your gang of criminals, constitute your empire, and fulfil your illegal missions to earn money. The game brings the huge armory of weaponry and lets you equip your troops with powerful weapons and pits confronting another rival criminal who challenges you. During the gameplay, you tin interact with cute girls and can date girls every day. The game rewards y’all with points and money which y’all can utilize to unlock additional stuff and content like weapons, missions, criminals, etc. and tin can utilise these items to expand your criminal family. You lot accept a gamble to feel the life of the mafia in the game, and struggle to fulfil your dreams. Mafia Metropolis includes prominent features such as Live Strategy, 3D Graphics, Multiple Languages, Real Players, Rule the Earth, Modified Vehicles, Deal with Weapons and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

#46 Chariots of War

Chariots of War is a 2D Plough-based Strategy, Isometric, and Real-fourth dimension Tactics video game supports Single-player fashion only, adult by Slitherine Software and published by Strategy First. Unlike Civilization, the game focuses on the turn-based element and comes with real-time tactical gainsay. It offers the similar gameplay to Legion, and employ the same graphics engine. The game features more fifty-viii civilizations, divided into ethnic groups such as Egyptian, Assyrian, Hittites, Mitanni, Bedouin, Syrian, and more. At the outset, the thespian has to select his one of different factions to jump into the game where he volition collect upwardly to 9 different resources including copper, food, woods, incense, building materials, and more, which he can be used to create buildings and units while trading with NPCs. The game comes with both campaign and non-campaign modes. The player plays the game from an isometric perspective and can establish his empire to battle confronting enemies in the turn-based system to aggrandize the urban center. With immersive gameplay, superb mechanics, and brilliant graphics, Chariots of War is the wonderful game to play and savour.

#47 Warhammer: Dark Omen

Warhammer: Dark Omen is a Fantasy-based, Real-time Tactics and Single-role player Wargame developed past Mindscape and published past Electronic Arts. The game has both Unmarried-player and Multiplayer modes and the gameplay based upon the Warhammer Fantasy Battle tabletop and figurines. It serves as the sequel to Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, released in 1996. While the game introduces the similar mechanics to Shadow of the Horned Rat, it comes with a number of enhancements, including the massive 3D Terrains, deep streamlined interface system, and improved management organization, but the game focuses on the linear storyline. The story of the game is set within the Warhammer Fantasy setting and revolves around on the mercenary ground forces effort to battle confronting a threat to the old land by the massive ground forces of undead forces controlled past a barbarous entity. The game offers the perfect combination of fantasy and medieval warfare elements while using the units based on the setting of Warhammer Fantasy, ranging from cavalry, infantry, artillery, and more than. With fantastic features, superb graphics, and smooth controls, Warhammer: Dark Omen is the all-time game to play and bask.

#48 Stronghold three

Stronghold 3 is a Existent-time Strategy (RTS), Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by Firefly Studios and published past 7Sixty for Cross Platforms. It is the 7th marvellous installment in the series of Stronghold subsequently several spin-offs, including Stronghold Kingdoms, Remake, and Stronghold: Crusader Farthermost. Unlike the previous titles, SouthPeak Games has published the game. The storyline revolves around the boy and his challenging quest for revenge against opposing forces such as Duc De Puce, Duc de Truffe, Duc Beauregard, etc. for the ambush and slaughter of his honey father. Afterward the kidnapping of the king, civil war, enemy invasion, and the ambush of his father, the protagonist was pushed back to the deep jungle. In the game, the player acts as the minor boy, and before long he volition discover a small band of troops as the story gain. The game played from an isometric perspective and the histrion needs to command his troops throughout the game to fulfil the requirement of specific quests. In that location are two different campaigns available from which the player chooses his one of them to offset the game. Stronghold 3 is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

#49 Stronghold: Crusader Extreme

Stronghold: Crusader Extreme is a Strategy, Construction, Single-player and Multiplayer Business Simulation takes identify in the Medieval-based world, developed past FireFly Studios Ltd and published by Gamecock Media Group. The game takes place in the historical environment and comes with completely new content. A new mode named equally the Extreme manner is bachelor for skilled players, in which the number of units has been increased to ten,000 besides equally new powers appear to the correct side of the screen. The player takes on the protagonist’s office with an ultimate task to institute his empire, recruit troops and train them to become the main. The thespian uses the indicate-and-click interface to motility across the map and interact with the object and non-player characters. The game rewards the histrion with XP points which can exist used to unlock further content like units, bases, buildings, and more. Information technology has twenty missions, and the new thirty maps are introduced to explore. Equally the game proceeds, it becomes difficult to play. Check information technology out, if you like playing RTS games.

#50 World State of war Rising

World State of war Rising is a Strategy, Unmarried-player and Multiplayer video game created and published past Mobile State of war LLC for Android and iOS. In the game, the histrion assumes the office of the brave builder with an aim to prove his worth to command an epic army of the most strong troops, aircraft, and vehicles from World State of war II to the modern environment. During the gameplay, the histrion can deploy his iconic soldiers against the enemy units to conquer them. The player can bring together and forge alliances to march victoriously around the map or stay to farm resources and create a stronghold. The game offers the superb Massively Multiplayer Online Function-playing elements and provides the stunning globe full of other players. Information technology introduces the authentic weaponry and equipment from both Globe War I and World War 2 through the mod era. To win the player needs to create a base that evolves through the century of war machine engineering. The game is played from an isometric perspective, and the player must defend against enemies. Earth War Rising includes prominent features such equally Create a Base, Deploy Troops confronting Enemies, Global Battlefield, and more.

Is there any strategy MMO with source code available on the Internet, because games such as Lords Mobile, Mafia City, and countless others are entirely identical in mechanisms?