Nothing to announce 2022 product roadmap on March 23 — $70m Series B funding secured

Nothing to denote 2022 product roadmap on March 23 — $70m Series B funding secured

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After receiving another $lxx 1000000 in funding, Cipher is set to announce its 2022 product roadmap on March 23.

This huge level of funding comes hot on the heels of its collaboration deal with Qualcomm and its hugely successful Zero ear (1) earbuds. So, the question is: what is Nothing going to make?

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What do we expect to see?

With that product roadmap announcement coming very soon, permit’s put our tin foil hat on and start making some predictions. In an interview back in November with Bharat Today, Manu Sharma, Vice President and General Manager of Nothing India confirmed that five products are in the works.

What has been clear from my time covering Nothing is that information technology’south worthwhile paying attention to the wording that has been used in its releases.

So, when Nothing CEO Carl Pei talks about a “vision of a seamless digital future,” and the company talks well-nigh changing “the consumer tech landscape,” there’southward reason to believe we’re going to see expansions in this field.

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Given the huge success of the Aught ear (i), I think hearing almost some new earbuds would exist a sure bet to make. My money’due south on a Nothing ear (ii), but they could exist a more premium set up of buds to become for the upmarket.

The next logical expansion of Nada’s consumer tech releases would exist a smartphone. That’southward what a sure image from @evleaks at MWC 2022 seems to suggest is coming downwardly the way. Nothing’southward close alliance with Snapdragon leads to this beingness a more than probable product, as well.

The rest of the products are a little more up in the air, simply my guesses would be a pair of over-ear headphones, a laptop and possibly a smart home device that joins this all together — like Facebook’s Portal merely with Nothing’due south attending to pattern.

Imagine a transparent laptop design, run across-through headphone drivers and a system that connects them all seamlessly. Information technology has the potential to be the great united ecosystem that every Android OEM has been striving to achieve.


Based on the moves Nothing has made, these predictions are only stabs in the dark. For case, Nothing hired Adam Bates, the ex-Dyson Head of Pattern & Production Experience. That’southward swell expert insight into home tech and at that place’southward a wealth of opportunities in this area.

Whatever happens, though, this amount of funding and the continually growing community investment funding shows in that location’due south a lot of hype and confidence in Zip to do something special. Keep your eyes locked.

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