Munbyn P941 Label Printer 2.0 – Review 2022

The Munbyn shipping label printer ($199.99), referred to as the P941 on some Amazon pages and the ITPP941 on others, is aimed primarily at pocket-sized businesses and individuals who need to impress 4-by-six-inch shipping labels. It doesn’t offer any eye-communicable or standout features, and doesn’t come with any characterization software. The Arkscan 2054A-LAN is a better label printer overall, but the Munbyn will print from online shipping platforms, and information technology’s reasonably fast, too, making information technology well worth your consideration.

Make Sure Y’all Put the Right I in Your Cart

Ownership this printer tin be a little confusing, as I establish out when I tried to track downwards its toll on Amazon. Searching for “Munbyn Printer,” either with or without the P941 model number, turned upward at to the lowest degree 3 variations, all of which expect identical and are close enough in features and price that you lot’ll have to read the specs to know which one you’re getting.

At this writing, the P941 Basic is $173.99, while the Pro model, which differs only in offering a 300dpi resolution instead of 203dpi, is $182.99. Meanwhile, Munbyn confirmed that the version it sent for testing—which is referred to as Upgrade Version 2.0, or just Upgrade Version depending on the Amazon folio—is identical to the 203dpi Basic model, merely adds a USB-C adapter plus a USB retention key with drivers, a user manual, and other files, all of which are also on Munbyn’s website. I found information technology on i Amazon folio for $191.87 with a pack of 500 4-by-six-inch fanfold labels, which is a little less than ownership the Basic version of the printer and a stack of labels separately. So you’ll desire to examine the various buying bundles carefully.

Regardless of version, the P941 is shaped a trivial like a brick, without room to hold labels inside. Instead, they go behind it, most often in a fanfold stack, though yous can also use rolls with an appropriate holder. Munbyn’due south curlicue holder ($15.82), which the company provided for testing along with the printer, can also agree a stack, or rolls over six inches in bore.

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The printer itself measures just 4.iii past 7.7 by 3.eight inches (HWD), simply it needs a piddling extra room between the dorsum and labels for the power and USB cables. You’ll need an extra 7.5 inches of articulate space behind information technology when using a stack or nigh 9 inches when using the scroll holder.

The top console offers a combination condition light and feed button, along with a release button to open the top comprehend for loading labels. To load a stack or roll, you open the top cover, position the labels, close the comprehend, and press the feed button. According to Munbyn, the printer will make up one’s mind the label length for a new label roll by feeding 2 labels and then stopping at the signal where it’southward fix to print on the 3rd label.

In my tests, this worked as promised for iv-past-6-inch labels, but when I installed a curl of 2.25-by-i.25-inch labels I ran into some minor bug. On nearly tries, several labels fed before stopping, and mostly they stopped in the wrong position, so the press would span two labels. This won’t be an issue if you need the printer strictly for 4-past-vi-inch aircraft labels, just information technology could be abrasive, not to mention a waste of labels, if y’all modify between unlike label sizes very frequently.

Munbyn P941 Label Printer Version 2.0 top panel, showing the status light/feed button and top panel release

The P941 accepts labels on carrier sheets from 1.57 to 4.3 inches broad, and is designed to work with any thermal newspaper scroll or stack with die-cut labels and small gaps betwixt them. Munbyn’s own labels accept the advantage of existence both BPA- and BPS-gratis. The company’s 4-by-vi-inch labels come up in both rolls and stacks, as white labels only. Rolls of 2.25-past-1.25-inch labels and 2-inch-diameter circular labels are available in a choice of colors. The well-nigh economical selection for Munbyn 4-past-6-inch labels is the $39.98 pack of two 500-label stacks, at 4 cents per label.

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The printer works with Windows, macOS, and Chrome Bone. I tested it using our standard Windows 10 testbed. Setup consisted of piddling more than loading labels, connecting the included USB cable and ability cord, and turning the printer on. Windows detected the printer, found the driver, and installed it automatically. You as well take the choice of installing the driver from an included USB memory key or, of form, downloading the file from Munbyn’s website as the company suggests.

Munbyn Label Printer Version 2.0 with top panel open

The bad news: One of the reasons the setup is and then piece of cake is that there’s no characterization plan to install. If you’re interested in printing shipping labels merely, that’s not an upshot. Almost whatsoever widely used online shipper or shopping site volition create labels for you. Munbyn fifty-fifty lists 20 popular sites (FedEx, Amazon, and Shippo among them) on its website every bit “only some” of the platforms the P941 works with.

However, the lack of a label program may matter if you want to print other kinds of labels. You can print from almost any program, merely you’ll have to work harder with most to get the right format, margins, and other details that a label programme is designed to make piece of cake. Bar codes can be a particular problem, since most programs don’t support them.

Testing the Munbyn: Fast Speed, Good Output Quality

Munbyn rates the P941 at 5.9 inches per 2nd (ips), but it was a piffling slower on our tests. Printing a PDF file with Acrobat Reader, using the USB connection, I timed it at 3.vii seconds for a single label, 18.1 seconds for printing 10 labels, and 81.6 seconds, or 3.8ips, for printing 50 labels. As a point of comparison, the iDprt SP420, which is rated at the same 5.9ips, came in at five.5ips on 50-label run.

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Similarly, the Arkscan 2054A-LAN, our current Editors’ Choice pick for a midrange, four-past-6-inch-capable label printer with Ethernet, lived up to its 5ips rating. For context, however, 3.8ips is a pretty good clip. For the 50-label test, the P941 was less than 30 seconds slower than the SP420. For a single label, it was only nearly 1 second slower.

The 203dpi resolution is typical for label printers, and delivers more-than-adequate output quality for shipping labels, with suitably dark blackness bar codes and well-formed text.

A Solid, Basic Label Printer

The Munbyn P941 doesn’t offering anything to make information technology stand out from the crowd, but information technology’s well worth considering. It’southward not equally fast as the iDprt SP420, for example, but it’southward a lot easier to ready upwards. Similarly, it doesn’t come up with a label program, just you don’t need one for printing labels from online shippers or shopping platforms, and you lot can print from Microsoft Word or database programs if you need to.

If yous need to print easily from whatsoever computer on your network, you lot’ll want to consider the ArkScan 2054A-LAN, which connects via Ethernet and offers comparable functioning to the P941. Or, consider a Wi-Fi printer like the Rollo Wireless Printer X1040, our Editors’ Choice recommendation for a Wi-Fi-enabled shipping-characterization printer.

However, printers that can connect to a network tend to cost more than the P941, and speeds tend to be slower over Wi-Fi, leaving little reason to buy whatever network printer unless you actually need the network connection. For basic label printing with an accent on shipping labels, the Munbyn Characterization Printer Version 2.0 is a solid-plenty choice.