Microsoft Embraces the Hybrid Work Reality Via Outlook, Teams Updates

Microsoft is updating Outlook and Teams to make things a flake easier for hybrid workers.

People around the world are still figuring out if they’ll exist returning to their offices, standing to piece of work from home, or splitting their working hours between those contexts. That means a given company probably has some mix of people working virtually and in the part.

Outlook now acknowledges this reality with new RSVPs that let people to say if they’re planning to attend a coming together via something like Teams, which co-ordinate to Microsoft now has more than 270 1000000 users, or if they’ll be participating in-person.

“In our survey,” Microsoft says, “38% of hybrid employees say their biggest challenge is knowing when and why to come into the role, while only 28% of companies have established team agreements about who will be working from where.”

The visitor is also bringing Loop components—which it describes as “a new way to ideate, create, and make decisions together”—to Outlook; it debuted in Teams in Jan.

“Now you tin begin, consummate activity items, and get the latest condition from your team without having to switch context or apps,” Microsoft says. “A single component can be updated at the same time whether you are in Teams or Outlook.”

Teams is also being updated with a feature called “Speaker coach,” which “uses AI to privately provide guidance on your pace, notify you if y’all are interrupting someone, and remind y’all to bank check in with your audition” too as the ability to assign live interpreters during meetings.

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Microsoft says Teams volition also get a new “Inspiration library” that “turns insights into activity with admission to curated content and best practices from top sources similar
Harvard Business concern Review
and Thrive.” Other features, such every bit Microsoft Whiteboard, volition also reach more Teams users.

Teams has a new feature called “front row,” likewise, and Microsoft says it “brings the video gallery to eye level at the bottom of the screen so people in the meeting room can see remote colleagues in a more than natural face-to-face interaction—like to equally if they were in the same physical infinite.”

Other changes include expanded availability of shared channels in Teams Connect, the combination of the “cameo” and “recording studio” features in PowerPoint for better virtual meetings, and the introduction of an AI-powered Surface Hub two Smart Photographic camera.

Microsoft besides revealed “a seamless style to integrate your users’ mobile identities with Microsoft Teams collaboration and productivity” chosen Operator Connect Mobile, which information technology says can “provide enterprise-grade connectivity, resiliency, network quality, and a articulation back up model.”

The availability of these features varies. Microsoft says front end row is available at present every bit a preview and that Loop components in Outlook are bachelor now; the new RSVPs for Outlook, speaker jitney for Teams, and PowerPoint features are set to debut in the 2d quarter.