Difference Between Bonus Depreciation and Section 179

If you are a business concern owner you must have heard of bonus depreciation and section 179. When you buy an asset, it’s required to spread the tax deductions over the asset’s life. Bonus depreciation and Department 179 are two ways to become your deductions upfront without having to wait the entire asset’south life. Simply what’s the difference between the 2? Join me as we explore the differences.

What is a Bonus Depreciation?

Bonus Depreciation refers to a tax incentive. Information technology allows a business to immediately deduct a big percentage of the ownership price of eligible assets rather than depreciate them over the life of that asset. It’south also known as the boosted first year.

It was created to encourage investment past small-scale businesses and to stimulate the economic system.

Businesses utilize the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Form 4562 to tape bonus depreciation and other types of depreciation and amortization. This form helps in claiming deductions for tax filing purposes.

Bonus depreciation must be taken in the commencement year that the item is put to service.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made some changes to the rules on bonus depreciation. Most importantly, it doubled the bonus depreciation from 50% as stipulated past the IRS to 100%. Information technology will however non be constant all through. The 100%   bonus depreciation goes up to 1st Jan 2023 afterward which information technology will vary equally follows: 2023-fourscore%, 2024-threescore%, 2025-40%, and 20% in 2026 if the law does not change earlier and so.

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Calculation of Bonus Depreciation

Bonus depreciation= Bonus Depreciation Rate (currently 100%) × the price basis of the acquired nugget.

What is Section 179?

Section 179 is a section of the US IRC (Internal Acquirement Code). It is an immediate deduction that business organisation owners take for purchases of business equipment instead of depreciating the asset over some time. Section 179 deducts a prepare dollar of all new business avails. Information technology is applicable if the piece of equipment is purchased and financed and the full amount of the purchase price is eligible for the deduction.

The depreciable assets include equipment, vehicles, and software.

Department 179 allows businesses to lower their electric current yr tax expense rather than depreciating the asset over time in future revenue enhancement years.

Information technology’due south however limited to a maximum deduction of$ ane,050,000 and a value of the holding purchased to $ii,620,000 for the year 2021.

The department 179 expensing method is given as an incentive for small businesses to abound their businesses with the purchase of new equipment.

To qualify for section 179 expenses the nugget must be used more than 50% in your business.

It also uses Form 4562 to claim deductions.

Similarities between Bonus Depreciation and Department 179

  • They are both methods of asset depreciation
  • Both employ Grade 4562 to claim deductions
  • Both are applicable in the beginning year of a new asset

Differences betwixt Bonus Depreciation and Department 179

Type of deduction

Bonus Depreciation deducts a percentage of the toll while Section 179 deducts a ready dollar of new business assets.

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Annual Limit of deduction

Bonus depreciation has no annual limit of deduction as long every bit the items are in the same category while Section 179 has an annual limit of $i,050,000.

The maximum amount of purchases

Bonus Depreciation has no maximum amount of equipment purchases while in Department 179 the maximum corporeality of equipment purchased to authorize for full deduction is $2,620,000.

Statutory end date

The statutory end date for the 100% deductions for Bonus Depreciation (according to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Human action of 2017) is 31st December 2022 after which it will vary to 2023-lxxx%, 2024-lx%, 2025-xl%, and twenty% in 2026 if the law does not alter. Section 179, on the other hand, has no statutory stop date.


Bonus Depreciation can be used even if your business concern is non profitable while Section 179 deduction requires profitability.

Comparing to the business income

Bonus depreciation can be larger than your concern income but for department 179 information technology must be less than your business income.

Improvement to real estate coverage

Section 179 covers real estate upgrades such equally calculation a new roof to your edifice while Bonus depreciation does not comprehend this category

 Bonus Depreciation vs. Section 179: Comparison Table

Summary of Bonus Depreciation vs. Section 179

Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 are both adept means of depreciating your assets. Depending on your programme and the avails you are putting upwardly, you will not get wrong with either or both as information technology’southward possible to combine them. This will exist of course in consultation with your auditor. And with this data, you are amend placed to make a wise choice.

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Is information technology amend to accept bonus depreciation or Section 179?

It is ameliorate to take Section 179.

Tin I take Department 179 and bonus depreciation?

Yeah. Y’all can have Section 179 and bonus depreciation.

Is bonus depreciation calculated earlier 179?

No, Section 179 comes first.

Tin you take Department 179 and bonus depreciation on vehicles?


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