Socialive Launches New One-click Audio Capture Automation to Unify Enterprise Video and Audio Content Creation|||

“TV and Recording Studio in the Deject Feel” Lets Business Users Get Their Ain Videographers and Podcasters, Makes Delivery of Professional-quality Audio and Video Content Like shooting fish in a barrel

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Socialive, the cocky-serve video content cosmos platform for the enterprise, today announced new 1-click audio capture automation capabilities for its pop Socialive platform. This new feature allows users to automatically extract and publish audio files from video content produced in Socialive with a single click. Businesses can now apace capture and repurpose audio from live and pre-recorded video content for podcasting, social media and other audio-based mediums. Teams of all feel levels – from producers to content managers to everyday business organization users – can now create, broadcast and distribute loftier-fidelity audio and video content from a flexible, unified platform. This dramatically consolidates the number of disparate tools required for professional-grade content production. Socialive is used by leading businesses including Charles Schwab, Deloitte, Nike, Oracle, TikTok, The New York Times, Walmart and Zendesk.

“The convergence of video, live and on-demand audio, and podcasting has massive as-even so-untapped potential in the enterprise. At the aforementioned time every bit video is experiencing an exponential growth bend, demand for sound on social media and podcasting platforms is on the rising. The enormous popularity of podcasting in the consumer realm is inspiring strong interest in sound formats in the enterprise. In fact, enquiry shows that 17 of the 25 largest Fortune 500 companies host their own podcasts on their corporate websites. Humans gravitate to voice-simply as a complementary medium to video – we like to have the option of audio-merely, whether it’s considering of where or when we are consuming content, or how or with whom we’re sharing information technology,” said David Moricca, founder and CEO of Socialive.

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Moricca continued, “Socialive now makes it easier than ever before for content creators to give their audiences a choice in how to consume their content. Nosotros give businesses endless possibilities when it comes to creating, distributing and repurposing high-caliber content – with minimal attempt and resource expenditure. With the growing need for sound programming in the enterprise, nosotros’ve extended the types of content, formats and distribution options available to our customers, allowing them to meet their audiences where they are, with the type of content they like to eat, in the fashion they like to consume it.”

Video content creation is on the rise, with 84% of enterprises experiencing an increased demand for video content in the past year, co-ordinate to a recent study. All the same, many businesses lack the ability to easily repurpose previously recorded video content for novel purposes, such equally podcasting. The need is clearly at that place, with about 90% of content marketers believing that repurposing content is more effective than creating new content from scratch. Every bit the demand for new content continues to rise, enterprises must observe means to make the most of their existing creative avails for use across the business organisation.

Traditional methods of sound and video content product crave a vast number of separate, expensive tools, specialized skills and extensive planning, which can significantly limit the corporeality of content that enterprises can create. In the by, content creators had to brand a choice betwixt which ideas came to life in video, and which became a podcast or other audio format. Thirty-six percent of businesses cited time constraints every bit the biggest limiting cistron to creating, dissemination and distributing video content, followed by budget constraints (36%) and bandwidth limitations (25%).

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Socialive Provides Powerful Content Repurposing Capabilities to Drive Greater Business concern Value

With Socialive’southward one-click sound capture automation, businesses tin now admission all of the tools needed to generate new audio and video content in one place, and importantly, create both at the same time from the same assets. Users can now bring in up to 20 remote guests from anywhere in the world, from any device with the Socialive Virtual Green Room, which facilitates streamlined remote communication between video creators and talent. The platform’s Dual Recording Technology™ enables seamless loftier-quality sound and video capture for remote participants, fifty-fifty nether poor network conditions. The upshot is an experience akin to a Telly studio – only in the deject.

Both blended and isolated audio files from individual contributors tin exist easily generated from any previous or live video content in the Socialive Recordings Library, a centralized, cloud-based content repository. Users can prune, customize and edit audio content directly within the Socialive platform, before distributing sound files to podcasting platforms, social media channels, learning direction systems and internal communications platforms such equally Microsoft Teams. Businesses can too leverage one-click audio capture automation retroactively on whatever previously generated video content to create recaps and clippings. Sound can besides exist overlayed on future videos, allowing for streamlined voiceovers for newly created content.

“A lot of try, fourth dimension and free energy goes into creating our content, and then being able to utilise it in as many ways every bit possible is extremely important to our business,” said Michael Travers, senior managing director of marketing and sales at Saphyre. “With Socialive’s new capabilities, we are not just able to seamlessly produce high-quality video and audio content, simply nosotros are besides able to magnify the calibration at which it is consumed.”

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