Schools preparing to close next term as pupils given laptops to take home for January

SCHOOLS are preparing to shut to next term with pupils given laptops to written report at home in Jan.

Dozens of councils have reportedly moved some classes online already as the Omicron wave hits U.k..


Schools are preparing to return to online classes past giving children laptops
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It comes every bit The Sun revealed schools are already drawing up plans to stay shut in January equally fears over the new variant grow.

The nearly recent regime data shows 236,000 pupils were absent from school due to Covid last week – the 2nd highest number on record.

Parent now confront the nightmare of having to home school their children once more despite previous authorities insistence that classrooms will stay open in January.

Mums and dads were forced to take time off work to teach their kids during previous lockdowns.

Bosses were striking past a wave of absent staff every bit parents switched to home schooling.

Merely on Mon, Health Secretary Sajid Javid admitted there were “no guarantees” schools would reopen next month if Omicron cases continue to skyrocket.

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Several schools have already shut early on due to staff shortages or Omicron concerns.

Others are preparing for abode schooling and bringing in new restrictions.

Steve Chalke, caput of the Haven Academy concatenation, said his schools are preparing to bring back bubbles, rota lessons, staggered starts and an extension of mask wearing.

He said: “We are quite prepared for online learning. If nosotros go to Jan 2 and the Prime number Minister says all schools need to be shut, we are prepared.

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“January is the slap-up unknown. But Omicron is sweeping London now and it is going to sweep the country.”

He said around 400 of his 4,000 teachers are off ill — and warned this number could “treble or quadruple”.

More than than 30 local government told the BBC that some classes had moved online at schools.

Children at two East London main schools will exist sent dwelling with laptops when they break up for Christmas.

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Jo Franklin, caput of the Letta Trust, which manages the schools, said: “This picture is changing on a daily ground. We’ve had seven new staff cases so far this week.

“Teachers are making sure that everything they plan to teach in the showtime week of the new term can exist taught remotely if it needs to be,.

Ms Franklin said she was worried about staff being off sick in the new year.

She said: “Some people are telling us that they are having problems booking a booster, with no appointments available until mid-Jan.”

There will come a betoken when we cannot safely keep classes open up

Jo Franklin, head of the Letta Trust

“There will come a point when we cannot safely continue classes open.”

Geoff Barton, of the Association of Schoolhouse and Higher Leaders, said schools were already seeing “severe low attendance” due to and then many pupils being ill with Covid.

Concluding night, Boris Johnson urged parents to become their kids jabbed before they return to the classroom in Jan to keep schools open up.

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His call to activeness came afterwards Britain recorded the highest ever number of Covid cases since the first of the pandemic, with 78,610 new infections.

Total Omicron cases in the Great britain are now 10,017, just the United kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) estimates daily infections were around 200,000 on December xiii.

The PM said 12 to 15-year-olds will be able to get their 2d dose of the life-saving Covid jab from Monday.

“We know how crucial it is to go on children in schools and then let’s all make sure our children and young people are vaccinated before they go back next term,” he said.

The PM issued a rallying cry today for people to curlicue up their sleeves and help the national boxing confronting the super-strain as he ramped upward his plea for Brits to go boosters.

Data shows boosters offer up to 75 per cent protection from balmy infection from Omicron, with The Sun relaunching our hugely successful Jabs Army entrada.

The Prime Minister’due south official spokesman said: “The best identify for children – who have in many respects suffered the most through this pandemic – is in school, receiving vital face-to-face education.”

Sajid Javid refuses to say if they will shut schools in fight against Omicron variant


VOLUNTEERS can register online at or past scanning the QR lawmaking above with your smartphone.

You lot volition be asked to download the GoodSAM Responder app, which will match you to a role.

You lot demand commit to merely two half dozen-hour shifts a month at a jabs centre. Your expenses will be covered and no ex­perience or qualifications are needed.

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You will exist in a team  with  NHS   staff and volunteers. The Majestic Voluntary Service volition make appropriate background checks.


Schools preparing to close next term as pupils given laptops to take home for January