Difference Between Consumer Price Index and Inflation

Tracking how everyone spends their money is hard. However, information technology is possible to go the average amount that every household spends and the buying blueprint. Why is this important, yous may ask? The consumer price index is used equally a measure of aggrandizement. It is too used by employers to measure the toll of living and make adjustments in salaries and wages. The Canadian government as well uses the consumer price index to accommodate social benefits and income taxes. But what is the variance betwixt the Consumer Price Index and inflation? Let’s see below.

Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Toll Index (CPI) is a measure out of changes that consumers experience in prices by comparison the cost of fixed services and appurtenances time. The measure out of CPI involves 8 major components which include shelter, food, furnishings and equipment, household operations, transportation, wearable and footwear, recreation and wellness and personal care.

Computed quarterly or monthly, the Consumer Price Index is based on the expenditure of people of all ages. To calculate the Consumer Price Index, the toll of the marketplace basket in the given yr is divided past the toll of the market basket in the base of operations twelvemonth.

What are the uses of the Consumer Toll Index?

  • It is used to adjust the prices of other economic indicators. For instance, the Consumer Price Index measures the aggrandizement that end-users face up. It also determines the purchasing power of the dollar every bit well as measuring the effectiveness of economic policies that have been put in place.
  • It is a mensurate of living adjustment costs for social security beneficiaries and wage earners. It is also used as a preventive measure for tax charge per unit increases due to inflation.
  • Information technology is used to measure other economic indicators such as national income components.
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What are the limitations of the Consumer Toll Index?

  • It does not employ to all population groups. For instance, CPI that represents urban settings may not exist suitable for rural settings. For case, CPI in Canada is measured in each territory and province. If say, the CPI in Ontario is 39.83%, this per centum shows that the consumption in Ontario is 39.83% of the household consumer spending in Canada.
  • It cannot be used to compare ii areas since a higher CPI is not always an indication of higher prices.
  • It does non give official estimates for population subgroups
  • CPI simply measures the toll t of living and does non measure all aspects that affect living standards
  • CPI is marred past various limitations such as non-sampling errors, sampling errors and the fact that it excludes energy costs


Inflation is the decrease in the value of a given currency over time. Inflation can be estimated at the rate at which a handbasket of selected appurtenances or the boilerplate price level declines over time. Frequently expressed as a pct, inflation means that a given unit of measurement of currency can but purchase less compared to the previous periods.

What are the causes of inflation?

When the supply of money increases, inflation is oft inevitable. In some cases, monetary authorities can increase the supply of money by giving more money to people or printing more than money. This only devalues the currency, meaning that people will need more than money to make purchases. When the supply of money increases, it loses its purchasing power.

In that location are three types of inflation:

  • Demand-pull issue- Demand-pull aggrandizement arises when there is a rise in the supply of money and credit. This results in an increase in the demand for services and goods in an economy over the production capacity of an economy. The ascension in demand results in an increase in prices.
  • Congenital-in aggrandizement- This is a type of aggrandizement that is adaptive to people’s expectations. When there is inflation in an economy, people look the current inflation to continue. As such, equally the prices of services and goods increase, people look that they will continue paying the high amounts. The outcome is a demand for college wages to maintain their normal living standards. When wages are increased, the result is a higher cost of services and goods.
  • Cost-push effect- This is aggrandizement that occurs through a rise in prices through the inputs used in the production process. This causes an increment in the cost of the finished service or product. For instance, the ascent in the toll of raw materials such as oil prices increases the consumer prices.
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The most usually used inflation indices include the Consumer Price Alphabetize and the Wholesale Cost Index.

Differences between Consumer Price Alphabetize and Inflation


Consumer Toll Index is a mensurate of changes that consumers experience in prices by comparing the toll of fixed services and goods over time. On the other manus, aggrandizement is the decrease of the value of a given currency over time.


CPI is used to measure aggrandizement. On the other hand, inflation can be measured via different methods such equally CPI and WPI.


CPI has a limited achieve since it’southward based on the consumer price indices. On the other paw, inflation has a wider reach.

Consumer Price Index vs. Inflation: Comparison Table

Summary of Consumer Price Index vs. Inflation

Consumer Price Alphabetize is a measure of changes that consumers experience in prices by comparing the toll of stock-still services and goods over fourth dimension. On the other mitt, inflation is the decrease of the value of a given currency over fourth dimension. CPI is one of the methods used to measure inflation.


Is the Consumer Price Index the aforementioned as aggrandizement?

No. The Consumer Toll Index is 1 of the methods used to measure aggrandizement.

What is the relation betwixt CPI and aggrandizement?

Both are used to mensurate the changes in consumer prices, with CPI being the main measure out of inflation.

Is CPI the all-time measure of aggrandizement?

Yes. CPI is the best measure of aggrandizement.

How is nutrient inflation different from Consumer Cost Index?

Food aggrandizement measures the ascent in the costs of nutrient items while CPI only measures price changes in selected consumer products.


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