Apple’s March event may offer a “Peek” at a new display for the Mac lineup

Apple’southward March event may offer a “Peek” at a new display for the Mac lineup

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You lot can follow our ongoing Apple tree March event live blog today for coverage of all of the latest from Apple including potentially a new display. According to Bloomberg’s Marker Gurman, “I too wouldn’t dominion out Apple previewing its next-generation external display….”

While non infallible, Gurman has an splendid reputation for predicting upcoming Apple releases. He stated, “I’grand told Apple tree completed piece of work on it months ago, and the device was due to launch before long after last year’south MacBook Pro.” He doesn’t elaborate on this so we’re left to wonder why it didn’t make an appearance aslope or shortly later on the MacBook Pro fourteen and sixteen-inch? Was it due to supply chain issues that have befallen the tech industry during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Gurman doesn’t have whatsoever business firm specs to offer for the new Apple external display and leaves information technology open every bit to whether it is a follow-up to 2019’s Apple Pro Brandish XDR or finally a return to the more affordable brandish marketplace for Apple tree.

It’s been three years since the Apple tree Pro Display XDR was launched, so it would exist a adept time for a refresh for the 32-inch 6K brandish that focused on high-end content creator users who require exact color scale, who tin can afford the $4,999 (standard drinking glass) to $five,999 (Nano-textured glass) price. 9to5Mac recently offered some details on declared leaked specs for this monitor which included a 7K resolution, an A13 Bionic chip, and either a 32-inch or 36-inch panel.

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Yet, previous reports on Gurman’s Power On newsletter indicated that a new external display that is roughly half the price of Apple’s Pro Display XDR is expected this twelvemonth. Given the speculation that a new Mac Mini may arrive at the upshot, this more affordable option seems like a better fit. Apple tree hasn’t launched a new consumer-class monitor in over a decade, the Thunderbolt Display which debuted in 2011 was discontinued in 2016. While the display marketplace is extremely competitive, Apple may run into an opportunity with the increasing focus on the content creator market.

With the March Apple effect almost here, we volition find out shortly, then stay tuned, and we will keep you up to appointment with all the latest as it happens.

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