iOS 15.4 update welcomes new quirky emojis — which one is your favorite?

iOS fifteen.4 update welcomes new quirky emojis — which 1 is your favorite?

(Epitome credit: Emojipedia)

If you’ve been beseeching the Apple gods for a melting-face up emoji — or you’ve been crossing your fingers for an emoticon that seemingly says “Aw, shucks!” — your prayers accept been answered. The Cupertino-based tech behemothic announced the inflow of iOS fifteen.4 March fourteen, which introduces new emojis, according to Emojipedia.

The highly predictable iOS update as well addresses an incovenience that plagued many iPhone owners: FaceID failing to recognize mask wearers. Other new features include Siri enhancements and Tap to Pay.

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iOS 15.4 update introduces new smileys

Apple unleashed a swarm of quirky emojis, including a saluting smiley, a touched emoticon seemingly moved past something tear-jerkingly cute , a fearful character who is likely saying, “I can’t picket!” and more.

iOS 15.4 emojis

iOS fifteen.4 emojis

(Paradigm credit: Apple tree)

According to Emojipedia, this is the greatest number of smiley emojis introduced in an Apple emoji update since iOS 11.1 (Halloween of 2017). In total, this update added 123 new emojis (including 112 emoticons that were canonical equally part of tardily 2021’s Emoji xiv.0 drove).

Other iOS 15.4 features

A refreshed arsenal of expressive emojis aren’t the only alluring features iOS fifteen.4 has up its sleeves. As mentioned, users will relish an
au courant
FaceID. The biometric authentication feature now supports mask wearers, scanning the eyes to validate users.

Entrepreneurs will also appreciate Apple tree’s new Tap to Pay characteristic, which transforms 1’s iPhone into a contactless payment final. As more third-party apps (eastward.thou. Stripe) authorize Tap to Pay, pocket-size businesses owners can — with a elementary tap — accept contactless payments from customers seamlessly.

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Siri got tweaked, too. The new update added a new, gender-neutral vox to the assistant’south repertoire: a member of the LGBTQ+ community recorded vocalizations for the AI-based sidekick.

“We’re excited to introduce a new Siri voice for English speakers, giving users more options to choose a voice that speaks to them,” Apple tree told Axios in a statement.

Other stand up-out iOS 15.4 features include a new note section for Apple keychain passwords and novel anti-stalking features that may tranquilize AirTag owners’ nerves.

The iOS 15.4 update is rolling out to the public alee of iPhone SE 2022’s Fri, March 18 release.

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