Connecticut teen hacks into high school computer system & inserts George Floyd-attributed Hitler quote into student yearbook

– An 18-year-sometime high school student in Connecticut has been charged with computer crimes subsequently authorities say he hacked into a schoolhouse database and placed in a quote from Adolf Hitler that was attributed to George Floyd in the yearbook

On July ninth, 18-year-onetime Hollister Tryon was arrested and charged with two counts of tertiary-degree estimator law-breaking for allegedly calculation various quotes from the likes of Adolf Hitler and Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev into Glastonbury Loftier Schoolhouse’s yearbook.

Co-ordinate to authorities, Tryon had received an email back in the fall of 2020 alerting him that it was the terminal day for Glastonbury High School senior to submit their senior quotes that would be printed in the schoolhouse yearbook.

At the fourth dimension of receiving that email warning, Tryon was on a chat site and said he shared his screen with people he was chatting with, and they dropped the idea of submitting senior quotes using other people’southward names.

Tryon reportedly told police that he picked ii students at random, which the quotes were able to exist submitted via a Google certificate that he was able to access.

While reports didn’t go into detail on what the specific reference was to Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that fabricated information technology into the yearbook, one unnamed student’southward senior quote claimed to be quoting George Floyd – but instead shared the following quote fabricated by Adolf Hitler:

“It is a quite special surreptitious pleasure how the people effectually us fail to realize what is really happening to them.”

Tryon, nether the guidance of counsel, did not tell authorities what led him to cull the quotes and references he allegedly inserted into the yearbook.

Even though the quotes were submitted terminal autumn, no ane noticed the yearbook trickery until May of 2021 when the books were printed and distributed. When the books were recalled, school officials say information technology cost $2,137.10 to correct the error.

In a statement from schoolhouse administrators, the post-obit amends was issued over non having caught the upshot earlier:

“We deeply regret non having caught the deed of bigotry and vandalism before the yearbook was printed. Nosotros are examining and volition revise our yearbook procedures for collecting and reviewing future pupil submissions.”

Tryon is due for his adjacent court appearance on Baronial sixth. A confidence of 3rd-degree computer crime in Connecticut can effect in up to five years in prison.

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This isn’t the first time nosotros at Police force Enforcement Today shared a report regarding students being arrested for allegedly hacking into school databases.

In Florida, a teen and her mother were arrested for allegedly manipulating votes so the teen could get the homecoming queen at her schoolhouse past unlawfully accessing school databases.

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Here’s that previous report from May.


ESCAMBIA Canton, FL – A now-18-year-old woman that was arrested when she was 17, along with her mother, for allegedly hacking into school databases to rig a homecoming election at her loftier school is reportedly being charged equally an developed for the alleged imitation ballot fiasco to attain her high school tiara.

This is something that could only happen in Florida.

Authorities proclaim that a former high schoolhouse student, Emily Rose Grover, in concert with her female parent, Laura Rose Carroll, went so far every bit to hacking into various school files and databases to rig a homecoming ballot to see Grover crowned homecoming queen.

Back in March of 2021, Grover was 17-years-former when she was arrested, along with her mother, nether numerous charges which included unauthorized utilize of computers, unlawful use of a two-fashion communication device and criminal use of personally identifiable information.

Grover reportedly turned 18 in April of 2021, which Banana State Attorney John Molchan confirmed that Grover is going to be charged as an adult for her alleged role in this fake ballot casting scheme.

Once over again, the impetus of this alleged criminal deport is past far the about ridiculous thing one could imagine.

The Florida Section of Police force Enforcement started an investigation dorsum in Nov of 2020 after the Escambia County School District had reached out to the FDLE to report unauthorized access into hundreds of student accounts.

Through the course of the investigation, the FDLE constitute that Caroll and Grover had somehow been able to gain admission to what’s known as student FOCUS accounts.

Which this admission, co-ordinate to police force enforcement officials, was enabled due to the fact that Caroll was an assistant principal at Bellview Elementary Schoolhouse.

According to the FDLE, Caroll and her daughter Grover used this access to rig the 2020 homecoming consequence at Grover’s high schoolhouse:

“In Oct 2020, hundreds of votes for Tate High School’s Homecoming Court voting were flagged as fraudulent, with 117 votes originating from the same IP address within a short period of fourth dimension.

Agents uncovered evidence of unauthorized access to FOCUS linked to Carroll’s cell telephone likewise as computers associated with their residence, with a full of 246 votes cast for the Homecoming Court. Multiple students reported that the girl described using her female parent’southward FOCUS account to cast votes.

The investigation also found that outset August 2019, Carroll’due south FOCUS account accessed 372 high schoolhouse records and 339 of those were of Tate High School students.”

