Difference Between Pleurodesis and Decortication

Pleurodesis is removal of the space between the membranes of the lungs and the lungs themselves. Decortication is surgical removal of aberrant tissue that develops on the lung surface.

What is Pleurodesis?


Pleurodesis is a method in which the pleural infinite is effectively removed so that the pleura are directly on peak of the lungs.


A substance is injected into the pleural infinite to induce an inflammatory reaction that causes scar tissue to develop. This tissue so allows the visceral and parietal pleural membranes of the lung to fuse together and remain close to the surface of the lung. The infinite between the two membranes is taken away in this procedure.


Pleurodesis is chosen for when individuals accept continual bug with excessive fluid accumulating between the lungs and pleura. This often is a event of an inflammatory reaction that causes too much fluid to be present in the pleural space. It is used when a person keeps experiencing a complanate lung considering of a fluid problem.


It helps continue the lung inflated because of the pleural cavity being removed. If your lung cannot expand and contract properly so you cannot breathe properly. This is a useful handling for those individuals who accept perpetual bug of effusions in the pleural space or who keep having a pneumothorax.


There are possible complications of pleurodesis including a risk of infection, pain, and fever. It is possible that pus may accumulate.

What is Decortication?


Decortication is a procedure in which the surgeon takes abroad fibrous tissue from the surface covering the lungs.


The surgeon cuts advisedly into the breast cavity, avoiding the middle part of the chest under the breastbone. The fibrous layer is then excised from the lung surface and the lungs inflated to check for proper function.

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Decortication is used whenever the evolution of aberrant connective tissue on the lung makes it challenging for the person to exhale properly. The gristly tissue causes a tightening that stops the lungs from expanding properly, which is why removing this layer is so beneficial for the person.


It can assist when there is tissue growth considering of a condition like mesothelioma or another lung disease. These problems may consequence in fibrous tissue germination on the lung surface, which once removed, improves lung function.


There are possible complications of the decortication procedure including air leaks that compromise lung function. There may exist quite a scrap of claret loss and the lung may collapse. Infection is a further gamble of decortication. The mortality charge per unit of decortication is a lot higher than in the case of pleurodesis.

Departure between Pleurodesis and Decortication?


Pleurodesis is a method in which the cavity between the pleural membranes is removed. Decortication is when abnormally developed fibrous tissue is cut away from the lungs.


In pleurodesis, a chemical is injected into the pleural space causing the cavity to collapse. In decortication, a surgeon excises the fibrous tissue from the lung surface.


A do good of pleurodesis is it stops the continual development of actress fluid in the pleural space. A benefit of decortication is information technology allows the lungs to expand properly one time the abnormal tissue is taken out.


Disadvantages of pleurodesis include possible complications such every bit infection, pain, pus, and fever. Disadvantages of decortication include possible complications such equally infection, collapsed lungs, air leaks in the lungs, and hemorrhage.

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Mortality charge per unit

Pleurodesis complications atomic number 82 to lower mortality than decortication; the bloodshed rate is iii.seven% after xc days. Decortication has a higher mortality charge per unit from complications when compared to pleurodesis, namely 9% later thirty days.

Tabular array comparison Pleurodesis and Decortication

Summary of Pleurodesis Vs. Decortication

  • Pleurodesis and decortication are ii procedures that may be helpful in cases of lung affliction and impairment.
  • Either pleurodesis or decortication may become necessary in cases of astringent lung harm and diseases like lung cancer.
  • Pleurodesis is concerned with removing the space that is found betwixt the 2 membranes surrounding the lungs.
  • Decortication is concerned with removing actress tissue that shouldn’t be nowadays making information technology hard for the lungs to aggrandize.


What is a decortication of the lung?

This is a method in which gristly connective tissue, which has accumulated abnormally, is surgically excised from the surface of the lung. Doing decortication often allows the lungs to expand properly, and therefore, help with the person’southward animate power.

Why is decortication performed?

Decortication becomes necessary when a buildup of unusual fibrous tissue on the lungs causes these organs to not be able to properly expand and contract, hampering the ability to breathe.

What is a pleurodesis procedure?

Pleurodesis is a way that the space between the lungs and the membranes is removed to better facilitate lung function to improve the breathing ability of the patient.

Why is pleurodesis performed?

Pleurodesis is needed when a person suffers from continual complanate lungs causing them to struggle to breathe.

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