Gran Turismo 7 review: Racing magnificence

Our Verdict

Gran Turismo vii is fine-tuned racing magnificence: one of the best sims and easily the best entry into the series. From the grounded physics and AI improvements to the wealth of content, incredible sound and gorgeous visuals, this is a game that all petrolheads need in their lives.


  • Incredibly realistic racing simulation
  • A feast for the eyes, ears and easily
  • Far more human AI than past games
  • Huge, well-paced unmarried-player campaign
  • Securely addictive multiplayer


  • Not for casual racers
  • Impairment is still but cosmetic
  • Internet connection required for unmarried player

Laptop Mag Verdict

Gran Turismo 7 is fine-tuned racing magnificence: one of the all-time sims and hands the best entry into the series. From the grounded physics and AI improvements to the wealth of content, incredible sound and gorgeous visuals, this is a game that all petrolheads need in their lives.


  • +

    Incredibly realistic racing simulation

  • +

    A banquet for the optics, ears and easily

  • +

    Far more than human AI than past games

  • +

    Huge, well-paced single-actor campaign

  • +

    Deeply addictive multiplayer


  • Non for coincidental racers

  • Damage is still just cosmetic

  • Internet connection required for unmarried player

Gran Turismo 7 marks the 25th Anniversary of the franchise, but the menstruum of time that’southward more of import to me is 8 years and ii months.

That’southward the corporeality of time since we had a proper Gran Turismo game. GT Sport was good and all, merely it wasn’t a fully-fledged series entry — just a actually good multiplayer racer with an esports focus.

With GT7, Polyphony is making up for lost fourth dimension with a massive single player campaign, combined with one of the most thoroughly researched and realistic racing simulators, and with the online modes of GT Sport, to brand i of the virtually complete motorsport packages of the terminal decade.

Merely accept the nagging issues that hang over from GT6 been resolved? Does the unmarried actor grind of the classic Gran Turismo game keep to be good in 2022? As you’ve probably guessed from the score, the respond is a resounding “yep,” only permit me explain.

A word about reviewing Gran Turismo 7

(Prototype credit: Future)

Here I am, playing on my first PlayStation at my eighth birthday political party, and by “birthday political party,” I mean “play games past myself all day long.” Simply at that place’s one game and one important fact about me that isn’t in this photograph — I come up from a family of car and racing fans, and my Dad bought me the original Gran Turismo that same day.

Racing sims take been a big part of my life beyond many consoles for well over 20 years, so I know my way around one and can review it for what it is: a motor sporting mecca that celebrates everything almost cars down to every painstakingly infinitesimal detail.

At present, if I was to factor in how accessible this racing simulator is, the score would probably become down. To anyone who is more than of a rookie racer or a first timer, this is more than of a iv-star game. In that location is an easy difficulty and a wealth of driving assists to help you through the single-role player entrada and the music rally is a really engaging mode to grasp GT’s sim physics with countdown mechanics that transport my mind back to the likes of Sega Rally and Daytona. Seriously, play it. It’s a lot of fun!

However, at its heart, this is nevertheless a game for the hardcore racing sim fans. Just because I’ve given information technology v stars does not mean it’due south a perfect game for everyone. That’south setting your standards also high.

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Actually really really ridiculously good looking (and sounding and feeling)

Gran Turismo 7

(Epitome credit: Sony)

Let’s get-go past getting the technical details out of the way: all your classic Twitter troll bait for Xbots to beat Ponies over the head with and vice versa.

GT7 gives you the choice between prioritizing frame rate or ray tracing. Turning on the latter activates ray tracing in certain sections like the garage, replays, photo mode and certain scenes in GT Café. Gameplay in both graphics modes is identical: a rock solid 60 fps without ray tracing. The cease result, as you’ve probably expected from Polyphony Digital, is a visual care for.

Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

Of form, yous notice the difference when ray tracing is turned on, in shimmering reflections, accurate lighting and the shiny refractions off car bodies. I promise that the devs observe a way to make this work when racing and update the game with a threescore fps ray tracing mode, similar what Insomniac managed to do in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, just it looks stunning in this current build.

But fifty-fifty when racing without ray tracing, each track explodes with vibrancy and detail downward to the grain of the concrete, tire scuffs on the curbs, and lights shimmering on your machine’s accurately-modeled interior every bit they pass past. Starry skies at night are distractingly cute and the lighting furnishings are fantastic.

Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

That loving attention to item comes with an incredible soundtrack. The Tempest 3D sound gets a workout here with the sheer ferocity of your engine igniting all around you and the ability to tell where your competitors are based solely on sound.

And musically, all of the classics are hither aslope some new additions and reinvigorated covers of previous hits. I’k heartbroken at the lack of Buck Rogers past Feeder, but y’all can’t win them all, I guess.

Simply this banquet doesn’t terminate at the sights and the sounds. Put simply, Gran Turismo 7 stands head and shoulders above the rest of the PS5 lineup in making the best use of the DualSense controller. No longer are the vibrations just an indiscriminate rumble as you go round a corner, they can combine with adaptive triggers to tell you a lot nigh how your car is doing.

Gran Turismo 7

(Epitome credit: Sony)

The triggers lock up to mirror your brakes locking upwards and you can feel the front wheels start to lose grip if you lose control coming into a corner also fast. Make no mistake, this is a game-changer that gives yous a greater understanding of your driving, and when the car eventually does feel smoothen going around a corner and y’all hit that sweet spot, it feels great.

This is a presentational tour de force across the board. And now, permit’s talk about struggling to go up hills in a 1965 Fiat 500.

Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

Lights out and away we get!

You come across, strapping yourself into some souped-up monster and heading effectually high speed corners in backlog of 200 mph is a helluva rush, only out of all the challenges I did, none quite nail the unique attraction of Gran Turismo quite like racing amongst 12 Fiat 500s.

On the surface, it’due south hilariously bonkers watching you and your competitors reduced to a gentle jogging speed on a loma, just then you realize there’south tactics to staying in the slipstream, perfectly hit the apex and existence incredibly gentle with your steering, to be just slightly faster and starting time to overtake on this hill. Once you work it out, you’ll get an insanely strong feeling of satisfaction from managing to pass several cars by traveling 2 mph faster than them.

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Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

This is all part of the automotive physics simulator that has been intensely researched and tested to be as close equally possible to the existent thing — gathering feedback from the FIA Gran Turismo Championships, Michelin tires and even Lewis Hamilton, to ensure that even the smallest driving characteristics are taken into account.

Damage is yet cosmetic-only, though, which does remove an element of the risk of driving poorly and means you can go away with some wall riding in single thespian. There are robust punishments for people who abuse this in multiplayer though, and none of this takes away from the internal need to take each corner perfectly.

Gran Turismo 7

(Epitome credit: Time to come)

Not only are the cars modeled to drive as realistically every bit possible, the changing earth around them has been given the same amount of attention. The time of day or nighttime, the wind direction and weather weather condition brand a significant impact on the basis you bulldoze upon.

In more detail, region-specific meteorological data, temperatures, humidity and air pressures are implemented to provide an unmatched simulation that pairs with realistic physics to brand small merely impactful effects like affecting track temperature, tire grip and pelting puddles forming on parts of tracks that are prone to them.

Gran Turismo 7

(Epitome credit: Sony)

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is competitor AI. Previously, unmarried-role player races became a futile competition of overtaking a column of cars that all followed exactly the same line. The Sophy AI is not part of GT7 yet, but in its electric current state, Polyphony made some huge improvements in this area. Each competitor reacts to each other and you, to make races feel a lot more human than before.

The terminate result of all this hard piece of work is an always-irresolute tapestry of racing challenges that will test you, but not to the point of feeling unfair. Any loss is non an practice in futility. Information technology is a lesson you learn and a growing experience to assistance you develop into a better driver. That is quite the achievement given the fact that many racers have become used to the safety cyberspace of a race rewind feature.

