Advanced Imaging Society Announces Winners of 12th Annual Lumiere Awards|||

Dune, Encanto, West Side Story


The Beatles: Go Back

Take Summit Honors

* * *

Dune, Foundation


Shang Chi: The Fable of the Ten Rings

among Best Technical Accomplishment winners

* * *

Squid Game

Wins for Best Episodic – Live Action, while


wins for Best Episodic – Animation

* * *

2022 Academy Award-nominees
Denis Villeneuve, Adam McKay
Guillermo del Toro
Received Special Honors

* * *

Ballsy Games’ Unreal Engine
received the Sir Charles Wheatstone Award

LOS ANGELES–(Business organization WIRE)–The Advanced Imaging Society’south Lumiere Awards, presented past Ballsy Games, awarded 21 statuettes for distinguished creative and technical achievement during its twelfth annual awards ceremony today at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The theme for this year’south show is “Larger Than Life.” The awards are voted by members of the Hollywood creative and technology customs working in motion pictures, television and emerging media.

The Society honored Warner Bros.’


for Best Live Action Feature Flick calling it the “definitive immersive theatrical experience of the yr.” Director
accepted the award.

West Side Story

was recognized for All-time Motion picture – Musical, besides every bit All-time Musical Scene or Sequence for the dance challenge in the gymnasium.
Paloma Garcia-Lee,
who portrayed ‘Graziella,’ accepted both awards. Voters commented that “the photographic camera became a role of the choreography, and the visuals were dazzling…a tour de force of storytelling through images.”

Director Peter Jackson was honored with a Lumiere for Best Documentary for his series

The Beatles: Go Back;


Squid Game

received the Honour for Best Episodic – Live Action, accustomed nigh by
Hwang Dong-hyuk,


won for Best Episodic – Animation, accepted past writers
Alex Yee
Christian Linke.

Ii Lumieres for Best Blithe Feature Film and Best Original Song were presented to


for its vibrant visuals, music, animation and story. The film’s Stereoscopic Supervisor,
Darren Simpson, accepted for Feature Film while VP of Music Product
Andrew Page, and
Earl Ghaffari, Supervising Music Editor were on mitt to accept for Original Song.

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The Award for Best Theatrical Scene or Sequence was given to

No Time To Die

for the “Chase Through Matera” sequence. Accepting the accolade was Academy Award®-nominated Sound Editor,
Oliver Tarney.

A special Governor’s Movie theatre Award was presented to

Spider-Man: No Way Domicile.

The Lodge leadership felt that this film encapsulated everything that is great well-nigh going to the movies, tying together a franchise of 9 films and in turn, delivering for the fans of the series in a joyous and emotional moment.
Evan Jacobs, Stereoscopic Supervisor for the film, accustomed the laurels on behalf of Marvel Studios.

The Award for Best Audio for Theatrical went to

Nightmare Alley,

which del Toro happily accepted, and Best Audio for Episodic Television went to


which was accustomed past Sound Editors
Gwen Whittle
Danielle Dupre


was as well recognized with the honour for Best Utilise of HDR in a Live Activeness Feature. Apple TV+’s


was recognized for Best Utilise of HDR – episodic Telly and was received by VFX Supervisor
Mike Enriquez.

Machu Picchu and the Spirit of the Condor

won for All-time VR Amusement Feel and All-time Apply of AR went to

Expo Dubai Xplorer,

accepted past Magnopus’
Ben Grossmann
Daisy Leak.
Emma Webb,
Stereo Supervisor, and
Madalynn Sadeghian,
Stereo Producer, received the award for Best 2nd to 3D Conversion for

Shang Chi: The Fable of the X Rings.

The Society’s Annual Sir Charles Wheatstone Award, which is presented each year to an unabridged organisation for achieving excellence in supporting artists and storytellers, was presented to
Epic Games’ Unreal Engine,
with Epic’s
Jonathan Litt, Alejandro Arango & Chris Kulla
on manus to accept.

