Microsoft to force webcams onto all Windows 11 laptops

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Windows xi’s stellar commencement hasn’t gone unnoticed. In its latest improver, it has been establish that Microsoft will now besides force laptops to have a front-facing webcam nowadays from 2023 and on in order to run Windows 11. Non merely any camera volition suffice though, they likewise list their requirements in the online back up document.



three.1 Camera

  • Forrad facing camera –Optional*
  • Rear facing camera -Optional

*Starting from January 1, 2023, all Device Types except Desktop PC, are required to have Forward-facing photographic camera which meets the following requirements. A rear-facing photographic camera is optional.

3.1.1 Camera specification

The photographic camera must support the following:

  • The camera must:

    • Accept a resolution of High-Definition(Hard disk drive)or amend
    • Car Exposure (AE)
    • Auto White Balance
  • For camera buttonspecifications, encounter section 4.2.2 “Camera button behavior.”


The document links to a downloadable PDF with minimum requirements for Windows eleven. Co-ordinate to the page, these requirements are necessary to practise the following:

  • Boot and run Windows
  • Update and service Windows
  • Provide a baseline user experience that is comparable with similar devices and computers

To analyze,
Microsoft defines a “desktop PC” as a device in a belfry case without whatever brandish outputs. That means that every laptop, as well as convertibles and all-in-one PCs, will need to be packing a user-facing photographic camera.
To be fair, well-nigh laptops already do accept webcams, and, especially today, they really should. In a time where remote meetings are more than prevalent than e’er, it’southward fair to consider a webcam a requirement.

It’s not just any photographic camera that’s required, either. Microsoft will require that the front-facing webcams equipped on Windows 11 laptops back up Hard disk resolution, and they also must back up auto white balance and car exposure. In Windows 10, if cameras were included, they were only required to support VGA resolution. What hasn’t changed is that the cameras accept to back up at least 15FPS capture in lighting weather condition over 200 lux, and 10FPS for low-low-cal scenarios.

My thoughts

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Some of the hardware requirements I tin sympathize with. Requiring TMP 2.0 and 8th gen Intel / 2nd gen Zen or in a higher place alas. It’southward inconvenient, but not the end of the world. You have to draw a line at some point to move forward (and I’ve seen compelling philosophies as to why on this forum). I’ll happily keep running Windows ten for the coming years by which fourth dimension my rig will be due for an upgrade anyway.

A webcam seems similar a strange requirement to me though. I guess they’ll use it for Windows Hello face login or they’re planning to really go all-in on the work from home/meetings everywhere aspect1. Now yes pretty much every carryable device you tin retrieve of has a camera present, but why would an
operating system
of all things need to depend on a camera. There are probably data sensitive jobs that don’t permit cameras to exist present too, and while I could foresee a special business model or license, that would be but a pitiful money grab. I generally like Windows, and probably generally the techy minority cares about this, but man on some aspects Microsoft is really testing how far they can go huh.

I tin’t detect any requirement regarding the IR stuff Windows Hi requires, which makes it the near strange in my stance.

every bit people take been pointing out below, this may but be to ensure a certain standard of webcam quality with Windows xi. I notwithstanding don’t see why you need to forcefulness the webcam itself to be present though. Are they that agape that manufacturers will not include one or not switch to Windows 11 if it’s optional? Or will manufacturers really be that dumb to not include a webcam these days?

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this pertains to manufacturers that want to design products for Windows 11, and then it’s probably just so they can slap a “Windows eleven uniform” sticker on their product. I just wonder how they will handle the separate in devices they’re currently making by doing this from 2023 and on (but I approximate deals for next twelvemonth accept already been made is the reason for that).

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Microsoft to force webcams onto all Windows 11 laptops