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Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold overview


ESRB Rating:
Release Date:
JAM Productions
Apogee Software

In Blake Stone: Aliens of Gilded, you face the evil Dr. Pyrus Goldfire who has discovered a method of creating his own gilded. Using his gilded, he was able to fund his crazy programme and has built half-dozen highly secured facilities. Yous are sent to finish Dr. Pyrus Goldfire and his evil plans.

Blake Rock is a archetype Activeness game with smooth graphics and new original weapons and different creatures. If you’re a fan of the classic game Wolfenstein 3D, we recommend this game.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows – Apple – Linux

Windows Organisation Requirements
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0
Processor: Intel 386SX 20 MHz
Memory: 2 MB RAM
Graphics Card: VGA graphics, 256-colors capable
Audio Card: Sound Blaster uniform audio card
Hard Bulldoze Infinite: 8 MB
CD/DVD Drive: 3.5″ Floppy disk bulldoze
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Joystick/Gamepad optional
Multiplayer: north/a


This game is not available for Apple tree. Consider using Windows under Bootcamp.


This game is not available for Linux. Consider using Wine to run Windows programs and games.


  • J+A+Chiliad

    – Should say: “Now you lot’re Jamming” and should give you all keys, and 100% wellness. Nevertheless, the score drops to 0%.

The next 4 cheats are control line pregnant you need to type at dos prompt when running game.


    – Once this control is entered, expect until the white characters commencement to announced. Concord the left & correct Shift keys down, and once the PC-13 has appeared on the screen, yous may let go. Then, if you take the sound card enabled, you lot’ll hear a “change”.

  • TICS

    – Displays tic information in the score area.


    – Enables music exam mode, where you tin hold backspace and press arrows to modify the music.


    – Displays rotating overhead during game play, just it extremely slows the game downwardly.
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In one case y’all take done the POWERBALL command line shown higher up you may exercise the following:

  • Backspace+W

    – Warp to level (Shift+ loads the default map)

  • Backspace+D

    – Player invisible (dumb objects)

  • Backspace+Yard

    – God mode

  • Backspace+I

    – Item cheat

  • Backspace+One thousand

    – Memory info

  • Backspace+P

    – Pause screen

  • Backspace+Q

    – Fast quit

  • Backspace+A

    – Add Actors to motorcar mapper.

  • Backspace+U

    – Unlock all floors

  • Backspace+O

    – Show subconscious walls on machine mapper

  • Backspace+E

    – Quick Win Mission

  • Backspace+B

    – Border color

  • Backspace+C

    – Count objects

  • Backspace+F

    – Facing spot

  • Backspace+H

    – Hurt cocky (only if not in God mode)

  • Backspace+S

    – Slow motion

  • Backspace+Five

    – Extra Vertical Blanking Indicate — this does nothing for virtually users

  • Backspace+domicile

    – Dec sky colour (if ceiling textures are OFF)

  • Backspace+pgup

    – Inc heaven color (if ceiling textures are OFF)

  • Backspace+cease

    – Dec ground color (if ground textures are OFF)

  • Backspace+pgdn

    – Inc ground color (if ground textures are OFF)

  • Backspace++

    – Add shading depth (if textures are OFF)

  • Backspace+-

    – Dec shading depth (if textures are OFF)

  • Backspace+]

    – Inc shading drop off (if textures are OFF)

  • Backspace+[

    – December shading drib off (if textures are OFF)

  • Shift+tab

    – Show total automap containing all alive actors.

Beneath are various command line codes.


    – Brandish version information.


    – Display arrangement data.


    – Disable checking for video card.


    – Disable checking for joysticks.


    – Disable checking for mouse.


    – Disable checking for chief memory.


    – Disable checking for European monetary system retentiveness.


    – Disable checking for XMS memory.

  • NOAL

    – Disable checking for Adlib.

  • NOSB

    – Disable checking for Sound Equalizer.


    – Disable checking for Sound Blaster Pro.

  • NOSS

    – Disable checking for Sound Source.

  • SST

    – Disable checking for Tandy Sound Source.

  • SS1

    – Disable checking for Audio Source on LPT1.

  • SS2

    – Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT2.

  • SS3

    – Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT3.

  • NO386

    – Disable checking for 386.


    – Enables NoteBook game port checking. (If you are using an Acer Computer, nosotros recommend this control not exist run).
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