Difference Between OneDrive and iCloud

Deject storage brings a new level of convenience to your everyday lives. There’southward nothing quite like the ability to sync your data across multiple devices and admission them on the go. Everyone tin can use cloud storage since all major providers now accept their ain storage services and offer gratuitous accounts. OneDrive and iCloud are amidst the major cloud storage solutions out there.

What is an OneDrive?

OneDrive is the Microsoft’s cloud service that stores and protects all your files, and allows you lot to share them with others. It is a deject storage platform for storing, exchanging, and transferring data or files online. In one case you take stored something in your OneDrive storage, y’all can admission them from anywhere yous want. OneDrive does exactly what other cloud storage services do – information technology provides a identify to put all your files and documents on the cyberspace. You need to login to your Microsoft account to access your data. Anyone with a Microsoft business relationship gets 5GB of gratuitous storage. If y’all need extra space, you can get 50GB storage infinite for $1.99 a month or pay for an Part 365 subscription for more storage.

What is an iCloud?

iCloud is the Apple’s ain cloud-based ecosystem of tools and applications that y’all can use on iPhones, iPads, Macs, or whatsoever Apple device you want. iCloud is more than only photos; it helps your devices integrate with each other. iCloud is the Apple’due south deject storage and computing service that is built into every Apple device. It stores all your content securely and keeps your apps updated anytime beyond all your devices. From photos and documents to videos, music and text letters, iCloud store everything on remote servers for easy access. iCloud is basically all the services Apple delivers through the cyberspace. It provides a place to organize your contacts, calendars, notes, and your reminders – all in a single service. It simply organizes and allows access to all your data across all of your Apple devices.

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Difference between OneDrive and iCloud


– Anyone with a Microsoft account gets 5GB of costless storage. If y’all demand extra space, you can get 50GB storage space for $1.99 a month or pay for an Part 365 subscription for more storage. The Office 365 (Microsoft 365) subscription costs $six.99 a month for personal use and $9.99 for up to vi people. Apple’s iCloud too offers 5GB of free storage. Autonomously from that, y’all get 50GB of storage for $0.99 a month, 200GB for $2.99 a month, and 2TB for $ix.99 a month.


– When information technology comes to security, both OneDrive and iCloud offer two-factor verification or ii-cistron authentication for added security. Information technology is basically similar a 2nd layer of protection to your account, applications and services. Nevertheless, just the Business plan of OneDrive provides encryption at-residual. Likewise, OneDrive offers an additional tool called Personal Vault, which creates a space within your drive with boosted security measures. On iCloud, the data is encrypted using 128-flake AES/TLS in transit, which offers a greater level of security to your files.


 – If yous use Apple devices, iCloud is the all-time online storage service. Microsoft’due south Function apps can as well store data on iCloud every bit well equally on OneDrive. Withal, iCloud has a maximum file size of 50GB, while OneDrive offers an impressive 250GB limit. The ones who are used to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, OneDrive is definitely the best option that allows yous to easily manage files beyond devices. The simply way to utilise the iCloud services on Android devices is to apply the iCloud website.

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OneDrive vs. iCloud: Comparison Chart


If you utilize Apple devices and Apple productivity applications, iCloud is the best online storage service for you considering it connects seamless with all your devices. From photos and documents to videos, music and text messages, iCloud store everything on remote servers for easy access. OneDrive does exactly what other cloud storage services do – it provides a place to put all your files and documents on the internet. Y’all demand to login to your Microsoft account and you lot’re good to get. OneDrive is available on all major platforms including iOS and Android. Even so, iCloud’s generous pricing plans make it stand out.

What is improve iCloud or OneDrive?

Apple’s iCloud is a better cloud storage service, if you are all things Apple and you employ Apple productivity apps because it seamlessly integrates with all your devices, so you can access your information from anywhere you want. OneDrive is better if you’re accustomed to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Can I apply OneDrive instead of iCloud on iPhone?

Yes, you tin use the OneDrive app available on the App Store on your iPhone. Only, yous cannot sync your Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, Keychain, etc. with OneDrive as you practice with iCloud.

Can I move files from iCloud to OneDrive?

You cannot directly move your files from iCloud to OneDrive. Still, you may transfer your photos from iCloud to OneDrive. You can log in to your iCloud account and download all the iCloud photos to a local folder on your calculator or phone. You can upload these pictures to OneDrive from the local folder.

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