But if a claiming does experience too hard, fear not! There is the aforementioned like shooting fish in a barrel difficulty and plenty of auto-drive aids that volition be a massive assistance for newcomers.

Bursting at the seams

Gran Turismo 7

(Paradigm credit: Sony)

So, it should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who watched the final State of Play that Gran Turismo 7 is packed to the gills with stuff to do: over 400 cars, over xc runway variations, license tests, tons of challenges, an in-depth livery maker, photograph mode and then much more. In other words, GT Mode is back and this quest-based way has never been improve.

One of the key issues in by versions was that it was easy to go lost in the wealth of content and figure out a articulate task list of what yous need to practice across the licenses. That’s where the GT Café comes in handy — splitting things out nicely into a fix of carte du jour books with challenges to complete and cars to collect.

Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

This highlights the chief path through the campaign, which makes the whole Gran Turismo feel a lot more palatable for newcomers to relish. If you only accept a little bit of time to play, it makes things articulate about what yous tin can practice that’southward nigh disquisitional to your progression.

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And with the completion of all car collection menu books, yous get a detailed retrospective about the cars you’ve won, which really plays to my automobile-loving heart and will innovate fresh players to car civilization in a prissy fashion.

Finishing all these is technically the “ending,” merely in reality, at that place are so many more races, championships, circuit experiences and unique mini games to complete. It’southward almost like the menu books are meant to whet your ambition for the main class: the same old tick-box racing, fine tuning and grinding for new cars and new trophies. Its sheer addictiveness proves that the formula is far from dead. For example, I was typing this at 3am later on losing track of the time.

Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

1 lilliputian asking I have to Polyphony: please remove the requirement to always be online for the single thespian aspects of the game. I become there are news feeds that are loaded in on the nicely-presented world view menu and that’s where you access multiplayer, merely come up on. At that place are offline players, too!

Speaking of multiplayer, my oh my, there’south a lot of fun to be had.

The Gran Turismo Sport online mode makes a triumphant return, alongside the harsh-simply-fair regulations and subsequent penalties that keeps every race feeling similar an honest competition. Word to the wise: don’t autumn into bad habits when playing unmarried-actor, such as running all four wheels over the track boundaries to cut a corner. Those habits volition cross over into the multiplayer and y’all will pay dearly for information technology.

Gran Turismo

(Image credit: Sony)

For those looking for a little less of the seriousness and more racing, you can create lobbies to muck about in and race your friends, but the most important improver is Meeting Places. Each runway has a permanent vestibule with no regulations and no racing conditions: it’s but a place where you can go drive and talk to other players.

The team imagined this feature beingness used to show off liveries. To me, it became a friendly customs that helped me improve my cornering around the sharp downhill chicane through communication from like-minded people. It’s a feature nearly people will coat over, but one that is pretty awesome.

Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

Also, special shout-out to the fast loading times. That is such a jiff of fresh air compared to waiting nearly a minute for tracks to load upwardly in old games.

Bottom line

Gran Turismo 7 is everything I wanted it to be and more: a celebration of cars, car culture and the fine art of racing. This is one of the best PS5 games available today.

Gran Turismo 7

(Image credit: Sony)

Information technology’s driblet expressionless gorgeous, the automotive simulation physics are meticulously researched and incredibly grounded, there is so much to sink your teeth into and it answers a lot of the problems players had with previous iterations.

The AI has been upgraded, GT Café gives you a overnice, clear route throughout the campaign and, thanks to Polyphony’s break from mainline GT games with Sport, multiplayer is simpler to leap into and drastically improved competitively.

The five out of 5 score does not mean it’s completely flawless. Car damage is still simply cosmetic, the always-required internet connection is a little puzzling for offline modes and, every bit I said up top, this isn’t going to be a game for everyone.

Simply for those who honey this sport, the temple of automotive brilliance is here. Come up and worship.

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