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Flat-console is a relatively new engineering science when compared to the CRT or standard monitor technology and is at present bachelor for desktop computers. With new engineering comes new important considerations to await at when purchasing a apartment-panel solution.

Applied science

Before looking at what configurations you need to look for when purchasing a calculator Flat-panel, it is important to know if you lot want a CRT or a Flat-panel and LCD monitor.

Today, one of the most commonly used technologies for computer monitors. CRT, or Cathode Ray Tube, is a engineering much similar what you will discover on near TVs. CRT monitors are an affordable solution merely are bulky and very heavy.

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LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, monitors are similar to what is found on portable computers. LCD monitors overall display much sharper of an paradigm, are lighter and more space efficient; however, they are much more than of an expensive solution for desktop displays.


Dimensional Size
When looking at LCD and Flat-console displays, one of the most noticeable and considerable reasons for purchasing a Flat-console is its size. Equally you will encounter, a Flat-panel display is about 1-2 inches deep.

Screen Size
– When looking at Flat-panel displays, the screen size is measured differently from a standard monitor. Standard monitors are measured from the bottom left of the screen to the top right of the screen including whatever of the surrounding plastic or casing. However, when measuring an LCD, the actual viewable area is measured. The below chart is a comparing of an LCD sizes and the full general comparison to CRT (standard monitor) displays.

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13.5″ 15″
14.5″ – 15″ 17″
eighteen” 21″


Resolution is the maximum resolution of pixels capable of being shown horizontally x vertically. Be cautious when purchasing a monitor at any size that advertises a large resolution size, such as 1,600 x i,200 for a 15″ monitor.

Some monitor manufacturers may permit for such high resolutions at a high cost just about users never need such resolutions. Every bit the monitor increases in size, the image display will subtract; beneath is a listing of a usable resolution limit by the size of the monitor.

15″ 800 x 600 or ane,024 x 768
17″ ane,280 10 1,024
nineteen” 1,280 10 1024
21″ – one,600 x one,200

Other considerations

Refresh rate
When purchasing a Flat-panel or LCD, the refresh rate is not important.

Display bending
With an LCD you will find that it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to encounter from any other angle besides straight on. If y’all plan on using the brandish for DVD movies where other people may be watching the same screen, y’all may want to consider a CRT instead of a Flat-panel brandish.

Dissimilar a skilful CRT, a Apartment-panel LCD is backlit and the light must past though polarization filters and other layers earlier emerging from the display. This is why most LCD are non as bright as a CRT.

Flat brandish
A flat-panel, unlike any CRT, is truly flat. Some manufacturers may advertise a CRT as being a flat display, simply they will e’er have some curvature.

When purchasing a Flat-panel or LCD you may notice that there are non many controls to adjust the display. This is normal to expect very few and sometimes one or 2 buttons used to adjust the brandish.

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Price range

When purchasing a Flat-panel or LCD you should look to pay more than a Monitor (CRT) equally this is a new and improved engineering. Beneath is what you lot should await to pay by size of brandish.

14″ brandish:
$500 or less
fifteen” display:
$600 – $one,200
18″ display:
$900 – $3,000
22″ display:
$iii,000 or more

Prepare to purchase

Once yous are gear up to make a purchase of a flat-panel brand sure you are buying from a reputable source and yous have reviewed our department on what to await out for when purchasing over the Internet.

Computer Hope is ready to setup and aid you with issues you may encounter during the purchase and installation of your flat-panel regardless if you purchase through us or another vendor.

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