Difference Between Multimeter and Clamp Meter

When you see a faulty electrical apparatus, probably the very beginning matter that comes to listen is a multimeter (analog or digital) considering that’s the device is dominantly used to diagnose faulty electric circuits. But, at that place is yet some other great tool chosen a clench meter which can be used to mensurate current just without breaking the circuit offset. So, let’s wait at how the two works.

What is a Multimeter?

Did you lot ever notice any appliance at domicile interim all weird or non working at all? If so, then probably the commencement thing you can do is cheque the electrical circuitry for any faults. And how exercise you do that? You utilize a multimeter. So, a multimeter is an indispensable household tool for testing, diagnosing, and troubleshooting faulty electrical circuits, components, and devices. It’south a portable handheld electronic measuring tool for performing electric testing. It tin can be equipped with any number of special functions, but basically a multimeter can exist used to measure out voltage, resistance and current. It does 1 simple thing: cheque for whatever fault in electrical circuits or devices.

A multimeter comes in analog and digital types. A digital multimeter, as the proper noun suggests, displays the reading digitally meaning the values are shown on a digital display, just like a digital wristwatch. An analog multimeter, merely like an analog lookout, uses a needle and scale to mensurate current, resistance, voltage, frequency, and signal power. Some multimeters also come with auto-ranging feature merely cost a petty more than the general multimeters. Machine-ranging multimeters gear up the exam range automatically. Some high-terminate multimeters are also used to take other readings, such every bit diode forwards voltage, capacitance, and transistor gain.

What is a Clamp Meter?

A clamp meter is yet some other electrical testing tool that is clamped around a live wire to measure the current. It is a meter device that tin can measure current merely without making any direct contact to that current. When it comes to measuring current, a multimeter is probably the most obvious pick. Just a clamp meter is recommended when yous test an electrical circuit without cutting the wires kickoff. This is one of the master advantages of using a clamp meter against traditional ammeters and multimeters; you do not have to break the circuit to conduct measurements.

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A clench meter has a jaw on the tiptop that opens when you lot press the liver on the side of the device. Yous need to place the conductor in the middle of the open up jaw and release the lever, and the meter then determines the current flowing through the conductor without exposing any portion of it. You tin take measurement of the line under voltage too measure loftier currents. One more advantage of a clamp meter is operational safety, which basically ways you can measure out the electric current of an insulated usher.

Difference betwixt Multimeter and Clamp Meter

Function of Multimeter vs Clamp Meter

 – A multimeter is like a multi-purpose electrical tool that is used to exam, diagnose, and troubleshoot faulty electrical circuits and devices. Information technology determines the electrical resistance within a circuit and also acts as a voltmeter, ohmmeter and an ammeter.

A clamp meter is however some other testing tool that is also used to measure current only without making whatever direct contact to that current. You do not have to break the excursion to conduct measurements with a clamp meter.

Working of Multimeter vs Clamp Meter

– A typical multimeter is inserted in series with the circuit that needs to be measured, and you need to break the circuit so that the electric current passes through the meter. Although, it tin be difficult at times, it is the just choice to measure out current using a multimeter. The resistance of the meter must be gear up to low.

A clamp meter has a jaw on the top that opens when you printing the liver on the side of the device. The conductor is placed in the middle of the open jaw and the lever is released, which then determines the current flowing through the usher.

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Safety of Multimeter vs Clench Meter

– Multimeters are somehow difficult to operate because it needs to be connected in serial within the electrical excursion, which means you basically must break the circuit starting time. It is a time-consuming process and sometimes, problematic.

Clamp meters, on the other hand, are known for operational safety, significant you lot can measure the electric current of an insulated conductor. So, in terms of operational condom, multimeters are considered less safe than clamp meters. So, technicians and engineers often prefer clamp meters over multimeters for measuring electric current.

Multimeter vs. Clamp Meter: Comparison Nautical chart


Although both the tools tin can be used to measure current, multimeters act as multipurpose tools and can be used to mensurate electric current, resistance, voltage, frequency, and signal power. Also, multimeters are not equally safety as clamp meters when it comes to measuring electric current. One of the main advantages of using a clamp meter over a multimeter is that a clamp meter allows you lot to measure the current of an insulated conductor, meaning you do non demand to pause the circuit showtime to take measurements.

Are clench meters better?

Clamp meters are better and safer than multimeters considering they are easy to use, and you can measure the current flowing through the conductor without exposing any portion of it. This is not the instance with multimeters.

What is a clamp meter skillful for?

A clamp meter is good for operational rubber and convenience.

Tin I use a clamp meter to measure voltage?

Clamp meters measure current, not voltage.

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How do you use a digital clamp meter and a multimeter?

The working of a digital clamp meter is pretty simple; you demand to open the jaws and put them around the wire that needs to be measured for electric current. Simply clamp the meter around the wire and you’re practiced to go; no cutting into wires and no shutting off circuits. Digital multimeters accept a digital brandish as opposed to an analog panel meter.

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