Custom server setup tutorial – OpenArena OmegA mod for Quake III Arena

The Q3A Guide – Setting Up a Server

 — past Dekard

So, you lot have your Quake III Loonshit CD and you’re itching to become started by running a server on your “l33t” cablevision modem or Internet connectedness. Well, it’southward pretty unproblematic out of the box to set up; if y’all want to customize, it’s a little more piece of work, but more than or less it’s a piece of cake.

There are two types of servers:
Defended. Mind is in-game and is the easiest to gear up. Dedicated is strictly console manner, where you have access via the scrolling text and to join you have to run some other case of the game (which isn’t advised as it adds to server lag that your clients will feel on your server). I would advise only dedicated mode if y’all have an extra box that you won’t be playing on or don’t plan on using for other than gaming.

The Mind Server

Showtime off, lets start with a Listen Server. Your friends volition need your IP address to connect to you lot. You can wait for the in-game browser update from id, but it could take up to an hour for your server to show upwardly in the in-game browser. Then, lets find that IP — go to First->Run and type in winipcfg (for win9X) and you’ll see your IP address. Tell your friends what your IP will be and tell them to endeavour and connect in a few minutes. For about users, 56k or less and cable modemers, this will piece of work for you. If you are using DSL or ADSL, you lot may see your proxy port there, and you can find out your actual IP by striking a network ip site that reports your IP to you. Network Tools will exercise that.

If you and your friends also want to add some bots y’all can practise that as well by adding them at this betoken. You can likewise add them in game by typing this in the console:

/addbot [botname] [skill 1-iv] [squad] [msec delay] [altname]

If I typed
/addbot ranger 4 100 weiner
in the panel, it would spawn a bot named weiner with a skill 4 with a 100 ping (like movements). If I was playing team DM or CTF I would also add which team I wanted him or her on. If at anytime you’d like to add bots to your game make certain the CD is in the drive!! To disable bot’s and the CD requirement you tin type this in the console or add it to your config “set sv_botenable 0”. You can also modify maps past simply typing /map mapname in the console.

Later on this is set, click on “Fight”. You’re now in the game and playing. If you’d similar to acquire some more than, read on; if not, enjoy the game!

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The Server Config

If you accept a certain config with map configuration and special settings, with the setup you can also bring down the console and run information technology now but by typing in
/exec myconfig.cfg. What follows is an like shooting fish in a barrel config made from the existing config’s located in your Quake III Arena\BaseQ3\pak0.pk3 file, which you can open upwards with your favorite nada file application. Take a await at the ffa.config. Every bit y’all can run into, the included config’s are pretty cocky-explanatory. You can besides download any of the existing applications that make this easy for you, I have tried many of them, and they all piece of work really well.

// Default Free For All Server Configuration File // Double slashes are used for comments and to keep commands from running. // Remove the slashes before a specific to run that command. // set Gametype to 0 for Costless for All Way  g_gametype 0 // Free For All Settings Below // set ffa fraglimit. Set up to 0 for no limit. fraglimit 30 // set ffa timelimit. Set to 0 for no limit. timelimit 25 // set Maximum number of clients sv_maxclients viii // set host name that shows upwardly in server list. Change below to your server // name preference and remove the // //sv_hostname "Q3A FFA Server" // set message of the day that players come across while connecting to the server. // Must exist set before level loads. Change below to your message of the twenty-four hour period // preference and remove the // //g_motd "Happy Fragging!" // set requirement for client password. ane=require password, 0=no password // required (Default: 0) sv_privateClients 0 // set countersign for individual server "" for no password sv_privatePassword "" // prepare remote console password rconpassword "" // plough on/off pak crook cheque. 1=on, 0=off (Default: 1) sv_pure 1 // set max allowable rate for a client. 8000 to 10000 recommended. // Max: 25000 (Default: 0) sv_maxRate 10000 // add together upwards to 4 additional master servers to report to (As you tin // see the ingame configs don't report to id automatically) sv_master2 "" sv_master3 "" sv_master4 "" sv_master5 "" // Set map selection, cycle order, and load showtime map for free for all set d1 "map q3dm2 ; fix nextmap vstr d2" prepare d2 "map q3dm3 ; fix nextmap vstr d3" fix d3 "map q3dm4 ; set nextmap vstr d4" ready d4 "map q3dm5 ; fix nextmap vstr d5" set d5 "map q3dm6 ; set nextmap vstr d6" set d6 "map q3dm7 ; set nextmap vstr d7" set d7 "map q3dm8 ; gear up nextmap vstr d8" prepare d8 "map q3dm9 ; prepare nextmap vstr d9" set d9 "map q3dm10 ; set nextmap vstr d10" set d10 "map q3dm11 ; set nextmap vstr d1" vstr d1 // ready weapon respawn times for free for all in seconds. May need to // decrease for big number of clients. (Default: five) g_weaponrespawn v // prepare voting. one=on, 0=off (Default: one) g_allowvote 1 // set ability multiples for quad damage (Default: 3) g_quadfactor iii // syncronous clients is necessary to allow customer demo recording. // Setting to 1 allows recording but play is not smooth and is not // recommended for normal use. (Default: 0) g_syncronousClients 0 // additions past Dekard- Annihilation with sets will exist seen in the server // settings in gamespy and in game for server settings. // If you lot are using special maps hither would be a good place to add // where to download them!! sets "Administrator" "Dekard" sets "Email" "" sets "URL" "" sets "Location" "Stroggos" sets "CPU" "Dual P3 Xeon I wish" sets "mappack" ""

