Splinter Cell Remake: Everything we know so far

Splinter Prison cell Remake: Everything we know so far

Splinter Jail cell
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

After an 8-yr hiatus, Ubisoft has finally shed calorie-free on the adjacent entry to one of the nearly popular stealth-shooters of all time: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Instead of a sequel, Ubisoft Toronto volition spearhead development on a full-blown Splinter Cell remake.

Inspired by the pioneer of the stealth-shooter genre, Metal Gear Solid, 2003’s Splinter Cell made its marking thanks to its unique emphasis on stealth ⁠— using lite and dark mechanics powered by the Unreal Engine two. This time around, the game will be rebuilt from the ground up using Ubisoft’southward very own Snowdrop engine, which is the same one being used for the upcoming

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

(Paradigm credit: Ubisoft)

While the Splinter Cell remake is still in its early stages, atomic number 82 developers have broken down what gamers tin can await from Sam Fisher’s revamped adventure of espionage. Hither’s everything we know so far about Ubisoft Toronto’s Splinter Prison cell remake, from the release appointment to its potential PC requirements.

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Splinter Cell Remake release

Finally, Splinter Cell is making a grand return to reintroduce fans to Sam Fisher. Still, it isn’t articulate when the Third Echelon operative will be making his comeback. As producer Matt West commented on December 15, 2021, “we’re still in the very earliest stages of development.” Ubisoft Toronto is also in the process of
to develop the game, meaning it could be a long while before we get our hands on the remake.

Splinter Cell

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

That said, it makes sense for Splinter Prison cell to make a plumbing equipment return in November 2022, as the series will be celebrating its 20th anniversary since the launch of 2002’south Splinter Cell. Ubisoft isn’t exactly known for its fast turnarounds when it comes to developing remakes, though. Dorsum in September 2020, Ubisoft announced a

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Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

remake that was initially fix to release on January 21, 2021. Over a twelvemonth afterward, we have yet to see the Prince in action.

Interestingly, Ubisoft Toronto already has experience with the stealth-shooter, as it adult the latest game in the series: 2013’s Blacklist. While it was received very well, it failed to run into Ubisoft’southward sales expectations (via


). Regardless, with Ubisoft Toronto knowing what makes a corking Splinter Cell and having the foundation of the offset game, this could speed up the development procedure. Of grade, this is all speculation, equally nosotros have still to hear an official release date.

Splinter Cell Remake story

According to the


, the Splinter Cell remake won’t deviate from the original. As West put it, “what we’re trying to do is make sure the spirit of the early games remains intact, in all of the ways that gave early Splinter Prison cell its identity.”

What we tin mainly wait is “new-generation visuals and gameplay, and the dynamic lighting and shadows the serial is known for.” With this in heed, forth with being a remake, information technology’southward rubber to say the game will follow the same story every bit the original — with potentially new story elements.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

(Image credit: Ubisoft Toronto)

The original follows covert ops veteran Sam Fisher every bit he joins the Splinter Cell program, role of the black ops sub-division in the National Security Bureau (NSA) known as “Third Echelon.” Using high-tech stealth gadgets and weaponry, including the iconic trifocal night-vision goggles, Fisher is deployed to get together intelligence and eliminate terrorist threats.

Since the remake will exist the first time many gamers experience Splinter Cell, we won’t spoil anything. Instead, here’s the official synopsis of the plot:

“The CIA contacted NSA officials regarding the loss of contact with Agent Alison Madison, a CIA operative monitoring widespread advice shortages plaguing the onetime Soviet Republic of Georgia. A second operative, Amanuensis Blaustein, was inserted into the Georgian capital letter T’bilisi to locate Agent Madison, only to driblet from contact vii days later. Fearing for the lives of American agents compromised at the hands of a suspected terrorist effort, Third Echelon has activated Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher to locate the missing agents and evaluate the state of affairs.”

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Splinter Cell Remake gameplay

Splinter Cell’s bread and butter is stealth, with the light-and-dark gameplay mechanic being its standout feature. The game’due south light meter determined how visible Fisher was to enemies, using night-vision and thermal vision to navigate through areas without existence detected. Of course, Fisher was too equipped with suppressed firearms and spy equipment to have downwards enemies without alerting others — all to complete a level’s objective like a ghost.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Co-ordinate to the blog post, the original game’s “Stealth Activeness Redefined” tagline is however a major focus for the remake. In regards to the tagline, Westward states, “That is very much in keeping with usa redefining what stealth activity is going to feel similar for a modernistic audience.” This indicates we may see new gameplay elements added to the remake, or an updated stealth feel that adds to the original’s main design.

“Information technology’s important for us to preserve the sense of mastery by supporting players who observe the situations, make their plan, use their gadgets, and outsmart the enemy creatively to deal with the challenges they are presented with,” says creative director Chris Auty. “Ideally, they terminate up coming out on the other side with no one having realized you were even there.”

Westward continues: “The gameplay experience we are targeting is directly tied to what we want players to feel, to capture the essence back when we were all playing the original games.” With the vision Ubisoft Toronto is going for, I imagine the remake will be in the same vein as Motive Studio’s

Dead Infinite Remake

; updating the foundation of the cadre gameplay mechanics while still being familiar to Splinter Jail cell veterans.

Splinter Cell Remake PC requirements

Ubisoft Toronto is in the early on stages of development, meaning we’re far away from knowing precise PC spec requirements. However, we do know it will exist powered by the Snowdrop engine, which will likewise be used to develop Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora every bit well as Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars game.

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Splinter Jail cell Remake

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Since Splinter Cell follows more linear gameplay than the open-world feel Avatar will bring, it’s unfair to compare the 2. However, it may follow in the footsteps of other remakes such as Resident Evil 2 and possibly the Dead Space Remake.

Resident Evil ii requires you lot to accept at least an Intel Cadre i5-4460 or AMD FX-6300 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x GPU. That said, we expect the Splinter Cell Remake to bump upwardly these specs, seeing as it will focus on “new-generation visuals.”


Metal Gear Solid may be the de facto stealth-shooter, but Splinter Cell is a cult archetype for practiced reason. It isn’t a fluke that the series spawned 7 games, and reinvigorating the series with a remake is exactly what Splinter Cell needs. We likewise know Ubisoft Toronto wants to go beyond merely remaking the first game, every bit Auty states: “with this remake, nosotros are edifice a solid base of operations for the future of Splinter Prison cell.”

The stealth-shooter genre has grown massively since the showtime Splinter Cell launched, with games such as


leading the charge in 2021. The Splinter Jail cell Remake may bring back a cult classic, but it will have a lot of competition in one case it launches.

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