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Computer Hope chat is another free service that allows anyone to connect and ask their questions live and talk with other users interested in computers. Our chat was created later on many users requested such a service and to assist users go their questions answered more than quickly.

What’south happening in chat now

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(IRC: #computerhope).


Because of the wide diverseness of users who help in the Reckoner Hope chat, we ask all users to obey the rules below. Users who do not follow these rules may be banned from this service and other Estimator Hope services.

  • No profanity.
  • No discrimination.
  • No spam or flooding of the aqueduct or server.
  • No advertising other websites, services, or companies unless that advertisement answers someone’s question.
  • No links, advertisements, or comments about any adult or illegal textile.
  • No posting of inappropriate or adult content.
  • English only.

Finally, everything said in public chat is logged. Any boosted legal information and rules on Computer Hope is on our legal statement.

Questions and answers

No one is helping me in conversation

Although Computer Promise operators and volunteers may exist logged in, at this time we cannot always guarantee responses at all times of the day. If agents are available to assistance, yous will see an paradigm displaying text indicating agents are available. If you’re unable to get a agree of someone, try the other suggestions in our online figurer help.

Help, I’ve been banned

If yous’ve been banned from the Reckoner Promise chat room for disobeying rules or misbehaving, that ban will not be removed. Yet, if the ban was a mistake, when reviewed in the log, it volition be removed. If you want to hasten the speed of the ban removal, contact our webmasters.

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Who is computerhope and hopebot?

Computerhope, aka Nathan, is a human and owner of the channel. Although he may exist logged in, he’due south unable to nourish to conversation at all times. Additional information about hopebot is on our hopebot definition.

Why won’t the volunteers assist me?

All the volunteers in the chat and on the forums are volunteering their time to aid others on the Internet. Because they are volunteers, they take a right to cull what questions they want to respond. If a volunteer chooses not to assist you with your question, you lot may choose to contact Computer Hope direct, which may not be as fast, just we do try answering all questions. Figurer test questions or homework help are both practiced examples of questions nearly volunteers do not enjoy answering.

Other questions, issues, or complaints

If you take whatsoever other questions or complaints regarding the IRC server or the Computer Hope chat, electronic mail the webmasters.