That’southward pretty much it to get your “listen mode” server up and running and start fraggin’ as chop-chop as possible.

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The Dedicated Server

If y’all’d like to run a dedicated server you can just create the same type of config and make a shortcut on your desktop to start the server.

Correct-click on your desktop, and then click New->Shortcut, and map to your quake3.exe file. At present that you have your new Quake3.exe shortcut on your desktop, we tin now add our options. Right click your new shortcut and click on “Properties”. On the Shortcut tab yous should have something like this:

“C:\Quake III Arena\Quake3.exe”

Now what we need to practise for a dedicated server is add some command line parameters. Hither are the ones I am using on my server:

“C:\Quake III Arena\Quake3.exe” +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 27970 +com_hunkMegs 50 +exec ffa.cfg

What this is doing is setting it to defended 2, where information technology’s reporting to id master, setting my port manually to a port and not the default, setting my memory dedicated to Q3 to l, and so finally executing my ffa.cfg file.

You’ll notice the quotes around the shortcut expanse, this is one of Windows’ many quirks; for Windows to empathize long file names with spaces and such, y’all need to go out them in. If you effort and put the commands in in that location it will think that it’south a Windows executable and say the path is invalid, so yous need to put the commands subsequently the quotes.

Yous should now exist up and running with more or less a basic agreement of how to prepare a heed server or a basic dedicated server for you and a few friends.

Some common admin commands

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If connecting remotely, you’d be using /rcon (or “remote panel”).


gives players condition, id fields, ping, score, and port.

/kick [playername or id field]

will kicking player from server.

/map mapname

volition change map to map specified.

Some mutual server related misconceptions

If the server is running sv_pure 1, I will exist kicked out, and sv_pure but allows “id” approved pak files.

This is not true. Running sv_pure 1 protects you, the gamers, from hacked pack files and cheats that are capable via pack files. The sv_pure choice works like this: if it’southward turned off, any pak file is visible that the client has; with sv_pure ane, notwithstanding, but the pak files located on the game server are immune on that particular server, and then if you desire your favorite hud replacement available to y’all in game run into if the admin will load it to his baseq3 directory! Also, since the signal release yous no longer volition get kicked back to the chief carte if yous have other pak files; that was a issues in the code that id fixed. (side annotation: Please exist aware, if you’re an admin, that you demand to verify that the pack file is legit, and not a pak file that may have a cheat in it.)

All servers must run cg_syncrounousclients i so I can tape a demo!

This is untrue as well. Actually if the server is running cg_syncronousclients 1, it may actually hamper clients’ playability — they may feel package loss, lag or even connectivity bug. Recording a demo is all controlled client side, not server side equally once thought. To record client side, the clients only type
/g_syncronousclients 1, /record demoname, /Recordstop
all inside the panel.

If you have any questions yous can finish past my site, Admin KeyThis site seem’s to accept disappeared and is no longer accessible ~
, for more data on basic server configuration, avant-garde server configuration, commands, variables, or annihilation y’all may have on your mind. Antibotics is dedicated to non only to preventing auto-aim bots & cheats from ruining the game; we are besides trying to aid admins with whatever questions they may take. We have been giving a lot of content by many gamers over the concluding few months, and if you have something to contribute, let me know. We’d love to add your content too; after all, if nosotros all don’t share our knowledge together and push button each other to be the best nosotros can be, how can we push the limits of the games nosotros beloved to play? Happy fraggin’ and gib one for me!

Custom server setup tutorial – OpenArena OmegA mod for Quake III Arena