Live Coding at Work (Vanilla DevOps) #38: Server Setup w/ Caddy, Node.js, MySQL, etc

Vaibhav Namburi

Never work as a software engineer in a Startup!

I’chiliad speaking in front of 200 people tomorrow on the topic around software evolution for startups. There are hundreds of books written on this so I’ll try to condense my learnings from well-nigh.

Fifty-fifty though nosotros’re a startup company at cenario, I stopped hiring software engineers, hell I tried to unlearn and relearn a few things in the journey too.

Confusing I know – I still take to grapple around the entirety of it all merely the honest truth is existence a software engineer alone volition get you hands fired or unvalued in a startup.

Yous demand to fire yourself from that part and re-hire yourself as a product engineer. I’ve referenced this indicate multiple times in my previous articles and I really stand up by this.

I don’t recall this necessarily applies for larger companies when they’re hiring specialists and algo heavy engineers, however in a startup you demand to recall about the product, the marketing and virtually important the customer.

There is a significant disconnect in larger firms from the creator (developer) to the stop user, all the manner from hierarchy, to Projection Managers, to Production Managers, to Marketers, to Execs etc – but in a startup, if you button code up… it’southward upwardly.

So whats and so special about being a production engineer that a software engineer can’t do? A few things:

one. They bear a get shit done attitude

Sure some engineers behave that likewise, these statements aren’t binary or exclusive merely address the vast majority. When y’all look at github discussions or you await at conference events where people share their discoveries, it’southward all based effectually the engineer – not as much around the customer.

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And then yes, production engineers have a get shit done attitude, keeping in heed that they need to push button good work out, but are quick on their anxiety to sympathise how much of debt some technical decisions will be vs others. This will be understood better over time, and even after a decade of programming, I tin can confirm that in that location is no right or wrong answer, its extremely situational based.

two. Business first, software second

You should toughen up and realise that building on the latest and greatest tech will not make you a better engineer. You virtually NEVER take as much a expert reputation for being the engineer for a bad startup as you lot may of a good startup, fifty-fifty though your code in the bad startup might exist worthy of awards and your lawmaking in the good startup might be worthy of firing. Information technology’s inherent you lot run across – good code isn’t coincidentally in good companies, its considering the companies made the smart decision of hiring mini-CTOs, people who understood that their client mattered as much as their code.

This doesn’t mean you give up all morals and build on PHP(I’M JOKING :p), but information technology kinda does. Non PHP but whatsoever language that is deemed unfit just because it’due south popular or not. You do a directly take a chance analysis on what will go me to my adjacent goal ASAP. Whether that’s faster iteration, more features or modularised code bases.

iii. Client first, business second

It should all come downward to how you tin can make the life of the customer as easy equally possible when you’re solving the problem for them. Sometimes business requirements go business organisation requirements and not customer requirements, and if you’re merely a software engineer by title, you will exist doing what you lot’re told to do because thats the limitation you have, at least the limitation I had a couple of years ago.

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By stepping out of that box and understanding that if the business requirements step outside of the client requirements, you go to phonation your stance and more than importantly add the kicker to your “stance” past justifying it with your technical abilities, techies are badass, we’re the makers, and then in the end if nosotros have the knowledge around consumerism Also equally execution, it’ll brand us bulletproof.

So yes, if you’re in a startup – don’t work as a software engineer, work as a production engineer. Your touch on will be 10X I kid you not.

People volition take y’all ALOT more seriously, y’all’ll climb the ranks faster, your lawmaking will matter a lot more than, and the touch on will be at scale. Your work matters and there should be no reason why more people shouldn’t experience your genius code, the mode you can make that happen is past being production focused and ensuring your customers are having the best time of their life.

As with any mail, I’thou ever always looking to learn and become better at what I do, and so I’d love to hear what yous take to say, good or bad 🙌

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Live Coding at Work (Vanilla DevOps) #38: Server Setup w/ Caddy, Node.js, MySQL, etc