In add-on, 3 special awards were handed out, providing the highlights of the day. The inaugural
Cistron Kelly Visionary Honour
was presented to University Honour®-winning director and producer
Guillermo del Toro
Patricia Ward Kelly, Gene Kelly’due south widow and biographer, who praised del Toro as the “kind of creative genius that Gene nearly admired.”

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The kickoff-ever EARTHDAY.ORG “Voices For The Earth Award” was given to Academy Award®-winning writer, director and producer
Adam McKay,
presented by
Kathleen Rogers, President of EARTHDAY.ORG, noting McKay’s humorous approach to conveying the seriousness of the threat nosotros are all facing.

And finally, the esteemed Harold Lloyd Laurels was presented to University Honour®-nominated director
Denis Villeneuve
Suzanne Lloyd, Chairman of Harold Lloyd Entertainment. Villeneuve represents the true spirit of this accolade, using his creative teams and the latest engineering science to empower his storytelling in the service of entertaining millions of fans.

The complete list of winners:

Best Documentary:

The Beatles: Get Back


Best Audio – Episodic:



All-time Use of AR:

Expo Dubai Xplorer

Best Apply of VR:

Machu Picchu and the Spirit of the Condor

All-time Original Song:

Encanto/We Don’t Talk Almost Bruno

(Disney Animation)

Governor’south Cinema Award:

Spider-Human being: No Way Home

(Sony / Marvel)

Best Use of High Dynamic Range – Live Action:


(Warner Bros.)

Best Use of Loftier Dynamic Range – Episodic:

(Apple Idiot box+)

Best 2D to 3D Conversion:

Shang Chi: The Legend of the 10 Rings


Best Musical Scene or Sequence:

West Side Story, “The Dance at the Gym”

Century Studios)

Best Episodic – Animated:



Best Motion Film – Musical:

West Side Story

Century Studios)

Sir Charles Wheatstone Award:

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine

Best Episodic – Alive Action:

Squid Game


Best Feature Moving-picture show – Animated:



Voices For The World Honor:

Adam McKay,
Don’t Wait Upwardly

Factor Kelly Visionary Honor:

Guillermo del Toro

Best Audio – Theatrical:

Nightmare Aisle


Harold Lloyd Laurels:

Denis Villeneuve

All-time Feature Film – Live Action:


(Warner Bros.)

Best Scene or Sequence in a Feature Film:

No Fourth dimension To Die
(MGM/UA Releasing)

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The Advanced Imaging Society was formed more than a decade agone by senior Hollywood executives to place game-changing filmmaking technologies and foster their deployment to accelerate the success of side by side-generation consumer experiences. Founders included Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Sony, Paramount, IMAX, Warner Bros. DreamWorks, Dolby, Technicolor and Deluxe. The system is charged with annually honoring creative and technical professionals for groundbreaking filmmaking and entertainment engineering. Through the years, AIS honorees have included James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, Jennifer Lee, James Mangold, Jon Favreau, Christopher McQuarrie, Victoria Alonso and others. The arrangement now includes Silicon Valley and tech leaders including Google, NVIDIA, HP, Dell, Ballsy Games and others.

In add-on to its annual awards, the Society produces
The Insiders Show
Podcast, The
Remote Command
video serial and has active chapters in Mainland china, India and Japan.


The Lumiere™ Awards recognize outstanding international accomplishment in the creation of immersive storytelling using advanced visual technologies like Music and immersive audio categories: Stereo 3D, 360 Video, High Frame Charge per unit, Artificial Intelligence, Existent-Time Rendering, Augmented Reality, High Dynamic Range, Virtual Reality, and more.

The Gild honors content and experiences produced for moving picture, television, advertizement, gaming, mobile, online and much more than. Past Lumiere winners include some of Hollywood’s biggest artistic leaders, such as Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, Victoria Alonso, Jon Favreau, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Christopher McQuarrie.


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