How to take scrolling screenshots on iPhone and Android

How to take scrolling screenshots on iPhone and Android

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When you accept a screenshot, your smartphone captures whatever’s on your screen and saves information technology equally a motion picture. But what if you want a snapshot of what’s not on the screen? It tin be anything from a text thread to a long grocery list that tin’t fit in the usual dimensions of a screenshot. Luckily, your
Android smartphone
allows you to easily take a scrolling screenshot.

A scrolling screenshot extends the borders of a traditional ane to all the same much you need. You no longer take to manually scroll and take multiple screenshots to take hold of a complete snapshot of, say, a website. Your phone tin can automatically capture and stitch together several screenshots to create one tall image or document. Here’s how to do it.

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If your iPhone runs
iOS 14
or afterward, y’all can take a scrolling screenshot without whatever external 3rd-party app. Apple offers this function right inside your iPhone’s congenital-in screenshot tool. The simply catch is information technology only works for apps updated to support information technology, such equally Apple’s first-party apps and others like
Google Chrome.

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  • On your iPhone, go to the page you lot want an extended screenshot from.
  • Printing the power and volume up buttons together on your iPhone like you lot would typically to catch a screenshot.
  • Bear on the screenshot’s floating thumbnail on the bottom-left corner.
  • Switch to the “Total Folio” tab to capture a scrolling screenshot.
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Depending on the page’s length, your iPhone will take a few moments to scan information technology. Once information technology does that, you can view and curl the page inside the screenshot tool. You tin can doodle on it with the row of options at the lesser, add text or a signature, and crop it.

When you’re happy with the event, tap “Done” at the pinnacle right corner and select “Salvage PDF to Files.” Your iPhone volition store in the Files app.

Apple tree’s solution is low on customization. That’s where a third-party app like Picsew steps in. Although it lacks the simplicity and ease of your iPhone’s native screenshot tool, it’southward well worth exploring if you’re someone who intends to accept extended screen grabs ofttimes.

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Picsew tin can’t scan and screenshot a lengthy folio on its ain. Instead, it can merge multiple screenshots you take or intelligently turn the diverse scrolls in a screen recording into a scrolling screenshot.

In one case y’all have your extended screenshot, Picsew allows you to edit information technology precisely the way you want. You can remove your iPhone’s status bar and scroll bar from pages, rearrange the order, and mistiness sensitive information.

Y’all can try a few of Picsew’s basic functions for gratis. For some of the premium features, you can buy the $1 “Standard” upgrade. To access all of them, yous will have to crush out $ii.

On phones running
Android eleven
or later, yous tin capture an extended screenshot from the standard power and volume downwardly shortcut. Unlike Apple, Google’s tool lets you save it every bit a picture rather than a PDF document.

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  • To take a scrolling screenshot on Android, navigate to the content screen you’d similar to salvage.
  • Printing the power and book downwards buttons at the same time to trigger the screenshot tool.
  • At first, your phone volition generate a normal-sized screenshot and show a thumbnail at the bottom left corner of your brandish accompanied by a handful of options. Tap the “Capture more” selection so bear upon the thumbnail.
  • On the following page, you will detect a tall snapshot of the target folio. Drag the accented borders in the center to cover as much screen y’all desire.
  • Select the floating pen icon at the bottom-right corner to edit it farther. You tin overlay it with text, draw on it, and highlight anything. Tap “Save” in one case yous’re done.

These instructions are for phones with the stock version of Android, such as the
Google Pixel vi. In case you lot take a Samsung, OnePlus phone, or another manufacturer, your steps may differ ever so slightly. On Samsung’s OneUI, you lot’ll have a button with two downward-facing arrows on the options tray next to the screenshot’due south thumbnail instead of “Capture more.” On OnePlus, there’s an option called “Expanded Screenshot.”

People with Android 10 or older smartphones don’t have to feel left out either. At that place are plenty of third-political party apps y’all tin can download to grab scrolling screenshots, and the one nosotros recommend is called

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ScreenMaster comes equipped with a host of tools to capture and customize long screenshots. Information technology tin can automatically scroll, gather multiple screenshots, and stitch them together to create a scrolling screenshot. When you do have the screenshot you’re looking for, y’all can marker information technology up, spotlight central sections, add together emoji stickers, and more.

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As long as you’re fine with manually scrolling to capture and create an extended screenshot, ScreenMaster is free. Only if y’all desire the automated process, information technology volition set y’all back $5.

Shubham Agarwal is a freelance engineering journalist from Ahmedabad, India. His work has previously appeared in Business organisation Insider, Fast Company, HuffPost, and more than. You tin reach out to him on Twitter.