Co-ordinate to local reports, Grover had reportedly bragged to her peers about how easily her mother could access educatee records. One student reportedly told investigators:

“She looks up all of our group of friends grades and makes comments about how she tin find out our test scores all the time.”

Some other student that investigators spoke with reportedly stated that Grover seemed rather nonchalant about her female parent abusing her access to the FOCUS database:

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“She did not brand information technology seem like logging in was a big deal and was very comfortable with doing and then.”

To become an understanding of how sensitive some of these records are, local reports related to the incident show that FOCUS records contain everything from grades, medical history, disciplinary action, personnel information, emergency contacts – the gamut of highly personal information.

Obviously, Grover wound upward getting expelled from Tate High School for allegedly rigging the homecoming ballot.

But at present based upon this alleged homecoming scheme, both Grover and her mother are facing serious felonies in the realm of cybercrimes that could country them in prison foryears – non to mention the copious amount of fines associated with some of these offences.

But at least Grover was able to be homecoming queen.

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Also in May, nosotros at Law Enforcement Today shared a report on a ransomware group that wound up releasing personnel files on several police officers from the MPD in Washington, DC after trying to extort the section for $4 one thousand thousand.

Hither’s that previous written report.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Co-ordinate to reports, a ransomware gang that stole data from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and attempted to extort $4 million from MPD, has doxed nearly 200 officers and civilians subsequently negotiations between the department and the hackers “reached a expressionless stop.”

The Babuk group, a Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate, said that information technology leaked the information afterwards MPD allegedly refused to see its $four million demand, offering $100,000 instead, which the group rejected.

The DCist reported that on their dark website, the Russian hacker group claimed responsibility for stealing the files by writing:

“We publish the full data of the police department, including HR, Gang Database, you will find a full range of all data in the amount of 250GB in all parts, this is an indicator of why nosotros should pay, the police always wanted to pay us, but the amount turned out to be too small-scale.

“Wait at this wall of shame, you take every change of non getting in that location, just pay u.s.!”

The hackers also said that they would continue the information and files public for 8 months, fifty-fifty if D.C. offered a larger bribe payment that the hackers were initially enervating.

They wrote:

“In that location is no style back you had very many chances.”

The posted police files reportedly include documents on crimes, suspects, investigations, and copies of 3 months’ worth of the daily intelligence briefings given to police chief Robert Contee Three.

There are besides extensive documents from the department’s human being resources branch, including hiring initiatives, leave requests, and letters of reinstatement for officers returning to the department.

According to FOX news, personal information pertaining to at least 200 constabulary enforcement officers and citizens has been published.

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MPD did non disclose what personal data has been leaked, but had confirmed on Wed, May 12th, that data belonging to 20 officers was “released through the access obtained from MPD’s network by unauthorized parties.”

In Apr, the group said it had hacked into the network of the city’s police department and threatened to leak the identifies of confidential informants unless an unspecified ransom was paid. Experts told the Associated Press (AP) that such a release could endanger the lives of the informants.

A day afterwards the initial threat was posted, the gang tried to spur payment by leaking personal information of some police force officers taken from background checks, including details of officer’due south past drug use and finances, among other things.

Late Monday, May 10th, the group wrote on its website that it would release “all the data” it stole from the police section if information technology did non “raise the toll.”

The group wrote:

“The negotiations reached a dead end, the corporeality we were offered does not suit u.s..”

Brett Callow, a threat analyst and ransomware good at the security house Emsisoft, said that Babuk leaked boosted background files with its threat to release more. Callow said that he’south never seen a law enforcement bureau pay a bribe before.

He added:

“This is far worse than any hack of other police departments previously.”

Co-ordinate to NBC News, MPD personnel files on erstwhile and current police enforcement officers include information such as psychological assessment reports, Social Security numbers, matrimony histories, financial histories, residential information, prior drug use, fingerprints, polygraph examination results, driver’s licenses, phone numbers, and dates of nascence.

Nearly every office profile with MPD is over 100 pages long. Principal Contree sent out an email to department employees providing them with instructions on how to set upwards credit monitoring services for themselves.

Shortly afterwards the MPD was first hacked in April, Babuk claimed responsibility and published 5 officers’ profiles to validate their claims. The leak included approximately 500 pages of private information.

On Thursday, May 13th, the hackers said that the have released “the full information of the police department.”  The group posted links to 2 batches of data: 1 marked “60 minutes” for homo resource and the other only labeled “all.”

MPD has declined to annotate, withal, information technology has previously acknowledged an attack on its Information technology systems and has brought in the FBI to assist with the investigation.

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Connecticut teen hacks into high school computer system & inserts George Floyd-attributed Hitler quote into student yearbook