USB buying tips


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Today, at that place is a wide variety of available USB devices, and purchasing a new USB device an be confusing at times. Below we have listed various information, tips, and help for purchasing reckoner USB devices.

USB devices

With the popularity and ease of connecting and installing a USB device, there is a very big selection of USB devices that can be connected to the estimator. Below is a listing and a cursory description of bachelor USB devices out today.

Backup drives

Drives such as the Iomega Zip bulldoze are an excellent USB device every bit they tin be used to transfer big files betwixt 2 computers or to permit for an easy to use and relatively fast fill-in solution.


Digital cameras are becoming a popular peripheral and used product. A USB camera allows adept transfer rates when sending pictures from the camera to the computer, and will be piece of cake to connect to the computer.

CD Bulldoze

USB CD Drives are becoming a great solution for users who want to add an additional drive or a CD-RW bulldoze to the computer or portable computer. USB CD drives offer a decent speed and are easy to connect through Windows. It is important to note these drives cannot be used to restore software through MS-DOS.

Game device

Because of the popularity of games, a USB game device such as a USB joystick or USB racing bicycle is an excellent solution for any computer gamer. These devices allow for fast response times as well as ease of connectivity and installation.

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Hard drive

Like CD drives and backup drives, a USB hard drive is another splendid consideration when looking at upgrading or calculation a new hard drive to the reckoner. With a USB difficult bulldoze you take the ease of connecting the drive to different computers every bit well as the ability to connect and disconnect the drive while information technology is on.

USB hub

When more one or two USB devices are connected to the figurer it may exist required that a USB hub be purchased. The hub allows for boosted devices to be continued to it. The USB standard allows for upwardly to 127 different devices.


While the monitor is not just USB a USB monitor allows for users to have additional features, such as setting upward the monitor display settings through software instead of with buttons on the monitor. Most USB monitors besides have congenital-in hubs that also permit for additional USB devices to be connect to the monitor.


A USB mouse is a slap-up solution for users that may be using their series ports and their PS/2 ports. A USB mouse as well allows for a faster response time, especially if the mouse is an optical mouse. This is an excellent solution for users who are FPS (Beginning Person Shooter) game players.


A USB printer allows for a user to connect a printer or multiple printers to a reckoner. With a USB printer, the user will experience a faster response time as well every bit additional features not found on a standard printer.


Similar the USB printer, a USB scanner is an excellent solution for users who just need to hook up a scanner rapidly or movement a scanner from computer to reckoner. USB scanners offer a faster transfer charge per unit when compared to a serial or parallel scanner and are very easy to install.

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While USB speakers may not exist easier to install than standard speakers, USB speakers can offer a wide range of additional options non available with standard speakers.



Before purchasing a USB device, ensure that USB is available on your computer and properly working. Additional troubleshooting and help with USB is on our USB help and support page.

If you have utilized all of your USB ports, y’all need to buy a USB hub to connect additional USB devices to the estimator.


When looking at the USB device, ensure that you see the system requirements. Many USB devices today crave at least Windows 98 or higher.