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Buying a DVD drive can sometimes be a confusing task. Below nosotros have listed important considerations to look at when considering purchasing a DVD bulldoze.


Earlier because purchasing a DVD drive information technology is as well practiced consider the other available options.

– CD-R, or CD Recordable, drives let you to exercise everything that a standard CD-ROM is capable of doing, but at the aforementioned time allows y’all to create CDs for backup. An excellent solution for anyone that is in demand of a CD-ROM and backup solution. Tips on buying these drives can be found on our CD-R and CD-RW buying tips page.

– Like a CD-R drive, a CD-RW (CD Read/Write) drive allows you to read and write to a CD-RW disc thousands of times instead of once like a CD-R bulldoze. While a fiddling more expensive, this is another dandy solution for backups. Tips on buying these drives tin exist institute on our CD-R and CD-RW buying tips folio.

– DVD, or Digital Versatile (video) Disc, allows a calculator to not simply do everything that a standard CD-ROM drive is capable of doing, simply at the same fourth dimension is capable of reading DVD Discs and DVD movies. For users who plan on playing games or watching movies on their computers, this is an excellent addition. Tips on buying these drives tin be found on this folio.

Why DVD?

DVD drives, similar other applied science, can be a disruptive and sometimes be thought of as a non-important consideration. Below is some insight to why a DVD drive may be important every bit well as different considerations to expect at when purchasing a DVD drive.

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Why DVD?
DVD by many is thought as just a solution for users to watch movies on their personal computers. While for many individuals this may be enough, it is important to also look at the factor that DVD is at present being used in games or data DVDs, such as an encyclopedia. DVD prevents the user from having to switch between unlike CDs and instead places all the data on ane DVD.


Software vs. Hardware:
For the purposes of watching DVD movies on the computer, you must consider the two beneath possibilities for decoding the DVD moving-picture show.

  • Hardware
    – Hardware decoding requires an boosted bill of fare, chosen an MPEG carte du jour, be installed into the estimator. This carte allows for the movie to be mainly decoded with that card and not software or the CPU. This means other things tin be done equally you lot are watching the movie. However, this is the more expensive solution verses software, and requires additional organization resource (IRQ/DMA).
    In addition, MPEG cards also requite users the capability of connecting external video to the computer, assuasive the reckoner to role as a DVD role player for your home entertainment organization.
  • Software
    – Software decoding requires a software plan and the CPU to be used to handle the decoding of the DVD movie. This solution is a cheaper solution but requires consummate access to the estimator, and in some cases users with processors lower than 200 MHz on an IBM reckoner to notice poor quality video.
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Other Considerations

Some other of import considerations to expect at when purchasing a computer DVD bulldoze include:

– Some manufactures of DVD drives will include extras such every bit a DVD motion picture or movies, cables, online streaming trials, and deals with DVD rental stores.

How long is the warranty and what does it comprehend.

Is the technical support number a free number; is it open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Toll range

When looking at purchasing a estimator with a DVD drive or a stand alone DVD drive, it is important to have into consideration that a DVD bulldoze volition exist more expensive than a standard stand up solitary drive. The price of a DVD may vary depending upon its speed, included software and hardware, or its interface.

$100 – $300

Gear up to buy

Once you have reviewed the advisable information and believe that you are fix to make a buy of a reckoner DVD drive, ensure that the source that you program on purchasing the DVD from is a reputable source and you have reviewed our section on what to look out for when purchasing over the Internet.

Computer Hope is set to setup and help you with problems you may encounter during the purchase and installation of your DVD bulldoze, regardless if yous purchase through the states or another vendor.

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